Sun Ye’s Best Friend, Park Tae Hwan Wins Men’s 400m Freestyle

Sun Ye’s best friend, Park Tae Hwan grabbed the first Olympic swimming gold for his country by finishing first in the men’s 400-meter freestyle competition of the Beijing Olympics Sunday. Park clocked 3:41.86. This also marks the first time that South Korea has ever won an Olympic medal in swimming.

I did that for you girl!

I did that for you girl!

He still has his pet 1,500m Freestyle event to come. So Nyeo Shi Dae “Girls Generation” was played in the background after he won his event. Although there were some complaints, but the song was also played at various times throughout the sessions, not just after his win, just for the record.

Congratulations to him!


68 thoughts on “Sun Ye’s Best Friend, Park Tae Hwan Wins Men’s 400m Freestyle

  1. PTH didn’t request anything without being paid.

    Did any of you hear about that video that came out online of SNSD “watching the olympics and just happened to hear their song” LOL.

    netizens went on the attack and now all of the sudden the video can’t be found, total set up. lol

    I wonder how much PTH got paid for that, that video was a really retarded thing to do, made the shit look so fake. lol sad.

  2. SNSD and Park TaeHwan are friends. That’s why he played their song. Granted, he’s probably closer with Leader Min (:D!), but that would probably make that scandal reappear.
    Park TaeHwan and Sunye are ridiculously cute. :3

  3. Could you guys send me the video of him winning cause the link above doesnt work for sum reason. Thank you!

  4. @logicaldeath

    FYI…wonder girls’s sunye is actually a close friend with PTH….i dnt know what your chatting bout that PTH aint friends with WG.

    and talking about immature. the words coming from you is even more immature.


  5. “I did that for you girl!”
    puahaha ur so funnie coolsmurf! πŸ˜€

    but which girl is he exactly doing it for? seriously though… selecting SNSD song means he likes SNSD. Everyone knows he likes WG. This guy just wants to win every girl’s heart doesn’t he? lol..

    many girls are probably drooling over him now that he’s a champion. congrats on the gold!

  6. aish, it was played because SM is trying to promote SNSD in China, but in reality it’s just PISSING PEOPLE OFF.

  7. SNSD SONG?!?!?!

    lol i remember when sunye was doing λ§Œμ›μ˜ν–‰λ³΅ and did a mission with park tae hwan. =D
    KOREA!!!! =D

  8. Did they really Play SNSD song. OMG not nice, they should have played wonder girls cuz he’s Sunye friend. does ne one have the video where the played the song and he one

  9. AWW!! Congratulations to him. I’m so disappointed I missed it though. YAY for KOREA! Sunye and PTH FTW!

  10. Ahh~!! Korea Fighting!! aish who cares if they played SNSD’s song cuz it really doesn’t matter. ^^ its not the end of earth if he chooses to play SNSD’s song =) hehe

    Korea Fighting Olmpics Figthing!! <33

  11. Guys, just think about it. If a Wonder Girls’ song played, don’t you think another scandal would erupt between Sun Ye and PTH? The girls don’t need anymore scandals, especially with their new album coming up. If anything he was being a good friend to prevent such things from occurring.

    Or maybe I’m looking too deeply into this xD Maybe SM paid him ROFL jk


    especially since he effed up so badly 4 years ago =[

  12. oh sorry i was wrong i thought it was tae hwan who made this speech but it’s Wang Ki Chun who practice judo.
    the qualifications for his category (less than 73kgs) will start on monday 11th…

  13. he wasn’t the first korean person to win gold medal this year…there was another guy who won judo…so yeah…

  14. lol at the song, but i understand why he choose that. its more uplighting,
    agreed with comment #47 i bet he wouldnt pick baby baby or kissing you either, its too embarassing
    this is not a matter of snsd or wg, or any group

  15. maybe park tae won felt bad about what happened at the dream concert for SNSD so that’s why he chose that song…
    congrats to him for winning gold! hope he continues to win.
    fighting! πŸ™‚

  16. lalalala..
    SM just payed the korean olympic committee to play that song.. since SNSD is very hated nowadays in korea..

  17. Wow, so this was why! I can understand if they played Girl’s Generation because it was a song he liked, but I can’t think why they kept playing it even in other sections….

    I was watching it, and all of a sudden it showed Michael Phelps, and there was Girl’s Generation playing in the background. O_O Which kinda freaked me out a bit…..

  18. congratulations. too bad I missed it yesterday.

    I think it’s great that they played SNSD song. SunYe and Park Tae Hwain story would become more scandalous if they played Wonder Girls. and well, i don’t need more drama.

  19. yeah yeah we will talk about the immaturities that some fans can do when they go to a another band site talk shit
    Grow up
    not just wonderfuls thought that SNSD song was weird
    a lot of netizens think like that
    cause nobody know the reason
    i mean if they want to represent korea they should play a song of a very famous korean artist like Bi, BoA or DBSK
    well he can be friend with SNSD
    but he rummored to date sun ye
    anyway you want to talk about SNSD
    go to soshifield
    not here okay
    and about that i think that
    f he chooses WG’s song..
    then the rumours about him and Sun Ye will get bigger..

    i didn’t watch it, but I was rooting for him big time!!
    I belive all wonderfuls were..HAHAHAHA!!

    ..they played snsd’s song?? HAHAHA! i think he
    did that, cuz they are prob the last people he
    would ever be in a scandal with…

    Go Parl Tae Hwan, Go Korea!!!

  21. @logicaldeath


    looks like u describing yourself @ your comment.

    u GROW UP.

  22. @ logicaldeath.

    Sheesh, this place is dedicated to Wonder Girls’, anything that’s not in their favour would OBVIOUSLY be disliked.

    We just like Wonder Girls more than SNSD and it’s NORMAL to feel this way about the song. No one’s controlling who PTH’s friends with, SHEESH.

    And Wonderfuls aren’t embarrassing ourselves, how in the world can we when we’re all Wonder Girls’ fans.

    You, grow up.

  23. why would they even play so hot during the olympics?

    talk about being irrelevant?

    and BTW, SNSD & Park Tae Hwan did a charity event together last year and since they are of the same age (aka 1989 babies), it was easy for them to become friends.

    YES HE’S FRIENDS WITH THEM TOO. He’s just not friends with Sunye.


    and Girls’ Generation the song is so apt for Park Tae Hwan. He’s one of the youngest and the lyrics matched well.

    “Don’t make fun of me because I’m young.”

    Wonderfuls, GROW UP. You guys are just EMBARASSING YOURSELF.

    god. Now you ppl even want to control who park tae hwan is friends with.


  24. ahaha i’m loving the caption XD
    they should’ve played ‘so hot’ in the background ^^

    thanks for sharing!

  25. wow, congratulations Park Tae Hwan πŸ˜€
    And haha, I think it’s cool how they play the winner’s fav song lol. Girl’s Generation~~~

  26. =P I watched the whole thing. I was like so happy he won hehehe. When they played SNSD’s song in the background i was like O.O OMGOMGOMG THEY ARE PLAYING SNSD’s SONG. hahaha

  27. if he is friends with WG, its weird he picked a rival girl group’s song to play. but anway, i saw this on tv. my dad and i were like, omg so fast, so fast, he’s gonna win. haha. congrats to him.

  28. @Fallen8)

    ROFL snsd must be feeling like shit lmao, they can’t even play their song without pissing people off XD lol

    It would have made more sense to pick a song from an artist or group that isn’t hated by the country you’re winning that medal for and representing. =P

  29. apparently, its PTH’s favorite song. as a favor to the gold medalist, Olympics play his/her favorite song. and thats his favorite song. hmmm.

    it would make sense if its WG or BB (since he goes to school with Top). why SNSD? i think its because he is avoiding the rumor dating issue with him and Sun Ye. but still.

    COngrats, anyways.

    im disappointed coz i cheered for him because of Sun Ye. a lil WG love woullda been appreciated.

  30. I can honestly careless what song he likes or what song they played, haha.

    congrats to him bringing home the gold!
    Wonder Generation ❀

    thanks for sharing coolsmurf! ;D

  31. I am pretty mad that he likes SNSD…
    They don’t deserve to be liked!!!

    Seriously though… I thought the Wonder Girls were his close friends…

  32. I just checked the standings, and as of this moment, Korea is just behind China in overall number of medals by ONE gold medal, placing Korea third in the standings for the number of medals won.

  33. OHMYGOSH! WOW WOW WOW! I decided not to watch it, and BOY! Do I regret it now! I’m going to go watch this somewhere else! I can’t believe they played an SNSD song. XD So funny!

    Congratulations to Korea and Park Tae Hwan. Wow!! That’s an amazing feat to win the first gold medal for Korea and the first gold medal in swimming for Korea!

  34. WTH?????
    why are they making a big fuss about SNSD’s song???
    i’m sure LSM. paid big bucks just for that..
    so desperate even at the olympics they want to regain there name.. hahahaha..

    and fans say Park tae hwan requested that song because of there friendship?? wth.. koh jid mal.. hahahaha..

  35. Whoa weird lol.. I first thought that video was recent but it’s from last year ago lol..

    that was awesome.. he wasn’t first in the beginning but he started to really pull away almost at the end.

  36. congrats to Parkkk Tae Hwannn~~~~ snsd was hecka random after phelleps xD :/ they coulda played the t-t-t-t-t tell me instead :3.

  37. I agree with maybe’s comment.
    JoKwon is now Sunyes oppa. :DD
    I saw it and it was ridiculously awesome.
    My whole family was cheering him on like CRAZY it was intense.
    Grats to him!!!
    Hopefully he’ll celebrate with Sunye later or something and wel’l get to see it on camera ?

    thanks coolsmurf

  38. ^that video is old.. no wonder it looks familar! haha~

    so it’s true that he won a medal today? his country must be so proud!!!
    im loving anyone with sunye.. be it park tae hwan or jo kwon, BB members, suju members… the WG looks great with any hot guy.. haha~

  39. lols to scout’s comment haha!

    i didn’t know that this guy is really good. wow, congratulations to him! ^__^

  40. amazing!
    Congrats to PTH!
    He wasn’t in top 3 for most of the race until the final sprint and held off a big lead

  41. congratulations to PTH ! i’m happy for him!

    we don’t even know what so hee said so relax^^ she certainly talked about sun ye….

    (btw: now jokwon is sunmi’s hyung, ok? lol)

  42. Hahah I saw this too.
    I was like, “Hey.. that Korean swimmer looks familiar” and then I realized it was the guy that Sunye went to church with!

    And I was like OMG when I heard SNSD’s song. I thought I was imagining it or something lol

  43. I watched it live and it was amazing! I’m so happy for both him and Korea! I wonder what it would’ve been like 4 years ago if he hadn’t gotten himself disqualified…

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