Wonder Girls TBJ “WONDER S JEAN” campaign #3

The buildup continues with the release of So Hee modeling the new Wonder S Jean, skinny 510 series. The 3rd preview ahead of their official release.

Wonder S Jean by TBJ goes on sale this Wednesday, 20th August.

credit: TBJ Cyworld


41 thoughts on “Wonder Girls TBJ “WONDER S JEAN” campaign #3

  1. Woahh… i wish a have a long legs like her!0.o
    I’m so short just 153 cm..
    yeah…she had an nice body^.^

  2. Haha I agree with whatever…
    It’s not like she specifically asked them for only her solo pic.
    I doubt she even did anything at all they probably just made her do it if it turns out that only Sohee has a solo pic.
    So everyone chill it’s not her fault.
    And I also totally agree that the WonderClock pictures are going to be HOTTTTTTT.
    I was a bit sad that they didn’t pair up Jokwon with Sunye.. but I guess it’s alright since everyone is still SO HOT.

  3. -Yawn- I’m tired of this people complaining about SoHee. -Yawn-

    I’m pretty sure they’re going to do what they did for the 3rd project pictures. Releasing one at a time. -_-

    I can’t wait for the pictures with 2AM. 😀
    It’s going to be so hot!

  4. yeah yeh eun never gets selected to be on pictures…
    but sun mih is always on pictures. yeh eun first.
    i can’t wait to see the rest! soh hee is hot with
    or without photoshop lol i’d die for her bod/face

  5. Yawn… I’m tired of So Hee being in every picture… seriously…

    put Sun Mi or Ye Eun cuz they never take pics >_<” and So Hee looks like a bull dog -.-“

  6. oh my!! SoHee look so amazing in the jeans..so pretty too!
    and waoh…she got real long legs making the jean suited her perfectly, i wish i couldve in Korea and bought that jean already!!!

  7. they look sexy with eyeliner makeup
    in a side note,Big Bang also wore heavy eye makeup in their new concept

    it proves they match each other really well haha

    i do hope the girls will do more R&B,americanized pop music,well,they’re Korean PCD,that’s the true image they are!
    no more Tell Me or So Hot please,i hate it!

    2PM,please showcase the girls’ talent with your songs!

  8. These jeans look amazing on So Hee! I so wish I could pull that look off, but my legs just aren’t meant for them…

  9. They already had this concept for eebabo 😛 the hiphop-ish style..this is just a slightly more mature urban style then what they had. ^^

  10. yeah its photoshopped but i still love the girls anyway XD

    people should realize in this business a lot of things like these are photoshopped =_=

  11. you guys have to realized they touched up this picture alot to make the jeans more appealing like making her legs extremely slim and long. looks nice, i guess the s in wonder s jeans is to make people believe it ll give you an s line or a good body like wonder girls. i really like it though lol. i would buy a pair if i was in korea

    model figure; checked!
    badass attitude: checked!
    gorgeous as hell : checked!
    me trying to buy those jeans : checked!

  13. wow… she looks so tall!!!
    i wish i had korean legs… ㅎㅎㅎ…
    so thin…
    where’s yoobin, sunye, sun mi and ye eun??

  14. in the hood look. nice. very sexima. i would really like this image for their next album. kinda gangtaish with skinny jeans & heals. that would be hot & sexy. but who knows. a new concept of jyp is always a surprise. i just realize the worden tbjnearby..the “a” is flipped horizontal. or has it been like that? cant wait for the other girls.

  15. gosh, she looks like she has boobs!!! she’s still maturing lolol cept i would never fit into those jeans ~_~

  16. Woahh, hotness.
    Hahahh hot street look?
    Lol I’m SO getting like 5 pairs of these jeans.

    thanks coolsmurf

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