Park Tae Hwan to Get Sashimi Treat from Sun Ye When He Returns

According to a JOINS news report today, Wonder Girls Sun Ye who is on good terms with Korean swimmer Park Tae Hwan (who has a gold and silver medal as of today), said to him, “I will treat you to sashimi as we agreed.”

best of friends

best of friends

Before Park Tae Hwan had left for the Beijing Olympics, he made a proposal to Sun Ye in a joking/serious manner, “You have to treat me to sashimi if I win a gold medal.” Sun Ye agreed without thinking, “The color of the medals are not important, just do your very best, I will treat you to anything you wish for.”

Sun Ye expressed

Before his finals on 9th August, I was afraid that he might feel the pressure. So I text him, ‘I will pray and cheer for you, just do your best in the final’. Although he only replied me with a short message, ‘thank you for praying for me’, but he did really well in the final and I am contented and proud for him. When Tae Hwan gets back, I will treat him to sashimi. And since he got a gold medal, I got to let him treat me to a delicious and expensive meal definitely.

I also texted him saying, ‘congratulations’. I think he must be really busy because he replied after a while saying, ‘You really watch me swim? Thank you everyone for supporting me. Thank you.’

Sun Ye and Park Tae Hwan pure friendship has led to scandals particularly because they are of the same age and goes to the same church as well.

Sun Ye expressed, “I would feel burdened once links between me and Tae Hwan surfaces in the newspapers every now and then. But with many knowing that we are only just friends, I don’t really care what’s being written now. Although we are of the same age, he manages himself well and has a really good character, he’s a friend that I can really learn from.”

sorry for the loss, but you get free sashimi

sorry but you get free sashimi

Park Tae Hwan came in second in the 200m freestyle final this morning in Beijing as the ‘monster’ Michael Phelps was in a league of his own powering home in a World and Olympic record. There’s still the 1500m freestyle event which Phelps is not participating and Tae Hwan stands a good chance for that.


33 thoughts on “Park Tae Hwan to Get Sashimi Treat from Sun Ye When He Returns

  1. Haha, when I read sashimi treat, I thought of candy, like candied fish or something (SWEDISH FISH!!^^) Haha, maybe because she said treat… Anyways, does anyone know when the 1500 m is on? I keep missing the races cause I can’t understand the online schedule (darn NBC)…

    Hmmm.. in my opinion, I want them to be friends only. She can have a boyfriend later, right now it’s all about your friends and having the time of your life with them<3

  2. OMG! thats great! >.<
    just think he was the same person that got DISQUALIFIED last Olympics now he’s coming in for GOLD and SILVER only second to Micheal Phelps the greatest swimmer in the world!
    that’s amazing

    SunYe friendship with him is so cute =D

  3. They are SO cute.
    I hope the Korean media doesn’t make another scandal out of this. They’re great friends, so leave them alone~ C:

  4. Wow Phelps did lose after all..ROFL…

    SunYe has the boys going gaga, who would blame them..I`m a girl and i can`t control

    Tae Hwan, Korea, SunYe, Wonder Girls FIGHTING!!!

  5. Ahh I watched it and I was really happy that Tae Hwan did such a fantastic job, even in competition with my darlinggggg part-shark, part-dolphin part-IDKWHAT Michael Phelps!! 😀 lol

    Anywhoo, they already have a date!! SO CUTE! hehehe ❤

  6. oh man, I was watching this yesterday and Michael Phelps was wayyy ahead of everyone else. I thought to myself, “come on, Park Tae Hwan, you can do better than that!”

    In the end, I was rooting for Phelps. hehe. 3 down. 5 more gold medals to go.

    On the other hand, I was hoping she could him something better than a Sashimi Treat. ya know what I mean? ahh, I’m so naughty. *shoot self*

  7. Awww, that’s real sweet of them. I’m glad that they’re this close. Phelps is a beast so winning silver was pretty darn good for TaeHwan.

  8. I want sashimi…. *sniffles*

    But, i already knew Phelps was gonna win, his dolphin kick and push off the walls are amazing!

    But congrats to PTH!!

    Sun-Ye date Jo-Kwon!!

  9. Park Tae Hwan did very well.. people have to realize that even though he got silver, he did very well because Phelps is ridiculous. He’s 5 years older than PTH and usually wins every race he competes in. However, once PTH gets older I think he’ll have a better chance to beat Phelps

  10. I like the picture of him & Phelps of course i was going for Phelps since I’m American but it’s nice to see PTH win silver though I was hoping the other American gets sliver but bronze isn’t

    I say him & Sun Ye are dating…but they could be good friends too…but I’m still gonna say they are dating.

    PTH is a cute guy so not bad…
    but seriously 1500m dayum that’s a LONG race…& yeah he stands a chance at winning since Phelps isn’t gonna compete for that…lol

  11. sunye should have text him saying “so why did u choose to play a SNSD song?”.. LOL.. j/k..
    awww.. they are really sweet to one another. congrats on his silver medal!!

  12. Haha they’re cute. in a friendship way.
    I’m still rooting for her and JoKwon. :DD
    o.o Michael Phelps was a beast in that 200m my goodness.
    Grats to Park Tae Hwan for placing 2nd !! that’s still a hell of an accomplishment. And also good luck to him in the 1500m!!

    thanks coolsmurf


    lol jk, Not that theres anything wrong with PTH, he’s a good catch actually, religious, talented obviously, cute XD sunye needs to snap this one up before some other girl does lol..>.<;;

  14. WOOHOO! dang. i’ve watched every swimming match except the ones with PTH! ToT i generally only want to watch the swimming for michael phelps and him, yet i’ve completely missed this one!!

    man, great job to PTH. michael phelps is just amazing. to get silver is enough and a great feat when going against phelps. that guy is just in a whole ‘nother league like coolsmurf said.

  15. dang. they already have a date set-up. aww. thats a great birthday present from Tae Hwan to Sun Ye. lol

    omg. i hope he doesnt ask for that kiss that Sun Ye wants to give to her bf. ahh! ^^


  16. Michael Phelps get a gold medal and PTH gets sashimi from Sun Ye??? Man Phelps got the bad end of that deal! hahahahaha

    Congratluations to PTH for grabbing another medal for Korea. Maybe it wasn’t gold but be proud of your accomplishment. Many more wins will come your way.

    You gained respect of Phelps and myself. Good Luck to you!


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