Wonder Girls TBJ “WONDER S JEAN” campaign #2

TBJ has releasing a second picture of the Wonder Girls sporting the real skinny 511 series from Wonder S Jean which was seen over the past weekend on KBS Entertainment Relay program. All of them sporting an attitude look.

Wonder S Jean by TBJ goes on sale next Wednesday, 20th August.

credit: TBJ Cyworld


36 thoughts on “Wonder Girls TBJ “WONDER S JEAN” campaign #2

  1. i’ve seen the behind scene on Weekly Entertaiment! WG featured with 2AM. They wore heavy make- up, but they were very very very sexy, beautiful and fashionable!

  2. wow….so hee’s hair is so huge!..they look good though their legs look really LONG thn usual…still pretty!!!

  3. The girls look amazing. I they look really good. I love how they are all matching making them a whole.

    they are far from being “ghettofied” or even “ghetto” for that matter. They are just dressed in very urban-sexy jeans. Please watch the terminology that some of you use.

  4. aww, they look like models!

    they’re sooo stunning!

    i wonder how i could buy those jeans cuz i think it won’t be sold in my country though =(


  5. wow~ sunmi has LONG legs and they are for real too!
    she should be a model i agree wtih all of you who said that~

  6. ROFL @ WonderFan
    “Asians always have to put the skinny bitches with no booty up front.”

    LMAO, but yea, Sohee and Sunmi look like supermodels..
    and Ye eun. 😦
    NGAWWW i wanna see her!

  7. really nice jeans. like straight leg/skinny. really want to buy those. y did they covor ye eun?? that is so frikin weird

  8. aww 😦 poor yeeun can’t show off her body.
    i think she has the nicest body out of all of them.
    she’s the most… idk… realistically proportional? xD

    and never in my life have i wanted a pair of jeans so bad either!

    they’d probably be too long for me… damn my height hahah

  9. Their legs are unusually long. O.O Now, I know WG’s generally have long legs, but that’s just unnatural. And good pose for them! Since they don’t got no booty, ya gotta pose like ya do!

    But man… now, I KNOW Ye Eun’s got booty. She needs to show them booty off!

  10. I wanna see Ye Eun’s booty in those jeans too. T__T Asians always have to put the skinny bitches with no booty up front. Jeans usually look better on someone if they have a little back to fill it up… Sohee’s “S-line” doesn’t look to bad though. 😀

  11. do you think their legs are naturally that long?
    or computerized?
    they look gorgeous as usual but you dont know for sure if they really have those long legs
    but judging from their performances i guess they have pretty long legs.

  12. Seriously… They should be showing Ye Eun’s booty instead of an under aged one… So Hee’s but is flat so why they showin it??

  13. Lol their legs have been photoshopped liked crazy o_o

    I seriously can’t wait to see the rest of the pics though!

  14. I never wanted to be a pair of jeans so bad in my life!! hahahahaha J/K

    WG looks sensational. Keep up the great work!!


  15. Woahhhh.
    Her legs are soo long here!
    Whooo Wonder Girls and their so hotness.
    haha thanks coolsmurf!

  16. Seriously they do need some booty shots of ye eun, she has a nice round fat booty! we’ve all seen it before! they better not PS it out though LOL xD

    Damn all their legs look so long and thin o__o;; sunmi looks lovely haha^^

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