Wonder Day Project – Story of ithinkso (21P)

This will be updated and bumped occasionally.

The Wonder Girls captured in candid poses for their Wonder Day project titled Story of ithinkso using their exclusive Wonder Day merchandise, Super Sampler (lomography camera). Refer to this post for their Story of New York photos. Photos listed with the most recent at the top.

credit: tenbyten


55 thoughts on “Wonder Day Project – Story of ithinkso (21P)

  1. I LOVE IT ALL! when there are no more pictures, are you able to zip up all of the hq pictures and upload it? thanks for posting!

  2. yeeun is looking absolutely gorgeous these days 🙂
    and sunmi’s so dorky i love it hahaha

    but what are the postcards for? is it just documentation?

  3. some of these postcards make me dizzy XD

    i love the dorky sohee ones the best!! thank you SO much for sharing alvin!

  4. lol wait what’s going on? what are they taking pictures for? i don’t understand their assignment

  5. the last one of sohee sooo cute
    and sunmi has moon eyes too!
    (noon(eye) smile)
    why are they so gorgeous

  6. lol sun mi with her paper plane.
    sohee with her umbrella.
    yoobin with her camera.
    ye eun & sunye with books or something.
    they all look so pretty and hot!

  7. whoa.. it’s the first time ive seen Yeeun’s name written as Yeaun.. *_*
    the only picture i thought was decent was the one Alvin chose. all the other ones have practically the same shot. -_-;

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