Wonder Girls TBJ “WONDER S JEAN” campaign #4

Another preview ahead of the official launch of TBJ Wonder S Jean tomorrow. Modeling TBJ hoodies to go along with their boot cut 620 series jeans.

credit: TBJ Cyworld


34 thoughts on “Wonder Girls TBJ “WONDER S JEAN” campaign #4

  1. I’m still mad that they don’t ever make Ye Eun stand out.
    They always do this to her in the photo shoots.

    While I really want more Ye Eun I also want them to focus on Sun Mi, she’s so adorable.

  2. i like this one the best! its really pretty and they look soo tall! lol i love thier sense of style! ~

  3. except for sunye, they all have long legs… its all about camera angles….when u shoot looking up they did, legs look longer…but yes, this was slightly photoshoped…rofl

  4. Lol..
    It’s not like Sohee asked for her solo they probably just gave it to her. <.<.
    They do look hot as hell. I’m both envious and attracted at the same time.
    They’re SO HOT!
    I LOVE their hoodies. :))

    thanks coolsmurf

  5. Yep yep, definitely “So Hot”!
    I envy their figures sooo much. If only my legs weren’t so hard to shape…

  6. ye eun is so pretty in this!
    i dont know why she isnt ever in the front ):
    i love her (:

    but they all look great : D

  7. Yeah sunmi is pretty much the one whose legs wouldn’t need much PS, they’re already stick thin and long XD lol

    yoobins legs are gorgeous and perfectly pro-portioned without the PS so Im not sure why they would want to PS her naturally perfect legs..>.>

  8. waaa..they have freaky long legs…
    i have to agree that TBJ do a lot of PS
    sunmi looks real because we know she’s tall..
    sunmi pretty

  9. maybe the photographer shoot the pics from the bottom up to lengthen their legs? although i would never do that cuz it would show my double chin.. hah~

    even so, im not surprised if it was photoshoped.. -_-;;

  10. They all look so lovely, but they are in akward poses…. but netherless they are making those jeans/hoodies shine!



  11. WOOT!!
    YeEun looks mad sexy!!
    our Wonder Girls are SUPER MODELS!!


    2008 IS OURS.

  12. man why did they have to photoshop the jeans so much?
    they all still look gorgeous!
    they’re so so HOT~! 😀


    so hee better not be the only one with a solo =__= i’ll be pretty mad. nothing against her, but that’s totally not fair.

    this shoot is a lot more chill =] at least ye eun is actually seen ahah

  14. The photoshop is too much o_o. They have super long legs and everything in there is like photoshopped! But they still look pretty!~

  15. EL OH EL

    Let me guess, only sohee has a solo photo…….>.> typical.

    Anyways I love yoobins hoody ❤ Wonder if the hoodies are the same brand as the jeans o.O

  16. I’m really starting to agree with everyone that their legs are Photoshopped to all hell… rofl

    But they still look amazing! Sohee looks beyond gorgeous. And of course my dear Sun Mi. <333

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