Happy 19th Birthday to Leader Min Sun Ye

Min Sun Ye, you are the reason why I supported and love the Wonder Girls from the onset. Your dedication, hard work to your work and filial piety to your loved ones are so commendable and to be respected. 생일축하해!!!

Absolutely loved your long hair.

Was disappointed when they made you wear a wig and then you eventually snipped it off because it was uncomfortable. Doesn’t look too bad but still…

Hope you get into your faculty in Dankook University this year!


93 thoughts on “Happy 19th Birthday to Leader Min Sun Ye

  1. H A P P Y B I R T D A Y ~~ Min Sun Ye Noona^v^

    Hope you have a wonderful life,succeed in everything and wish the best things 2 you….I Love U very mush and cheer up fur you everytime!!! I promise ~^______^

  2. hey sunye happy birthday i really admire wonder girls especially yoobin and sunye, sunye good luck for the university and bye the way anyone who knows wonder girls member’s email address or sth like that?

  3. happy birthday leader min!!!!doesn’t matter to me if your hair is long, short or even bald(omg..i hope not!!lol) i will always love you and adore you…

  4. happy birthday leader min!
    i love the way you look no matter what : D
    & i know everything will be great with the university!

    your the greatest! ❤

  5. Saeng-il chukahamnida, saeng-il chukahamnida! Sarang-haneun Sun Ye-ssi-ui – saeng-il chukahamnida!!!!

    Sing with me!! xP (happy birthday song ^^ )

  6. HAPPY Birthday to my sun ye! =D
    she got me into WG first!
    i love her long hair in Irony more
    so cute and pretty! =D

  7. her birthday is not on june???anyway happy b’day leader minh sunye have a good life and i hope she go far with her group wonder girls!!^^and they won’t separed group i hope that.. i don’t want wonder girls go separed group -_^

  8. her birthday EVERYONE IS AUGUST 12

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, (gosh i been typing those tow words like almost everywhere)

    as a wonderful im every proud to have this girl right here
    being wonder girls leader, so hardworking, charming & beautiful inside and out.

    may the wonder girls be as big or even bigger in the future. FIGHTING.


    We will continue to support you no matter what!

    Wondergirls Fighting!!

    Her short hair is growing on to me O.o

  10. happy birthday sun ye!! you are the best leader i know and the reason why i was sucked into the kpop world! your stage presence is unbeatable!

  11. Lol yay coolsmurf you posted it again !
    Happy birthday to Sunye :))
    In Korea it’s the 12th.
    But here in Texas it’s still the 11th.
    So I’m kinda sad we can’t celebrate our birthdays on the same day cause my birthday is also august 12th.
    I guess it’s ok.
    Thanks coolsmurf!

  12. Happy Birthday SunYe!!
    No matter what, we will support Wonder Girls!!
    Wonder Girls Fighting!!! We love you!!!

  13. I actually love the new short hairdo. I think it really makes her look even more beautiful. Yeah I love the long hair but I think the short hair looks better on her. & she knows how to rock it well.

    Now she’s officially an adult in Korea since she’s 20 there..

    May she continue to be a good example to her other members.

  14. Happy birthday!
    생일 추카해요!
    Lead the Wonder Girls to success as you have done thus far!
    We are anticipating a new year full of the Wonder Girls!

    Leader Min Sun Ye!

  15. Happy Birthday Leader Min!!!! This is your day! Celebrate with family and friends and enjoy!!


  16. I have postponed this post to be published on the right date. but all the earlier comments before this comment will remain.

  17. I guess…, happy birthday? I thought her birthday was August 12, but whatever. I’ll just say happy birthday and get it over with. Min Sun Ye is a gift to us all! Otherwise, there’d be no charismatic Wonder Girls!

  18. I think it’s Aug. 12 like alot of people stated already.
    Cause on her manwon happiness when they went to go eat with taht swimmer guy she said she was older than him by a couple months and that her birthday is in 8th month which is august.
    Which is totally insanely awesome cause my birthday’s aug. 12 xDDDD
    anywho, happy early birthday!

  19. Whether i’ts July 11th or August 12th. We are all very lucky that she has, along with other Wonder Girls, graced us with thier beauty and talent and we only hope that many more good things happen to all of them. WG FIGHTING!!!

  20. im really disappointed her bday isnt actually july 11 (by our calendar or w/e) because otherwise it would have been my half birthday 😦

  21. it’s not her birthday……..lmao
    she celebrates it aug. 12th and her birthday is aug. 12.
    people get it wrong every year. let’s get it right next year please.

  22. Happy Birthday to my favorite Wonder Girls member, Leader Min!! ❤

    I still remember the first time I saw the MV of “Tell Me” on Youtube. And even though I didn’t like the song that much at first, (now I’m still obsessed with it) SunYe had always stuck out in my mind. And she still does now w<!

  23. i think today is her birthday based on the lunar calendar…
    her birthday is in august based on the solar calendar…the one that everyone in the world uses

    that is why it is so confusing
    some sites post up 7/11 while others post up that august one
    but the jyp site has her august one so i guess i’ll go by that one but still

    happy birthday!

  24. Yeeeee…..Saengil Chuk’ahamnida Sun Ye!
    She’s my favorite. And her short hair suits her, too.

  25. HBD Minnie. Hope u healthy and happy.
    U are great leader but sometime
    u will to take care yourself. Hope u can
    go to university in This yeas

    PS: I think her brithday is next month.
    Never mine i can to congratulate secound

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