Sun Ye Replies, “Our Members Jumped Around Dancing when Park Tae Hwan Won”

After the news of Park Tae Hwan’s gold medal win in the mens’s 400m freestyle event, Sun Ye replied by saying that the members and staff had been huddled in the JYP Entertainment building, anticipating his win.

Thanks for the birthday present

Thanks for the birthday present

They enjoyed every moment from the start when Park Tae Hwan came out with Sun Ye, Ye Eun, Sun Mi, close friends with him from church cheering him the loudest. Sun Ye said, “The members were screaming and it was crazy when Park Tae Hwan won. I was dancing along with Ye Eun.”

Sun Ye showed her happiness to her close friend, Park Tae Hwan in congratulating him. The scandal between Sun Ye and Tae Hwan seems to be surfacing again also after So Nyeo Shi Dae’s song was played after his win.

credit: skye.@soompi (translation)


35 thoughts on “Sun Ye Replies, “Our Members Jumped Around Dancing when Park Tae Hwan Won”

  1. People, please take your fight elsewhere. Seriously, can’t anybody have any decent chat between WG and SNSD fans nowadays?

  2. Guys, this is a WONDER GIRLS news site.
    So, STOP talking smack about SNSD and just concentrate on Wonder Girls. Coolsmurf doesn’t like negativity about any group. We should respect him by just concentrating on Wonder Girls.

    Sunye is so cute. :3
    Happy birthday, amazing leader~! ❤

  3. so much negativity in this blog comment sections recently…. can anyone please if you don’t have anything to say nice at all don’t say it?

    Seriously, I LOVE this blog because it’s been neutral and fans support anyone.. but it’s recently been going down to be honest. Don’t let this blog turn to a bash blog.. not talking about the blogger but the commenters…

    We don’t need any negativity. Support your artists and bashing is NOT supporting… that’s stupidity..

  4. What has PTW win do with SNSD?
    And SNSD , PTW and WG… Any link?

    Regardless of what song they play its still a Korean song..

    Do you all know that China people are “boycotting” Koreans because of the leakage of the Beijing Olympics opening…


  5. Congrats to Park for winning the Gold.
    It’s good to hear Sun Ye & the WGs member cheering for him & supporting him.

    About his choice of music I am so happy I didn’t hear it. I watched his race but right after his win it went to commercial so I was saved from listening to that bad music.

  6. why did they have to play snsd’s song in there? lol. there are so many songs.. why snsd’s? XDD

    anyway, congrats to him!!

  7. aww the WG is such a good supporter of Tae Hwan XD They were shouting the loudest lol.
    I love the picture ‘Thanks for the birthday present’. It really does seem like Tae Hwan won the gold medal as the birthday present for Sunye (:
    Oh how I wish Tae Hwan do say that T.T

  8. guys this is a WG blog, and I really hate just reading the other group’s name on here.. so can we just ignore they are around???

    CONGRAts to Park Tae Hwan!! He really is doing well!!!

    2ye and SunMi getting their groove on!! woot woot!!
    I wonder if they did the “club dance”? ROFL…its good to see friends supporting each other… and netizens need to live them alone!! lol

  9. *sigh* some of the comments here isn’t giving other wg fans a very good name.

    anyway, i was happy too when i heard part tae hwan won. congrats!

  10. Guys. calm the hell down.
    AFAIK, when an athlete wins, they’re entitled to having a song they enjoy played over the speakers. Park Tae Hwan happens to be a fan of SNSD’s song 😛

    No hard feelings guys & besides, Wonder Girls seem to be cool with it! Major congrats to PTH and KOREA FIGHTING!!! ❤

  11. I agree.
    SNSD does seem to dislike WG in public.
    Except for Taeyeon unni.
    Which by the way I love her too!
    Especially when the WG went on their radio show.
    Korea tends to automatically assume things are happening between the opposite sex.
    And I’m not being stereotypical or whatever it is cause I’m also Korean.
    But it’s true.
    And even so I don’t think we should worry about Sunye and Tae Hwan cause I’m personally going for Sunye and JoKwon. :DD
    Well anyway grats to him again!
    And good luck on the 200 race!

    thanks coolsmurf

  12. haha aww Wonder Girls are such sweet and cute friends =D
    I was surprised (disgusted) when i heard SNSD song play …
    he’ll probably regret it now after he hears how much Wonder Girls were supporting him.

    but still it’s only ONE song i heard for like 3 seconds
    the excitement and happiness of the Beijing Olympics beats it out with an iron fist ^^!

  13. Hahha, awesome. It’s hilarious how he was disqualified at the 2004 Olympics for starting off too early and now he’s able to come with a bang. He definitely learned his lesson. Good job, yo! It’s cute that WG celebrated and the YeYe couple danced in celebration! XD

  14. hey ILuvYubin… what ignorant remark did Taeyeon make about china??

    Congrats to PTH! Glad WG’s is happy! Ye Eun jumping around LOL , awwwwww

  15. yes, SM is trying to get SNSD in China, why do you think some of their members know Chinese? He’s even opening up a new head quarters there…

    >.<, i feel bad for getting off topic so much here.. but CONGRATS TO PTH & KOREA!

  16. I’d say they’re more peaceful rivals than friends. SNSD seems to dislike WG in public.

    All that really matters is that he won and has the support of WG and Korea.

    And IluvYubin, I’m really loving your comments here XD. I totally agree with everything you’ve said.

  17. why should we wg fans bash on snsd when its obvious the wonder girls themselves are indeed friends with SNSD.
    truly glad theyre all happy and cheerful as of late

  18. Haha, I knew this news would come out sooner or later. Congrats to Park Tae Hwan! Talk about redemption for four years ago…

    And seriously, this is about Park Tae Hwan & WG. No need to bash another group so much, eh? Like Mari said, it’s REALLY cool that the WG showed so much support for him.

  19. CONGRATULATIONS Park Tae Hwan!!!
    My sister and I were also up and cheering when he won…what a coincidence…..hehe.

    I knew I heard SNSD’s song toward the end. At first I was like….”That couldn’t of been that song.”, but I guess I was right. (:
    I have very sharp hearing…lol.

  20. Also SNSD had their photo in a Chinese newspaper for a plastic surgery ad LOL. Joke or not their little fruity song playing isn’t going to gain any fans, lol.

  21. lol LSM is trying to promote SNSD in china? but they already have a huge anti fan base there, they call themselves “black ocean” lol. esp. after that ignorant statement from retard face taeyeon lol.

    Oh well, screw China lol, atleast WG got their faces and song played on the Times square big screen. ^_^

    LSM is so pathetic xP lol

  22. Get over the SNDS stuff and be happy.
    It’s so great of them to show so much support! I know they had a blast when he won.

    I can imagine Ye Eun dancing! XD

  23. SNSD’s song was only played because SM is trying to promote SNSD in China; so playing their music peaks interests in them.

    *sigh* nice job, SM..

  24. i reallly can’t understand why SNSD’s song was played after his win!! he promoted snsd ! PTH is the first Korean ever to win a Gold medal for swimming it’s really incredible! it’s such a big promotion for snsd TT he seriously should have choosed another song! he just made snsd more famous in korea and in the world ! that sucks!!!

    but if sun ye is happy with that…congratulations!

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