Sun Mi Message on JYPE Website 080819

Sun Mi posted this at 4:45 in the morning.


I noticed the wind was very strong today..
Fall has come..hahahaha…
It must have been difficult (for you guys) to come from so far away..

Be careful of catching a cold^^
We’re already suffering from a cold..
“aiigoo” (Sigh)…

I had a “so hot” summer vacation
Now it’s time to get organized again
Sophomore semester is going to start soon……………………………………….sigh

I want to thank our fans
for making “So hot” so hot
Let’s meet again this fall..!

Wait for us.

And….this is…..keke
let’s enjoy our summer vacation summer vacation summer vacation~~

and this guitar…
I’ll try my best and learn how to play it.

credit: wonderkid (translation) + byulha daum


40 thoughts on “Sun Mi Message on JYPE Website 080819

  1. sun mi is like, uhh.. the CUTEST girl ive ever seen!!
    i wish thre is a girl like sun mi outthere.. *sigh
    well, shes one of a kind! (still, i want sun mi..) T.T
    hmm.. haha
    GO SUN MI! wish you the best!!

  2. sunmi is underrated but she really really loved by all wonderfuls,

    but yeah ye eun & sunmi need more air time, i love her pink shirt god she so pretty =]

  3. Aww, really cute. I love Sun Mi!! She looks different in the first two pictures. These pictures really show how normal and young Sun Mi still is. You don’t usually get that from her performances because she’s so charming and mature looking.


  4. Aww this is the SunMi I love!!
    She’s been under the radar lately and it’s been sad!
    I love the dorky silly 4 dimensional SunMi.
    I love people who are just so different but equally as fun.
    This made my day.
    Thanks coolsmurf!

    Whoooo SunMi! :))

  5. She’s adorable but she needs to get her sleep T.T
    I really hope Sunmi won’t get sick’ll break Sohee’s heart 😛

  6. sunmi is so adorable!! ❤

    sunmi, please sleep early, eat well, and dress well so that you wont get sick and get thinner! T-T

  7. ya..i also think she is underrated…
    hope she will soon take the spot light…hahahh (evil me)
    i’m hoping she will get her chance…
    both sunmi and ye eun they are getting less air time…
    i wanna here sunmi plays guitar..

  8. lol Sun Mi is so dorky!! Makes me want to try to play the guintar too!! lol

    Judging by the photos, i believe she and the wonder girls are back from Beijing.

    I just realized that they only had to promote the “So Hot” album for one more week after school ended, so at least their summer vacation was moderately long 😛

    I wonder if So Hee got pissed at Sun Mi for waking up at 5 am in the morning!

  9. What is she doing at 4.45am in the morning??

    Shouldn’t she be sleeping??

    With all those hectic schedules, sure hope she’s not having problem sleeping…

    She must really really take care of her health..

    On a lighter note, at least she’s at peace and in good mood to leave notes to her fans..

  10. Haha she had such a So Hot vacation xD She looks so pretty in the pictures ^^ Learning guitar ;D. I want to see her ><” Get well soon Wonder Girls ^^

  11. i’ll teach her how to play that guitar..
    and i’ll enjoy every minute of it..even if it takes like an hour for 1 chord…
    ye boi! happy summer vacation sunmi!

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