Wang Ki Chun Comes Up Short in Men’s 73-kg class Judo Competition

20 year-old judoka Wang Ki Chun had boldly announced earlier this year that he would bring back the gold medal for Wonder Girls member Yoo Bin.

No Gold, No Yoo Bin

No Gold, No Yoo Bin

He managed to go all the way to the 73kg final but lost the gold medal match to eventual winner and world No.1 Elnur Mammadli of Azerbaijan. With just 13 seconds on the clock, Mammadli caught Wang Ki Chun in the ankle and rolled him over with kibisu-gaeshi, ending the game with an ippon. Tough luck although Wang insisted that the ribcage injury suffered in his semi-final match against Brazil’s Leandro Guilheiro didn’t have any bearing in the final.

In an interview with the Korean media after the match, Wang Ki Chun was in tears as he expressed, “I am sorry to my fellow countrymen and my family. My skills are still inadequate.” He was then asked what song he wants to hear most and his reply, “Wonder Girls So Hot”, as he also revealed his liking for Wonder Girls member Yoo Bin. Nevertheless, he won praise from netizens from battling on despite suffering an injury prior to his gold medal match.

Silver medal is probably good enough for most of us but he will rue the chance.

15 thoughts on “Wang Ki Chun Comes Up Short in Men’s 73-kg class Judo Competition

  1. awww omg >..<!
    LOL but thats so sweet!
    Silver is STILL REALLY amazing I hope he doesn’t blame himself! maybe he’ll get to meet Yoobin ^^
    that’d probably make him very happy =)

  2. With that sort of injury, he did a great job! I’m glad he tried!
    I wonder what Yoobin will have to say for this ^_~

    lol.. well no yoobin…try again mate…actually go on the back of the line, we are all fighting over yoobin here..he he

    jokes aside..He did amazing!

  4. actually,im rooting for him for the win but luck wasn’t on his side..if he did actually win it,then we might get to see him perform So Hot!

  5. @ Irees, She’s mine! =]
    But yeah, must of been a great disappointment for him, but Yoo Bin would still be happy

  6. lmao I’m sure yoobin is still happy for him, he did his best obviously theres always next year right? ^^ train hard and try again! ^^

    I wonder if he was seriously going to propose to her though lol. XD

  7. Aw. It’s okay. Yoobin is ours anyway. We wouldn’t have let him take her! XD Amazing feat to take the silver though! SunYe’s man has gotten the lead now with one gold and one silver, though! hahaa!!! XD

  8. Hmmmm…I wonder if YooBin is relieved or disappointed…. maybe both? Relieved that she does not have to marry him but disappointed that S. Korea didn’t get a gold medal?

  9. Aww
    That’s so sad.
    It was really cute when he told Yoobin unnie but sad that he got silver.
    It’s still something to die for and I’m proud of him!
    And I’m sure Yoobin unnie is too.
    Lol@picture caption..
    Can’t wait till he rues his chance!

    thanks coolsmurf

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