Kim Bum Soo feat. Yoo Bin – Do You Know That?

Kim Bum Soo’s 6th album titled Kim Bum Soo was released today. As reported earlier, Wonder Girls member Kim Yoo Bin is featured rapping on one of the tracks from his new album, track no.8 titled Do You Know That?

Kim Bum Soo Vol.6 - Kim Bum Soo

Kim Bum Soo Vol.6 - Kim Bum Soo

Sounds really soothing already on first listen. This is Yoo Bin’s second collaboration following her first for Andy’s digital single “Irrelevant Imagination”.


59 thoughts on “Kim Bum Soo feat. Yoo Bin – Do You Know That?

  1. wow…i really like kim yu bin..
    she is the best girl rapper in korea…
    i hope we can see more of yu bin…
    pls support Yu bin…
    kim yu bin the besttt….

  2. omg yeah yoobin sounds hella girly here!!XDD
    none of her gangsta vibe at all hahah
    frrreakin cute <333

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  4. @ zhey,
    dude… i agree with u! yoobin’s style of rapping here is so similar to eunhyuk…
    no wonder they make such a good couple on Idol Show. XD

  5. ah! we love you, too, yoobin! XD

    i keep listening to this, and y’know… despite the whole cuteness of Yoobin’s voice in this song, those last dialogue lines where she speaks English to the last line where she says, “I love you” breathily is smexxxxxxxy!!! XD

  6. ohmygosh. i’ve downloaded it already. >o<

    this is so adorable! her voice sounds really cute and girly here! she used her girly voice, not the deep, dark one she usually uses. it’s sooo cute! i’m lovin’ it!

  7. each member of wg is a wild card.. always surprising me; then still manage to make it so natural.. <333

  8. i love the song, thanks for sharing! for some reason i feel yoo bin sounds a bit like nicole from KARA, is it just me? i love the last two lines, so smooth.

  9. wow what a great idea.
    yeah her “tough” voice wouldnt match this song. cuz its not a hiphop kind of song.
    so yeah wow she really pulled off the soft voice

    i also liked that she rapped A LOT ,. not just once in the song 🙂
    her ‘i love you’ at the end was so cute!

  10. thank you!
    after hearing it i went to download it xD
    ah, i’m starting to love this song.
    yoo bin sounds so nice in here, her voice isn’t her usual deep voice self it’s much higher.
    at first i thought it was someone else lol

  11. It is rare for me to like a song immediately. (after the first time listening) But I’m liking this already. Kim Bum Soo’s voice is as good as always. Yoobin sounds nice too. I’m surprised her rapping in here is leaning towards the soft side. This proves that her voice has more layers than what we think. Thanks for sharing the song.

  12. I’m so happy that yoobin is getting noticed for her good rap. Sunye has aready featured in energy, now its yoobin’s turn to shine! wonder girls fighting!!!!! she sounds great, I love wondergirls… I belive in their talents and success!!!! WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS FIGHTING!!!!!

  13. wow, this song is really nice
    yoobins voice sounds really cute
    and im glad she had so many lines!!!
    woo!! go yoobin

  14. she doesn’t use her “tough” voice here, it’s more of a soothing rap voice. good job yubin =D I hope to see more collabs with you in the future

  15. WOW!!! amazing!!! ur right coolsmurf, the song is very soothing! ❤
    man, usually rappers only get one part to sing in the song, but yoobin gets 3 rapping parts (4* if u count the dialog at the end).. *-* Her rap has a lot of emotions in it. It sounded cute also.
    Do u know if Kim Bum Soo is going to use this as his title song (if this is the song he’s going to be promoting)? if yes, we’ll see more of yoobin.. woot woot! hope so! XD

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