2PM Overshadowed by Wonder Girls in their Own Teaser Clip?

The buildup to 2PM’s debut continued today with the release of a teaser clip following their picture release yesterday. The inclusion of the Wonder Girls in their teaser clip drew more attention (views/clicks) as expected.

In the teaser clip, 2PM members wore their elegant stage costumes and did some break dancing moves. But 2PM who were supposed to be the main characters of the teaser seems to have been overshadowed by their more popular seniors, the Wonder Girls who was showing their support.

Each Wonder Girl member implied, “If full marks is 10 points, 2PM gets 10 points”, lavishing praise on 2PM in their capacity as seniors.

But some netizens expressed after watching the teaser, “This seems to be a Wonder Girls promotional clip instead”, as they felt that it was inappropriate for this to happen on a 2PM teaser clip. In actual fact, in the short 21 seconds teaser clip, Wonder Girls appeared for more than 10 seconds.

2PM is set for their official debut on 4th September.


40 thoughts on “2PM Overshadowed by Wonder Girls in their Own Teaser Clip?

  1. i feel so sorry for the 2pm members, especially junho and junsu, because of their name people are making such a big fuss… and the worst thing is, wonder girls are being bashed too… hope 2pm will be strong as ever… some cassies are kinda sensitive when it comes to dbsk… i’m a big fan of dbsk myself, i find 2pm very interesting… huh! why can’t people just stop bashing, comparing and just suport every1… they (IDOL GROUPS) themselves don’t fight so why should THE FANS… sorry for bringing this up wonderfuls… i’m just letting my feelings out… 2PM, DBSK, WONDER GIRLS, SUJU, SNSD, 2AM, SHINNE ect. FIGHTING!!!!!

  2. wooo~ yay~ new group~ hope they’re group… but =__= korea’s debuting tooo~ many groups…for me to keep up with haha

  3. I guess it IS kind of true
    but it’s a mrketing skill too imply someone who is already popular to someone who is yet to get there then it will promote them and get people more aware of them!

  4. umm..I don’t know with you guys but I like the JYP love thing.
    This is totally what SM would do to their new artists.
    DBSk debut with the help of BoA.
    Suju and DBSK collab.
    I know this is JYP we’re talking about but hello? This is what we call STRATEGY.
    and 2PM is not overshadowed by WG. The guys totally gain their own fans since the HotBlood series. And a little help from WG they would gain more fans.

    JYP is trying his best because this is his first boyband since G.O.D.
    He knows that there are going to be a lot of new boyband will debut this time of a year. He ain’t stupid.
    So he’ll do what he can to really really promote 2PM.
    Don’t blame JYP because he’s not an idiot. He knows what he is doing.

  5. I wonder why JYP name 2 grp bands so similar, confused me at first
    so those two is all the hot blood have?

    is nichkhun in 2PM?

  6. eh, it worked on me. it made me even more excited for 2pm. it’s a great marketing technique. by using wg to promote 2pm, it makes people want to watch it. even if people begin to watch it for wg, by the end, they’ll probably be wondering what’s this new group that wg’s promoting all about. it’ll peak even more people’s interest in 2pm [not just hot blood fans] and voila, an increase in anticipation for 2pm’s debut. plus, the fact that there were only very little snippets of 2pm makes viewers even more curious about 2pm. jype is just letting out some of the aroma to whet people’s appetites. hahaha. that was a weird metaphor/analogy/whatever.

  7. rofl.. its the music industry, thats how things are done.. i don’t mind seeing them together at all.. i want more actually… its nost the first time WG has introduced new artists from the label.. they did the same with Joo… its JYPE love and if the girls can help them, then go for it… i’m sure they won’t ride on WG’s popularity.. JYPE has never been about that… Rain didn’t ride on G.o.d’s, nor did Byul on Park Ji Yoon…

  8. wow i didn’t notice annny of those subliminal advertisements in the “so hot” mv. of course this is a strategy but it wasn’t like i was watching it for wonder girls, although them being in the video made me excited for some special stages. lol. and yes wonder girls weren’t popular when they first debuted so of course jyp doesn’t want the same thing to happen to these boys.

  9. @mememe, yes if you look carefully at everything, you will notice bits and pieces inserted for sublimal advertising. 1677 is the calling card that Wonder Girls are endorsing. the shopping bags that Sun Mi is carrying in the So Hot MV are TBJ.

  10. and 2PM is extremely talented
    especially junsu and jae bum
    these 2 guys will blow any kpop boys away

  11. mina,peace
    i bet most of WG/2AM/2PM fans also like their idols

    JYPE is truly a family,everyone treat others like a family
    unlike some companies <_<

    i like JYP family,they’re all wonderful! πŸ˜€

  12. Hahah.
    I was like .. I thought I commented on this before!
    But it turns out I did but on youtube. xD
    Does it really matter if its schemish or not?
    I mean as long as the group is good then who cares who promotes them?
    I LOVE MiSo here. they’re just too cute. :))

    thanks coolsmurf

  13. @mememe

    its not the yoobin scene where the watch is, its the scene before ye eun comes up with the cheerleading outfit πŸ™‚

  14. Marketing scheme, baby! Though, I agree. But it depends on the people watching it. I didn’t take notice of WG in that clip because I was looking forward for 2PM.

  15. It’s a marketing scheme. There’s really nothing wrong with that. I mean, everyone does it xD. DBSK used BoA when they first debuted, etc. etc. It’s only natural. It’s hard enough to debut in Korea as a new group, so it’s just a handicap.

    I’m still looking forward to the boys nonetheless. NICH KHUN ❀

  16. I don’t get why anyone would complain. Any video (clip) with Wonder Girls in it is a good one. Who cares about what the video is about. πŸ˜€

  17. so i have a question, in Wondergirls “So Hot” Video – the scene with Yoobin by the pool when they focus on the watch… did anyone else notice that it says “2 PM” on it? Was that some sort of strategy by JYP to promote 2PM? Also when Yoobin dials on the phone, it says “1677” what does THAT mean??

  18. people need to listen to 2pm or hot blood boys to see if they TALENTED or not, x[

    really what wrong with using the wonder girls to promoted 2pm? it not like the girls is singing the whole album with them, it just a teaser plus i KNOW that 2pm have enough talent to stand on their own.

    this is just to put them out there, every company do that

  19. So basically JYP is taking a page from LSM’s book and promoting his newbies with his more popular stars as if they aren’t talented enough to stand on their own two feet. I smell anti’s.

  20. It’s the only way to promote them I guess but wondergirls aren’t at fault here. don’t know why netizens are complaining so much it all started with SM and their boybands promoting girls. It’s a way for fans of certain groups to like others since we want to see the girls what better way to promote then to put their pretty faces in others videos. That’s how I knew DBSG through BoA otherwise I would probably never have even payed attention to them.

  21. yea its true, i wouldve watched the 2pm teaser
    even if it didn’t have WG’s in it. They look very talented
    from what we can see so far, so they deserve their own
    spot light

  22. to mina
    oh come on, it wasn’t too bad. besides, SM ent does it all the time with their new artists. they always use their older artists to introduce their newcomers. BoA did it for TVXQ, TVXQ did it for Super Junior, and on and on.
    Sun Mi was waaaaay cute at the end.

  23. in case noone remembers wonder girls didnt succeed until tell me, irony wasnt a hit for them. jyp doesnt want that again. he wants an instant hit for 2PM and 2AM and thats why he s using his most successful and popular creation to promote his new boybands. although the boys do have talent, it isnt enough to get by nowadays. as for the whole unity thing, i m sure thats just another marketing scheme from jyp to make his artists different from other artists because other companies doesnt promote the unity between their artists. AND its only one clip. its not like they are making 15 clips to promote the debut for 2PM. 2PM has their own teaser clip which is SOO much better than the one wonder girls did because its a close up on them. i do feel like they dont need wonder girls to promote them but it helps them either way. i really dont see wonder girls doing that much promotion for one day. if so many fans are upset over the promotions, then i wonder how they would feel when they start being paired together for special stages or commericals. its how the industry works.

  24. As far as the Video goes, I think it wasn’t focused just on Wondergirls. Seemed to me that it was evenly laid out.

    JYP is obviously using the girls for the attention, because he knows how popular they are. It happens on all time in the industry.

    I bet once they get settled their own fanbase will increase. So I’m not going to complain much. Plus, wasn’t this just a “sneak peak” of their debute.

  25. I agree with mina. Wonder girls didn’t get much help from they senior and they can success because they really good. JYP trying too hard to make us like 2am/2pm. All they have to do is to show what they have, and if they good, we will like them just like we love wondergirls.

  26. i’m saying that because i’m more a WG’s fan than an one day fan and netizens are critizing the wonder girls because of all this promotion

  27. i hate the way they’re promoting 2AM & 2PM ! that’s TOO MUCH! they can succeed by themselves, can’t they? WG didn’t need seniors for promoting them when they debuted! plus all this “we want to show you that we are close” thing make the wonderfuls jealous and upset! they’re trying too hard to show a “jyp family” image! ok they are friends but what the use to do all this videos with 2am/2pm? wg are already in 2am video clip “this song” and now that?
    i love wonderday but still WG are not gaining anything by doing that!

  28. hehe. it was probably meant to be that way. lol.
    JYP used WG in a nice cute manner. for the boys.
    it doesnt matter. coz most of 2PM/2AM fans are
    also WG fans. we like it. ^^

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