Catch the Wonder Girls @ 2nd Mnet 20’s Choice Awards Show Live

Junjin and the Wonder Girls will perform together on stage at Seoul’s Jang-Choong Stadium on 23rd August for the 2nd Mnet 20’s Choice awards show. The most unlikely collaboration ever and the show PD has stated it would be the best and beyond your wildest imagination stage. Regardless of what awards the Wonder Girls will or will not win, I am just looking forward to this.

Wonder Girls and Junjin

Wonder Girls and Junjin

Watching it Live
To stream the show live, either download TVANTS and search Mnet or view it on this empas blog (please logon early to avoid congestion)

2nd Mnet 20’s Choice starts @ 5:00pm KST on 23rd August
Use a timezone converter to see when you have to get up/stay up until :

7PM-10PM: MNET 20’s CHOICE (Live)
10PM-1AM: MNET 20’s CHOICE (Repeat)

That’s not all for this mammoth 5 hours show which will include lots of commercials in between. The latest confirmed collaboration is a special rock stage by Big Bang and No Brain where they will perform “Oh My Friend”. Other collaborations include Uhm Jung Hwa and Lee Hyori divas stage while Seo In Young will partner Shinee in a musical-like performance.

90 thoughts on “Catch the Wonder Girls @ 2nd Mnet 20’s Choice Awards Show Live

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!


    kidding. lol but Im glad she didnt win rofl.

  2. Ahhhh.
    The perf was ridiculously disappointing considering the huge amount of hype that the PD nim put into it.
    …It was a normal perf of So Hot but with a super sexy hot intro to JunJin sexy back.
    I’m glad that Sohee got hot school girl award and WG got hot club remix or whatever.
    They should’ve won the internet one but ahh well.
    I personally didn’t buy too much into the hype because of last time so it was an alright perf for me.
    Sorry to those who did though. 😡

  3. i will save my ranting to my wonderfuls, but wow… congrats to so hee and wg for their awards… the show overall was sooo poorly planned it hurts…

  4. i dont think WG and Junjin perf is just like that. I think there will be more..cause I just read frm the previous post that

    “It would be easy to think that their stage would be restricted to just performing their songs. The Mnet PD expressed, “If it’s just like that, we might as well not have this segment at all. Please don’t assume that Junjin would just perform So Hot. They will bring you a stage that would surpass your imagination”. ”

    pls give us something more.

  5. YAY for Wonder Girls!
    They were up against pretty good people.
    But hurray they won. :))
    Hot club music!
    It’s just hot music period.

  6. yippiee!! Wonder Girls win the hot club mix!=)

    i knew it that they’ll win an award^^ oh yeah:D
    congrats WG! fighting!

  7. aw damn someone beat me to spreading the awesome good news about the hot club music


  8. well Wonder Girls were in it thats means it was AMAZING
    but I really was expecting SOOO much more!
    what happened?

  9. So Hot was ok. but i miss Yoobin’s rap part… why that guy rap instead Yoobin?><
    anyways they look so pretty

  10. Didn’t live up to the hype but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
    It was just a regular performance…
    With a sexy beginning..

  11. i liked better uhm jung hwa & lee hyori perf that theirs with junjin >___<
    he stole yoobin’s part! sdkfghjnidfhjdfkh

  12. OMG JEWELRY – ONE MORE TIME BET WONDER GIRLS – SO HOT? WTF!! this is so like fixed…

    and Sohee won hottest high school girl! GO HER! XD

  13. Awww!
    Sohee was SO cute accepting her hot school girl award!!
    I think it’s funny that SNSD got 2 out of 5 chances of winning.. xDD
    No offense to fans of theirs.
    Sohee! ❤ :))

  14. i just woke up! did i miss anything?
    thank you so much for posting up the link to the empas blog, it’s working really well for me!

  15. i think i’ll see the whole show ’cause i enjoy it^^
    and i can also see my other favorite stars’ (or groups) performance not just WG.

    anyways i wonder when wg will come and perform…

  16. … You guys should chill out.
    If you don’t want to watch the whole thing then just wait for someone to upload WG only.
    It’s the Mnet 20 awards.
    Which means people other than WG are going to be in it.
    So either chill out and enjoy the show with everyone else or just do or watch something else.

  17. SCREW THIS. I’ll just wait for coolsmurf to upload WONDER GIRLS only lmao. minus this 5 hour

  18. there’s no blue carpet for wonder girls? or did i miss it?

    i agree,too many commercials. stop wasting time and start the show

  19. please… so many intermissions… wheres the wonder girls?? iz it gna be held outside only??? …

  20. im watching it as well! were such big fans all watching it for wondergirls XD its 5 hours as well LOL

    omg so many ads and talks i dont understand T_T

  21. and yah there’s so many commercials
    and now there’s some people dancing with spinning ribbons wtf

  22. i wish i knew when exactly those things would show… for me, i believe it will start at 3AM… >.< which isnt too far, but… i needa get up within 7 hours from now

  23. ^ have you already watched it? T_T
    it’s not showing the awards right now … just a show called “ex boyfriend” …

    really I was depressed because I thought it was going to be tomorrow but yay guess not!
    I’m watching a weird show right now -___-
    but I’ll stay up I want to support Wonder Girls!
    and Super Junior + DBSK! =D

  24. haha thought so i’m connected to mnet right now and theres some big performance going on and i thought i did my time conversions wrongs XD

    i guess it is started in 4 hours from now haha wooh!


  25. I hope this lives up to PD’s words. I hate having to expect too much. But if it’s Wonder girls, I’m definitely there.

  26. ^its starting in about 4 hours
    imma try to watch this live eventhough its 4 am here
    hope i can keep my eyes open XD

  27. ^Me too. But I wanna watch it live still. really looking forward to the WG+JJ colab. i have high expectations for it xD

  28. The best and beyond our wildest imagination?
    There’s alot of hype for this o.o.
    Whooooo I’m excited!!
    I hope it lives up to its standards

    thanks coolsmurf!

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