Sun Ye, Thing She Wants To Give To Her Sweetheart? “KISS”

Sun Ye made a surprising confession when asked “What is the thing you most want to give to someone you love?” Her answer? “Kiss.”

The 2008 Summer Music Festival, which lasts from 31st July to 2nd Aug invited the Wonder Girls for the first stage “Romantic Day”. The girls sang the well-suited ballad “This Time”, after which they had a conversation with Lee Sora.

Lee Sora asked the question, “What’s the thing you want to give to someone you love most?” Immediately after, all the members fell into thought. And when Sun Ye couldn’t give an instant answer, Yoo Bin who was at her side hinted, “KISS?”. At which point Sun Ye right away said, “Yes, kiss!” and received enthusiastic cheers from all the watching males in the audience.

During their “So Hot” and “Tell Me” performances, the audience followed and sang all the songs together, showing once again their immense popularity.

MBC 2008 Summer Music Festival was splitted into 31st July “Romantic Day”, 1st August “Dynamic Day” and 2nd August “Fantastic Day” brought in 10,000 people despite the humid weather making the event a success.

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12 thoughts on “Sun Ye, Thing She Wants To Give To Her Sweetheart? “KISS”

  1. awww..Sunye decided to give a kiss suggested by Yoobin! xD Thats sooooo CUTE of her!!i can imagine when Sunye said it!!><

  2. lol… hahaha…
    go yoobin for making that suggestion. :))

    hmm… i wonder who that guy is…?


  3. o.O; what?? lol I think sunye has a boyfriend XD if she does she’s really good at hiding it haha.

    And lol@ yoobin <33

  4. ahha thats something I bet everyone wants from the one they love but it’s so cute =)
    SunYe is too adorable for words the one that gets that kiss is one lucky guy =D

  5. hahaha, yoobin and the KISS thing once again…poor girl, if only she get a boyfriend…i still remember the SPIDERMAN kissing scene thing…hahaha..cute =D

  6. Haha, I can imagine all the guys cheering after she said that.

    And of course, Yoobin’s the one that suggests KISSING! XD

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