Wonder Girls TBJ “WONDER S JEAN” campaign #5

Following a break yesterday, TBJ has released a Sun Mi solo picture modeling the new Wonder S Jean, real skinny 511 series. Nice stare.

Wonder S Jean by TBJ available online and in stores right now.

credit: TBJ Cyworld


37 thoughts on “Wonder Girls TBJ “WONDER S JEAN” campaign #5

  1. sun mi you are so beautiful . i ❤ you . SUN YE , SUN MI , YE EUN , YOO BIN , SO HEE IT’S A WONDER GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sun mi is SO HOT!

    so much hotter than yoo bin! she should be considered like the sexy one in the group because she definitely is!

    i love this picture!
    i can’t wait for yeeun’s picture.
    they better show off her figure!
    i’d be terribly disappointed if they covered her up, and that would be the 3rd time for this promotion.

    and… @ wonderbang: it says it’s available on TBJ online and at some select stores. too bad it’ll only be in korea though… i’d need to try on jeans in order to buy them D:

  4. WOW … she’s so gorgeous =D
    I don’t agree I don’t think anyone’s prettier then anyone
    some might be sexier or cuter then other but they all have their own charm =D

  5. look at that waist. awwwww!!! she’s so thin. i’m so jealous but i love her!!! shes so pretty and cute:)

  6. OMG right when i looked at this she looks SO HOT!! That stare and her pose is just sexy! I love this picture, she looks so hot!

    SunMi looks gorgeous in this picture!
    Black and Pink! AWESOME!!!!
    She is totally a hottie!

  8. She looks gorgeous!
    So much prettier than sohee =)

    Heres hoping for a ye eun solo picture soon. =D

    And guys please shut up, sohee has been the only one many times to only have solo pictures so why would anyone think this time was any different.

  9. LMAO@the guys complaining only so hee has solo pics

    i support sunmi 4 ever,she looks so hot in this one

  10. I agree with vertigo.
    All the bashing on Sohee..
    Chill out people there’s always an explanation for things like that.


    thanks coolsmurf

  11. I want more releases! The wait sucks. XD

    She looks pretty in this one. I’m still not liking those lipsticks they keep making them wear.

  12. Look at that booty!!!! lol
    shes smoking hot… WG = TBJ = LOVE

    and all u haters that hated on so hee..shame on you

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