Wonder Girls TBJ “WONDER S JEAN” campaign pictures

TBJ has updated their website partially with a new flash animation and some new pictures which has been released over the past weeks. But most of the stuff are still from the Summer 08 collection, so we have to wait a bit more.

I have cropped four pictures from their website which is of a larger resolution and you can use it as your wallpaper if you want to for now. Set your background color to black and center it from your desktop properties and it will look really good. So which group picture do you like best? Design #1 for me.

Wonder S Jean by TBJ available online and in stores now.

credit: TBJ.net


12 thoughts on “Wonder Girls TBJ “WONDER S JEAN” campaign pictures

  1. Why do they have an option for english if dont even ship to the US 😦 their hoodies are sooooo adorable…>.<

    And seeing the picture in big clear flash is nicer haha Ye eun really looks beautiful I t hink. yoobin looks so cute, dollish ^^

  2. those long legs are almost unbelievable!
    thank you for sharing this
    love the shoot with 2AM!
    finally jyp got a family ^^

  3. Ye Eun looks weird in the first two pictures! She doesn’t look like Ye Eun ><” But of course, Sun Mi..<3

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