Yoo Bin’s Birthday Project by Spectacle!

She’s the unnie of the group, the sexy rapper, the lovely Snow White that we all love. Let’s show her that we all love her tan, err, Yoo Bin herself!

Following the success of So Hee-Sun Ye birthday projects, we are glad to inform you that there’s a spanking new project for Yoo Bin’s birthday! This time, we have secured a contact in Korea (the forever wonderful wgjjang), so the gifts will be better delivered. Last year Yoo Bin’s birthday was so special, for it was her first with her fellow Wonder Girls and JYP staff. This year, let’s make it even more special, with gifts from international fans from all over the world!

Four set of gifts have been decided by spectacle! staff and project members after careful research with the total damage clocking in at $450 (shipping included). So please donate generously if you can to make this a reality.

So head over to WG! Spectacle to show your support

The deadline for donation submissions is September 10th.


22 thoughts on “Yoo Bin’s Birthday Project by Spectacle!

  1. Gotcha. It just makes me sad that our forum isn’t as supported, y’know what I’m saying?

    I mean, I DID say “HOORAY FOR YOOBIN”! She’ll see that she has many people out there for her. =)

  2. irees: It doesn’t matter whether you go for Spectacle! or the YooBin Int’l Fanbase, it’s all going to be sent to YooBin anyway. And both forums are supporting YooBin. More love for her! 🙂

  3. This… kindof… UPSETS ME.

    Yoobin’s First International Forum has been advertising for our Yoobin Birthday Project for months now, and as far as I know, during all those months, we have less that 20 people signed up for ours, causing a lack of support and money to buy really nice gifts. And BAM! Everyone rushes to Spectacle. ToT

    Because I signed up for Yoobin’s First International Forum’s Birthday Project, I’m going to stick with them. Plus, I already bought goodies for the project anyway… I hope no one else gets them. X|

    But well, HOORAY FOR YOOBIN. I guess that calls for even more presents for her. =/

    Although, if anyone’s interested, we’d also like some people for our birthday project! Please go to: http://welovekimyoobin.forumgogo.com/index.php

  4. dude.
    i want to donate so bad but i dont have enough money. lol
    i’ll just send her my full support.
    happy advance birthday yoobin unnie.
    loveyah forever.!!<3
    and all of them

  5. Thank you for bringing this up, i will deffo try to donate and make wondergirls realize how much their international fans love them.

  6. wow!
    i’m korean fan (i’m not good at english……)
    korean fans aren’t ready to yoobin’s birthday yet
    but here is already donating!!
    this project will be suceess!!

    i have yoobin’s panpage!
    so i want your visiting our home!!



  7. Thanks for advertising for us Alvin. It’s greatly appreciated. We hope and pray for it’s huge success. 🙂

  8. Oooh, I really like the gifts Spectacle chose. Very thoughtful. Sadly, I have no money to contribute but good luck!

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