Weightlifter Sa Jae Hyouk Reveals Photos with Sun Ye and So Hee

Sa Jae Hyouk became the first Korean weightlifter to win an Olympic gold last Wednesday since Chun Byung Kwan in 1992 and only the second in Korean weightlifting history. He must be really happy for he posted photos of himself with Wonder Girls Sun Ye and So Hee at a celebratory concert for the Korean athletes on 9th July. This has led to another round of discussion over the friendly links between athletes and celebrities once more.

Weightlifter Sa Jae Hyouk posing with Sun Ye and So Hee

Weightlifter Sa Jae Hyouk Posing with Sun Ye and So Hee

The photos caught the attention of netizens after it was posted with some expressing, “Really like Jae Hyouk oppa, so envious of So Hee and Sun Ye…”.

Sa Jae Hyouk was actually tied with China’s Li Hongli, having both lifted 366 kg, with 163 kg in snatch and 203 kg in clean and jerk. But because Jae Hyouk weighs less than Li Hongli, the gold went to the earlier in the men’s 77-kilogram weightlifting competition and Korea’s 6th gold medal then.


14 thoughts on “Weightlifter Sa Jae Hyouk Reveals Photos with Sun Ye and So Hee

  1. isn’t he the one who said he wants to meet solbi when he won the gold medal? lol

    actually they aren’t in beijing!…they’re preparing for their comeback

  2. :)) coooool.

    but i just wish that when park taehwan won
    the gold, why Girls’ Generation???
    park taehwan is i think, way closer to sunye than snsd…

  3. lol why are they in stage clothes? o.O;
    Is there a reason sunmi hasn’t been…anywhere lately D= I miss her, but I suppose her and sohee are getting ready to go back to school ^^

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