Sun Ye Message for Wonderful Fancafe 080813

Sun Ye left a message on Wonderful Fancafe for Wonderfuls this morning at 1135am. The following picture is the actual screencap and the translation is directly after. If there are any glaring mistakes, please leave comment.

hello everyone, I’m Sun Ye, long time no see!
many might not know yet, but yesterday was my birthday
many send me congratulatory messages last year, it’s the same this year!!
so many people came…. really touching

when I saw so many of you outside the company headquarters
I felt really nervous
no matter when, you always bring me surprises *hehe*
actually, regardless of who it is, if you have a busy day, it’s like racing against time, and you feel empty inside your heart
everytime I felt this, the ones who helped me through, is you (Wonderfuls)
every word and letter with sincerity in your letters, text messages…they are all presents from the bottom of your hearts…

For all the love you have given me, I don’t really know how should I repay it back, and sometimes I feel burdened by that
When I see everyone feeling happy because of me, I feel most happy then
when that time comes, I would think to myself, “ah, I am really living on this world”, “This is what heaven has bestowed me to do”…

Sometimes, I feel confused about my relationship with fans
Sometimes it feels the distance is very close…but sometimes it’s so far away
Sometimes it feels we are very close…but sometimes we are so far apart
But I don’t really think about this often
because I am sure of one thing, everytime we go on stage to perform, we and everyone become one entity together
It would be great if moments like this would be plentiful in future. You all are the source of my energy!!!

I couldn’t stay back for long enough with you because we had a performance, so I’m sorry for that.
I really have to thank you all. It’s you who taught me the meaning of ‘happiness’.
We are now putting all our effort into our next album, so please wait in anticipation!
Hope that everyone stays happy everyday!

Regards, Leader Min


27 thoughts on “Sun Ye Message for Wonderful Fancafe 080813

  1. i really love sun ye’s attitude and the group’s way to relate w/ their fans…

    by the way they act…it feels like there’s no difference between them and us the fans….

  2. AW! Sun Ye really knows how to speak well and make us all feel giddy inside! I’m glad she appreciates us as much as we appreciate her! LEADER MINNN, SARANGHAEE!

  3. sun ye thank you for all you beautiful and kind words !! you are the sunshine in our hearts when we listen to the wg music. — we wish the best for you on every day, but also on your b-day. — many thanks for taking the time to let us know how you feel. — best wishes to you and all the wonder girls ! :-b

  4. I loved her to bits before, but now that I know we share the same birthday, I am even more ecstatic. Happy B-day Sun Ye!!

  5. :))
    How can you not love her.
    She’s so kind and loving to everyone.
    Leader Sunye fighting!

    thanks coolsmurf

  6. sun ye is so kind and such a strong leader =]

    “I really have to thank you all. It’s you who taught me the meaning of ‘happiness’.”

    That was beyond adorable. LEADER MIN JJANG!

  7. yay!! happy belated sunye!! and also… no WonderFul would forget your birthday!! :)) 선예!!! 생일축하해!! ㅋㅋ…

  8. awwww!! That was so touching~! Gosh Leader Min chose such wise words doesn’t she?
    And we all know it’s her birthday yesterday! LMAO.
    Being such a humble person as always,Leader Min. We will always love you forever.
    This message just made my day (:

  9. Awww that is a sweet letter =]
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN SUN YE! and we all think that you’re a great singer, keep up the good work!

  10. OMG! the part where she says “we and everyone become one entity together” really fits my Wonder Equation blog! hahaa im gonna post this ^_^ i’ll credit you hehe

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