Wonder Girls Set for 25th September Comeback

Male fans are going to be really happy this autumn for three pretty girl groups are making their comebacks with their new albums.

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Wonder Girls 25th September Comeback

Continuing their big hits with “So Hot” this year following “Tell Me” last year, the Wonder Girls are set to release their new single album (not 2nd album? hmm) late next month. A JYP Entertainment spokesperson announced, “Around 25th September, they will release a song with a new style that is predicted to overwhelm the success of ‘So Hot’.” This single will also be produced by Park Jin Young who has dragged the Wonder Girls to a “big star” level.

SeeYa will also be making their comeback on the same day as the Wonder Girls with their new album. Often regarded as Wonder Girls rivals, So Nyeo Shi Dae who has been enduring lots of bad publicity this past few months will be releasing their new album in October with no specific date being mentioned.


30 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Set for 25th September Comeback

  1. I was hoping for a full album but I guess a single is nice too.
    I need Wonder Girls in my life hahha it’s been boring without them.
    Surpass So Hot? o.o..
    I’m excited! Can’t wait to see what it is.

    thanks coolsmurf

  2. oh? another single? i don’t mind as long as its awesome! i hope they perform another special stage with Big Bang later in the year (awards shows!!!!)

  3. only a single? that’s pretty disappointing xD And here I was anticipating a whole album.

    Oh well lol no disappointment hopefully =]

  4. I hope they promote “I wanna” Or “You’re out” Sun Mi loves “I wanna” and I agree, it’s such a funky cool song.

    Can’t wait to see, and hopefully I get to see them perform here.

  5. i hope its gonna be some hip hop/gangster concept to blend with 2PM
    anything to showcase real talent of WG will be nice

  6. lol.. that reallie isn’t a good picture of wonder girls.. especially sunye.. x_X;;
    awww.. i hope it’s just some miscommunication.. i was really expecting a 2nd album! 😦

  7. Wait, so it’s not a 2nd album? Aww shucks, I was really hoping for one. Darn it. Well, I’m just excited for a single anyway. Hope that this song blows me away man. I want some strong beats and a song that really showcases their voices.

  8. Another mini album? I guess it’d be pretty amazing if they were able to record 10+ songs in such little time. Good luck WG!

  9. omg, i cant wait…korean fans will all lose their money next month..WG,SNSD,Seeya,2PM,DBSK,Shinee….waah,so many of them…but WG could easily top it off cos the next song is said to be better than Tell ME & so Hot?? WG + Wonderful 4ever!!

  10. I can’t wait for their come back!! a song better than so hot i am truly anticipating. Can’t wait to see the new concept, the new dance, the clothes… everything~

  11. Single album?? what does that mean?

    D= does that mean its like a mini album or something? o.O;

    Anyways Im pretty positive they’ll be PWNing the “Power of nine” as they did twice before, lol.

  12. omg overshadow so hot?
    im so excited!
    i wonder if theyre all gonna come back looking different?
    well ill be seeing these girls in nyc a few days before their
    comeback so ill see if they look any different AHHHHHHHHHH

  13. Oh goodness, there are a lot of groups making their comebacks. I won’t be able to keep up @_@!!
    I can’t wait to hear the new songs XD.

  14. Single? :T I thought it would be an album…*shrugs*
    This Fall is going to be.. AMAZING..Wonder Girls/Big Bang/DBSK/Shinee/SNSD/etc!

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