Wonder Girls and Junjin Mnet 20’s Choice Special Stage

Junjin and the Wonder Girls will meet and perform together on stage at Jang-Choong Stadium in Seoul on 23 August for the 2nd Mnet 20’s Choice awards ceremony. Wonder Girls and Junjin are the best symbolic stars thus far in 2008 with “So Hot” and “Junstin Timberlake” respectively, their claim to fame.

Wonder Girls and Junjin

Wonder Girls and Junjin

Their special stage has become a highlight in itself regardless of the performance that they will bring to the stage. The PD for Mnet 20’s choice expressed with supreme confidence, “This will undoubtedly be the best stage in 2008 thus far, at least it will become the number one search term”.

It would be easy to think that their stage would be restricted to just performing their songs. The Mnet PD expressed, “If it’s just like that, we might as well not have this segment at all. Please don’t assume that Junjin would just perform So Hot. They will bring you a stage that would surpass your imagination”.

The 20’s Choice production stressed, “This is an awards ceremony where the performances would be far more exciting than the awards itself. It would be polite if we say that you can’t see this at any other place. We are definitely going for a out of this world 20’s Choice awards ceremony.”

Bold words from the PD to hype this up. Can they deliver on their promise?


28 thoughts on “Wonder Girls and Junjin Mnet 20’s Choice Special Stage

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  2. lol your right! i don’t like junjin as a solo artist but i really really LOVE shinhwa! shinhwa’s a legend! this is the only group which survived over 10 years in k-pop industry !!! i respect them for that!

    **plus minwoo, eric and hye sung are so hot ^^**

  3. You WG fans are brutal to SNSD fans. Wow. But anyway, I can’t believe some of you don’t like JunJin. I ain’t gunna lie. I don’t like him with all his solo act. Too funny. But he’s from SHINHWA, GUYS! That’s just WEIRD that you guys wouldn’t know him!

  4. it sounds very interesting i don’t really like junjin but i’m looking forward this special stage ^^
    ❤ WG

  5. I’m quite excited for this ne? It’ll be interesting to see how these artists will perform on stage together. The antis who visit this site are EPIC FAILURES.

  6. i can’t wait for this!!! when is this anyways!? I hope WG’s “So Hot” wins its category and fany wins the cute school girl award!

  7. Sounds interesting~!
    “Please dont assume that Junjin would just perform So Hot.” I hope they’ll have a good amount of time for their special stage, I dont want it really short like their one with Epik High. =P
    Thanks for the article, Coolsmurf 😀

  8. i don’t know this junjin. . . . .
    but by the way you prople reacted. . . .

    i think this will be a tough and interesting stage. . .
    and this will also be a great experience for our wondergirls

  9. I can’t help it, but JunJin makes me laugh. As a solo performer, he is horrendous – a comedy show. But I’ll watch the special stage anyway.

  10. wow I’m looking forward too it I must say I’ve never been a fan of Junjin but anything with the Wonder Girls is something to behold =D

  11. wow, theyre really hyping this up!! it must be
    really good then!!! lmao, im so excited for this!
    i cant wait to see it!
    kick ass girls!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh asdaskdjaskldja

  12. sooo awesome! junjin is so hot hot hot. I can’t wait to see this. Mnet better deliver cuz they have enough disappointments under their belt already.

  13. Lol I just remebered, wasn’t junjin the one who that tardfanny insulted? like twice I believe, LOL.

    Haha thank god they didn’t force him to perform with them, lol.

  14. I don’t like how the PD expressed it all:

    “This will undoubtedly be the best stage in 2008 thus far, at least it will become the number one search term” *Figures shouldn’t have to matter so much, but in this industry it sure as hell does* =/

    It’s great to have confidence in what is going to be delivered, but I just don’t see why a sentence like that needs to be stated. Or at least worded in such a way.

    Of course it will be a performance to look forward to, and I’m sure it will be quite entertaining. And hopefully with out the drama. Can’t wait to see what songs they perform.

    *This is based on my view of what I read and my Opinion, please disregard if you felt that I was reading a bit too much into it. LOL*

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