Wonder Girls @ Mnet 20’s Choice Awards Show 080823

First and foremost, I was quite surprised at the Wonder Girls no-show at the Blue Carpet. But apparently, that was because they had a performance before this and came late. The Wonder Girls won the Hot Club Music for “So Hot” while So Hee won the Hot School Award which was already known before the show so not much surprises. The performance, well, seeing how it was hyped, it was sure to fall short of expectations and indeed it was. Perhaps if the PD didn’t say anything beforehand, it might not be that disappointing. I wonder seriously what was Mnet agenda for hiding Wonder Girls so much the entire night? Just a popcorn type of awards show which is not to be taken seriously since most of are merely popularity (rigged?) votes and by those in their 20s.

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64 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Mnet 20’s Choice Awards Show 080823

  1. i’ve been really busy lately with my exams, so i didn’t get the chance to surf the internet… so many things has been happening, OMG! i just can’t stand it when people bash them, especially ye eun… seriously is mnet that mean to wonder girls?! yes, i have to admit that this performances was not exactly of what we all had in mind…

    as a wonderful i truly am disappointed, but i still believe that they are going to improve… I wish i can go to Korea and make a suggestion to JYP, to make a song that shows their vocals, for an example.. if you listnen to tell me and so hot sunmi’s voice sounds different to the song i wanna and irony.

    I know Sunmi, Ye eun and Sunye have a brilliant voice, whoever doesn’t agree with me is probly tone deaf. if mnet did say ye yeun can’t sing, then JYP has to make songs that will prove them wrong! I feel stupid sometimes, i feel like i want to do somthing to make the wonder girls improve their like singing…

    the main reason people are bashing them are because of their live singing, I think we all know they can and are improving. I can’t really describe my words. As a fan I will always support them no matter what, i hope you all are…

    I hope JYP realises than we all what him to make a song that will show their great vocals… JYP is a genius, so i’m sure he is going to prepare something that will knock those netizens down!!!!


  2. uhhh dont blame the mics… i dont think anything was wrong with them.. and i dont know about others i dont think i was bashing junjin. for me, it was just the way he performed and looked with the girls, felt kinda wrong i guess, and the girls with him equally as weird.

    and i love both sohee and sunmi, and i agree about poor ye eun bein overshadowed and unjustly rated, THAT has got to stop!!!

  3. LOL, you guys are too much. The reason why they weren’t on the blue carpet is because they had a surprise party for Jo Kwon – not because Mnet ‘hates’ them. As a Wonder Girls fan, you must know that their live performances aren’t that great. Sunye sounded totally out of breath and it was NOT because of a bad microphone. It’s funny how BEFORE the award show, people were like: “OMG. JUNJIN + WONDER GIRLS are going to rock the special stage!!” And now I see some fans bashing Junjin? Wtf.

  4. hahaha no offense but some of these pictures are seriously bad. picture 9 with so hee and jun jin, jun jin’s facial expression made me laugh out loud hahaha
    and picture 5 with sun mi she’s like “back off old man!”

  5. coz mnet is fucking stupid.
    they didnt even let wonder girl walked on the blue carpet.
    if i were in korea im gonna UGGHHHHHHHHH kill them. lol

  6. Man, it was pretty bad. The performance was bad down from the outfit, the use of WG in Sexy back (what was the point? they even got replaced by dancers) and THEN they just repeated the ol’ So Hot performance?

    Even Junjin’s clothes wern’t suited for the performance.

    They could’ve done so much.

  7. oh dear, they sounds horrible live!
    rather than dance sexily i’d prefer they improve their vocal, this is not their debut perf/single for cryin’ out loud!
    im so dissapointed
    junjin is merely saved by the backsound, but i have no high hopes on him, he always do that when performing fast song


    THat performance was so hyped-up! I
    I didn’t wait this long just to see the wondegirls do there thing for 5 seconds then walk off the stage!!

    They must’ve been working really hard, there voice is really tired out and off-beat

    But they dressed up pretty nicely πŸ˜€

    I hope they do better next time, gogo wondergirls!!

  9. Mnet PD’s are WG haters xD. I don’t get how WG paired up with Jun Jun. Cuz like Hyori and Hwa were like divas and seo in young and shinee were kinda mushroom heads{cuts}? idks but i saw it on this blog xD and so forth. Wg shoulda paired up with Kara x], 5 on 5 sexy and cute at the same time :].
    I guess Mnet haters explains how they laughed at them during tell me remix, and that they probably dont wanna book wg to perform alot.
    Ye Eun and Sun Ye can hit high notes, when they perform, especially ye eun, she sound slike she doesnt try even though she wants to. JYP shoulda let them hit their high notes using their vocal vibrations because if they sang it like that, they could hit their high note in the way sooooooo LOUD that they express their feelings for us fans and their family members.
    Shun JYP for making them do so much in one day and not let them nap! xD

  10. i don’t know if mnet really care about wonder girls since they said snsd is their favorite but like how could they not check their mics before they’re performance.
    coz it’s really obvious that there something wrong with those fucking mics.
    yea zhey i agree especially SUNMI’s and SOHEE’s mic.


  11. no something wrong with the mics.
    esp. sunmi’s and sohee’s microphone<3
    but still they are so lovely.

  12. That’s why sometimes I dislike the way their stylists dress them up or do their hair and make up. Sometimes they exaggerate and mess up how naturally pretty they all are.

    I like her bangs when they are not covering her face XD.

    I really didn’t like their outfits for this performance, please let’s move on from this pattern. LOL

    Sun ye’s hair is growing out again.

  13. actually i didn’t like third season of wondergirls..mainly because of sunmi’s bangs. LMAO i know that is lame but she is my favorite from the group and i thought that once she got those straight bangs it completely downplayed her gorgeousness. yeah but her and sohee were pretty funny in that season.

  14. When i first came across Wondergirls, So hee was the person that didn’t really catch my attention positively. But then, I started watching their MTV show and realized how much of a dork she is, especially when she’s with Sun Mi.

    I don’t get why people think that she “needs” to be just as dorky or outgoing as the other girls. Everyone has a different personality and you can’t just ask them to change because everyone else around them is different.

    And the reason why she would be considered “Shy” which I think is a dumb word to use, is because when they debuted who got the most attention right away? She herself said that it came as a shock and it was awkward at first, but she’s getting used to it.

    I guess that’s why Sun Mi likes to play and take care of her so much. Seriously you guys should go watch the third season of Wondergirls.

    Sun Mi and So hee are adorable. ❀

  15. I KNOW RIGHT? i’m telling you people, you should go on youtube and search for ye-eun and j-bum. type that in and you’ll get an ost song that truly shows off ye-eun’s vocals. i think even their ballad songs aren’t showcasing their true vocals. and yes i love sunmi’s husky voice. i love sun ye but there should be a balance in the group because i know ye-eun can hit just as many notes as sunye.

    whhy mnet did u diss dear ye-eun?

  16. sunmi’s getting a lot of love lately,you dont have to worry about her
    the one you should really feel bad for is Ye Eun
    with her awesome voice and good personality,she got no respect from netizens at ALL
    how come people said she cant sing?
    only judging from Tell Me and So Hot performances?
    these 2 songs are not meant to showcase the vocals
    they havent been using their natural voice to sing

    gosh,i really hope they perform I Wanna or Goodbye to shut the haters mouth up

    sunmi’s singing is underrated too,i really love her husky voice

  17. thanks for telling xD. Even though so hees more famous, sun mis dorky and funny. She doesn’t
    need so many cute acts just to recognize her πŸ˜€

  18. oooh corky u r going to regret saying that to lina. she doesn’t back down. I actually really enjoy her comments. i agree with her most of the time even though i wouldn’t exactly word it the way she does Lol. and what the heck?? i’m sorry but sunmi has a more out going personality than sohee but gets no love. and screw mnet they have been hating on the wondergirls ever since they dissed ye eun.

  19. And btw, it pisses me off how WG sat in a box seat with LITERALLY none except them >:o wtf mnet! why couldnt you let wonderfulrs sit next to them or something? SCREW you MNEt and your crappy ass mics. Gosh i wanna shoot your mic check guy! letting the wondergirls sit alone pisses me off period. And Linas just jealous cuz she cant do shit to So hee. haha :]

  20. Man, there weren’t even fireworks.

    So overhyped, and totally crushed my expectations. Laaame.

    I still love WG, though, so I’m not even going to elaborate on how vanilla that performance was, but did anyone else notice that Sohee’s singing style has been changing lately? It’s gotten lower, and she uses chest voice now.

    But I really gotta complain about this: why take the so few lines Yoobin gets?! That’s the best part of the song, and it was taken from my girl Yoobin. Dang!

  21. so i stayed up last night (well, this morning) to watch it till 3 in the morning here.

    i guess it was a little disappointing, but WG’s part was great. junjin added in was awkward. he didn’t fit. and then when HE did a different rap during yoobin’s rapping time, i was like WTF?! yehhh. and it was a little bit too short, IMO.

    and i THOUGHT yeeun did some sexy dance thingy!! like she just whipped off her coat and dipped right in front of junjin hahaha

    and OH those 4 random girls before WG performs so hot, i was like WHAT THE HELL? bleh. super random.

  22. I was disappointed M.Net’s 20’s choice I was looking forward to it but this was just … not up to me expectations
    I look forward to further award shows because this just didn’t cut it even with the Big Bang and Wonder Girls/Junjin and SHINee/Seo In Young stage
    I think they all did wonderful but it’s still missing something.

  23. bah mnet was a disappointment. i really didnt like the way junjin dancing with the wondergirls.. it felt pedophile ;-;… like atleast when JYP danced with the wonder girls it was more…dance.

    and i agree with above, please stop bashing SNSD out of no where and then parktaehwan…. goodgod.

    i look most foward to MKMF, last year was sorta fun to watch πŸ™‚

  24. Man, I so wish I watched this. I was exhausted from playing tennis all day yesterday… Plus my stupid cold…
    This looks awesome!!!

  25. The performance was great but their singing was a bit off-tune…

    it seems like they’re nervous..but overall the performance was great…. but..

    i really don’t like that junjin…

  26. Oh, did anyone notice how So hee was singing stronger towards the end of the song. That was weird, but hopefully a bit of an improvement on her part.

    But, was the performance just those two songs? I thought there would have been more or something.

  27. and wonderfuls here are being really stupid.
    like seriously im a hardcore wondergirls fan but bashing snsd is stupid. you guys are making us all look immature…
    just keep your opinions to yourself & only talk about wonder girlsβ‰₯ no need to bring up snsd. goodness.

  28. that was such a dissapointing stage.
    seriously what the?!!!!?!?!/ the camerman was a freakin pedophile or something. & the beginning wondergirls just did the catwalk & took off their jackets or whatever.
    & then wondergirls sang so hot & junjin rapped. they didnt even look at eachother.
    it was pretty awkward & reallyyyyyyy dissapointing. i was looking forward to a better stage.

  29. @에듬

    You seem to be focusing in on the bit of negative comments that you can. Because obviously I’m reading comments where many people are agreeing that the performance wasn’t the best from both artists.

    Obviously you aren’t taking those comments into consideration.

    “And this was the place where Wonderfuls gathered, jeering and sneering at a certain idol group for being disrespecful to their seniors.”

    I’m a wonderful and have yet to put down any other groups or seniors in this industry, so what are you getting at with your comment? Maybe you meant “Some” but don’t generalize a whole on a few.

    There is no point in taking this any further, you stated your opinion and I did as well. I personally felt that this collaboration was bad, If JunJin is such a great solo artist he should continue with that. And Wondergirls weren’t performing as well as they should have. But this doesn’t mean I’m being disrespectful. Why would I be? I don’t know these people in real life to judge.

    I’m only basing my opinion on what I can see from their performance, if you’ve run into people who are “bashing” others, then you with more common sense should know that it’s a waste of time. If you like a group then you should support them and not pay attention to the negative aspects of people who would not share your same taste or views.

    Everyone is entitled to post what they want, but since this is a site where most Wonderfuls come to support Wondergirls it is a bit sad to see comments bashing other groups. But, you can’t them from feeling that way.

    And if I were calling the kettle black, I would have probably gone on and directly insulted you with your level of simple mindedness in regards to Wonderfuls. But I didn’t, so that doesn’t apply.

    For future posts, I’m not reply to you anymore..because we don’t have to keep this conversation up.

  30. @MAYBE
    Be Nice !!!!! Dear
    and relax
    I was just giving people information about performances thats all !!!!

  31. They performanced very good especially Ahn So Hee.
    I don’t wanna think about SoHee in the future next 5 years,she must very very cute!!!! I love her so much. I wanna go every performance that Wonder Girls go to like this.
    However,I love them songs;i knew them about songs before i knew them face or everything about them of apperance.

    I hope So hee will maintain her everything that nice and keep it forever , I support her!!!

  32. But surprisingly little Divas SNSD had some decent performance totally didn’t expect that…
    Good for them its about time to do something to clear their names up little bit in k pop industry

  33. I agree with u all
    this performance wasn’t all that great
    But Divas Uhm jung hwa, Lee hyori just rock the house best performance out of all other ones Big Bang was great too
    Wonders just should stick with Bangs (I love Wonderbangs)
    Cause they always do such great and cute special stages
    instead of Jun jin
    Jun jin is great love the Wa song but not with Wondergirls they just doesn’t go together at all

  34. @ Mari,

    I didn’t say none of you were entitled to voice out your opinions. Yes if a performance by an artist, no matter how senior he/she is in the industry, is bad, YES IT’S BAD.

    But to refer to Junjin as “the guy” or “him” and calling him “creepy” is just so disrespectful.

    I was most disappointed after reading the comments in the post before this. Just read through this and see for yourself how disrespectful a handful of your fellow Wonderfuls are.

    And this was the place where Wonderfuls gathered, jeering and sneering at a certain idol group for being disrespecful to their seniors.

    The pot calling the kettle black, no?

  35. WG sound terrible, totally off, jun jin look akward… Nothing So “special stage”. for those who say jun jin is bad solo, i don’t agree, he fine as solo..

  36. sorry to interrupt here with unrelated topic,
    but i just want you all to READ this….

    Over the weekend, Koreans may have noticed something a little bit too familiar in the moment following the announcement of the nation’s first 2008 Olympic gold medals: Korean pop songs by Lee Hyo-ri and Girls’ Generation echoed through stadiums in Beijing.

    Gold medallists, in addition to claiming the top prize, are granted rights to the “stadium jukebox” ― have their song of choice resound in the hall before the award ceremony. Swimmer Park Tae-hwan called for Girls’ Generation’s “Girls’ Generation”

    After securing his country’s first Olympic swimming gold Sunday in the men’s 400-meter freestyle round, the 19-year-old “marine boy” requested the debut piece by Girls’ Generation.

    Source: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/art/2008/08/143_29136.html

    just to Clear all of the Misunderstands about SNSD…
    it was quite angry for me to read those previous comments humiliating Snsd when PTH wins…

    NO intention to provoke anyone…so stay happy and Cheer…XD

  37. ah it was TODAY?? I thought next week ._. ~

    or will it be on TV next week?

    haha ~

    it can not be that bad like the performance with epik high … haha

  38. ok………..they looked tired…….ALSO…for their “bad’ performance……it kinda looked like its their fault and it looked kinda like the mike fault……HMMMMMM,….

    ANYHOW………..at least they did a great job performing it…in my opinion……..oh and we can;t anyhow judge them u know….this girls did a great job and im sure they practice hard for this .also for junjin too…i guess…. ANYWAY…its either the mike fault or theirs….the only answer to that is within the WONDER GIRLS……

    I realised that the wonder girls always seen tIred…must be hard juggling their career and their studies…………


  39. well actually all the special stage were bad:
    -SHINee & SIY totally ruined rihanna’s song with their engrish
    -big bang perf was just okay, their voices weren’t great
    -hyori & junghwa were certainly the best (but uhm jung hwa’s voice in u go girl….)

    this show was def the worst i’ve never seen!

  40. @에듬

    I think we are entitled to our own opinions, if we felt that he wasn’t a great addition to the performance then that’s what we think. It’s not based on what respect we have for a senior of the industry or not. If the performance from an artist is bad, it’s just bad. Not saying that this performance was horrible. But it wasn’t worth the watch.

    Personally I did not like the performance, With all the hype they always give, you would expect at least a great performance. It felt as though they just threw in a few sexy moves and then went off into what we would normally see.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Wondergirls, but this was just another “normal” performance. You could even see it on the Girl’s faces.

    Junjin seemed out of place, and I bet he felt that way too.

    Well, I hope future collaborations are really thought out from now on. Though not holding my breath anymore after this. It’s not Junjin’s fault, it just wasn’t a good show. XD

    Wondergirls keep up the good work and can’t wait for their comeback.

    And I am in no way “reaching another new low of immaturity.” For stating MY OPINION.

    If I did, I would start insulting other people like someone just did.

    Just my two cents.

  41. JunJin is a terrible solo performer, imo. Especially for someone who has been in the industry for 10 years. He should stick to Shinhwa – he works better in a boyband than as a solo artist. I like his song Wa, but I just can’t finish watching one single performance of it, because they have, simply put, been terrible. Just my opinion – no need to kill me for it πŸ˜›

    The Special Stage was, imo, dreadful. I was expecting more than Wonder Girls to appear for like 10 sec during the song JunJin performed, just like I was expecting JunJin to appear for more that the 15 seconds he got during So Hot. Neither JunJin nor Wonder Girls did particulary well either when performing “their own” songs. In short, I was disappointed.

    Also, I might add that I’m not a Wonderful – I like Tell Me and So Hot, but that’s it. πŸ˜›

  42. Wow. Wonderfuls totally have no respect for Junjin, a senior in the industry for 10 years. Congrats on reaching another new low of immaturity.

  43. is it just me or do we not have to call chris hansen???

    junstin jinberlake– stay away from our underage girls PLEASE!!

    but i’m still looking forward to watching this XD (our girls that is…)

  44. i think..it was a bad performance too.

    i thought that it will have something more..

    but it haven’t…so sadd

    …However Wonder girls look good!!!!

    ^^Sunmi was very pretty..

    Congratulation with Sohee, you looked So hot!! 55

  45. ouch.. wasn’t their best performance.. can we blame it on the mics though? x.X

    and contrary to what someone said, i LOVED their outfits! they all looked ahmazing!! πŸ˜€

  46. Well… the performance was overhyped..

    But the girls seem sooo tired.

    Is it the mics that cause the girls to be offtune?

  47. i ddnt get to watch much of this cuz the streaming was bad… but still… congratulations!!! jun jin… wasnt a good addition if u ask me… sorry.

  48. ^agreed

    they look pretty but their outfit got to goes esp. ye eun dress O_O

    the performance was oh kkkkk i guess didn’t like it

  49. The pics with JunJin and any of the Wonder Girls-members are creepy O.o Especially the one with him and So Hee.

  50. SUNMI !!!!!! she looked so gorgeous wow. she is getting so beautiful. and ye eun looked sexy hahaha yoobin is lovely like always =D and I LOVE sunye’s outfit here =D she looked so happy^^

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