Wonder Girls Keroro Fighter CF Version 3 (30s) 080816

Version 3 of their Keroro Fighter CF series and it just keeps getting better and better. Well, this is longer and has another storyline. The Wonder Girls are walking and talking about the characters and powers found in Keroro Fighter. Each of them then do a demonstration by unleashing the powers on people around them with the exception of Sun Mi. So Hee is really cute with many long close-up shots of her giving a “did I just do that?” look.

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42 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Keroro Fighter CF Version 3 (30s) 080816

  1. HAHAHA i watch this commercial over and over just to watch yoobin and the rocket launchers hahahahah

    all my friends are like AHAHA WTF LMAO after i show them this video. xD

  2. so hee looks stupid! lol! very very very cute! i understand why her nickname is Mandu, hahahahah ^O^ yeah so hee!

  3. they promote so hee AND yoobin ! i think so hee is really cute and if she didn’t have any talent she wouldn’t be in wonder girls! if she was that horrible in singing people wouldn’t love her she’s not great but she’s okay! in the first keroro CF we didn’t get to see her that much, in the second she didn’t talk (it was yoo bin) and in the third she didn’t talk that much (yoo bin had the most lines)and she wasn’t in the center (it was yoo bin) so…

    i love all the wonder girls and this CF was really cute..i hope there will be another keroro CF and ye eun & sun mi will get more sreen time

  4. Well maybe they promote her because otherwise she wouldn’t be noticed. Well either way I love SoHee along with the rest of the Wondergirls. And hey, the girl can dance ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. @irees

    People get mad when sohee gets the most attention because she’s the least talented in the whole group.

    Hell atleast with SNSD tiffany, yoona, AND the leader get alot of attention.

    With WG it’s just the least talented least pretty member getting the most attention. It makes no sense.

  6. I completely agree with irees =) SunMi and YeEun should be promoted more. Also, you’d think they would promote SunMi as much as SoHee…

  7. People go mad when Sohee’s in the center because she’s always there! I’m sorry for this reference, but she’s like Yoona of SNSD to WG. She’s always in the center. If anything, I think Ye Eun and Sun Mi should be promoted more because they’re the two members that don’t have a certain role in the group, so sometimes, people pay less attention to them.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. Sun Mi’s the 4D in the group, and Ye Eun’s the Madame Park or Park Oppa, but I mean in a bigger sense, visually, they don’t have a specific role like Sun Ye’s the leader, Yoobin’s the rapper, and Sohee’s covergirl.

  8. sorta sad that sun mi didnt have stuff, but hey its ok =]
    this cf was so adorable its hard to be disappointed

  9. sun mih has been in center for few CFs in the past
    but it always seems like people go mad whenever
    soh hee is in the center. yoo bin is also usually in
    the center but what i’m upset about is yeh eun…
    like the pizza CF where yeh eun would had shined
    the most…idk i guess whatever director feels like
    who fits the part best. i bet there is a different
    version CF of this that has sun mih in it. cute cute.

  10. yoobin!!! shes pretty popular with shows and cfs…maybe coz shes the only rapper more special…yeay i like the fact that she got more screen time and lines…ofc sohee…center of attention

  11. :)) WOAH… i luvd it!!! haha…. So Hee’s Soooo cute!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    ์œ ๋นˆ!!!! pretty yoobin!

  12. omg sohee was sooo cute!!!! i love that last close up shots of her!!!!! haha thought it was weird because i thought the yellow character should have been sunmi’s. but thats ok sohee <333!

    omg i love ye eun and her big fan! lol it was sorta funny

  13. This CF was only good because yoobin was in it โค
    Too much sohee. this is getting really pathetic, lol.

  14. i think it would’ve been nice to see sunmi’s expression for this one, but hey, it’s a sohee-world out there lol

  15. Just keeps getting better and better!! Poor shopper got the wong end of YooBin’s rocket launcher.


  16. SOOO CUTE! My favorite weapon’s definitely Yoobin’s! Is it just me or the Keroro Fighter CFs focus alot on both Yoobin and Sohee? I mean, Sohee of course gets more. Yet they NEVER feature Sun Mi. She’s always just in the background. =(

    I want more Sun Mi. ToT

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