“So Hee, I Love You” Captioned Photo on Boom’s Cellphone

On 10th August, KBS 2TV “Showdown! Songs Are Good”, Boom together with his friend Moon Woong Gi challenged for the emperor of songs.

On that day, Kim Sae Rom made a shocking revelation about Boom’s affection for So Hee when speaking about the Wonder Girls member.

During talk about Boom’s ideal women type, Kim Sae Rom said openly, “If you were to open Boom’s cellphone on some day, you would find inside a lot of photos taken with the nation’s little sisters Wonder Girls”. With a flustered look showing on his face, Boom asked, “How do you break the mic?”

Kim Sae Rom continued to make Boom more flustered by disclosing, “Especially inside his cellphone is a friendly-taken photo with So Hee. Even more shocking than the photo are the words written above it ‘So Hee, I love you’.”

He goes on to create laughter by saying

The age difference is 10 years, that’s a crime.

Boom and the Wonder Girls have appeared on many programs together including MNet’s School of Rock, Star King, and other shows.

credit: wgjjang.wordpress.com (translation)


43 thoughts on ““So Hee, I Love You” Captioned Photo on Boom’s Cellphone

  1. sure,i see wonder girls take pictures with guys.(in a good way)like regular friends.you see big bang’s manager having a huge crush on sunmi.it’s really a normal thing.maybe he has a crush on sohee.but still i prefer heedragon ;]

  2. I see I get what you’re saying Eww.
    And lily.. you’re comment didn’t really help much either Eww’s right she didn’t say anything about her/him thinking that it would be true about Sohee and Yeeun she/he just said that she/he didn’t like that they said that. Goodness.
    And Eww I respect you’re opinion of not liking Sohee but I would still like to defend her. It’s not her fault that all the attention is brought to her. Plus it’s not like she likes it. She’s always still somewhat shy and reserved with short answers to questions.

  3. Omg…she’s ultra cute!!
    hehehe…but i’m not really like the above picture?..
    she looks a bit..

  4. I’m just stating my opinion over the matter,you don’t have to call me stupid,it’s like out of no where calling you a retard,it would just show my stupidity so please refrain from embarrassing yourself. Anyways,I guess it’s okay,but i still don’t like her much,and who are you kidding she is Korea’s little sister,she isn’t hated on….much…..lol

  5. >.< their just friends!
    popseoul is trying to make conflict -___-
    but whoever that lady is that said that I find it kind of rude … obviously he’s embarrassed why take it as far as to tell even the captions?
    what a nosy lady.

    but it’s awfully cute of Boom to like them so much =D
    him and Heechul must get a long well or fight all the time LOL

  6. i like boom he’s funny! who can resist to our girls? xD

    pls stop the comparison between wonder girls! they really love each other like sisters just watch mbc idol shows or others shows like that and you’ll see that ye eun have a protective attitude toward so hee! sohee is WG’s mascott but she’s not the most popular she’s always bashed! actually the most popular are sun ye & yoobin so your comment is useless and stop with your solo career that’s a group!!! more fans for so hee=more fans for WG and less for snsd we should be happy! if you don’t want her to have fans you are stupid or you aren’t a real wonderful! it’s like people who says ” in dbsg jaejoong have too much fans i don’t like him” it’s stupid cause at the end it just makes more fans for dbsg! how can you be unhappy that the wg’s gain more fans?

  7. @YooBin! & AB: Sorry no racism, I said,I’m not stereotyping isn’t that Asia’s liking or am I wrong?,I will say probably not everyone in Asia likes cute,and some like sexy ,but it’s true.I mean sorry if that came out wrong,but I don’t really like So Hee,I use to,but I don’t know,all the recent interviews seem to be all about her,and I really didn’t like how they told Ye eun that if both of them were to make a comeback,Ye eun would be nothing compared to if So Hee made a comeback(as a solo career).

  8. oh really he’s just a fan. guys can be fans of younger girls. there’s nothing wrong with that :)… as long as he stays a fan and doesn’t do nasty stuff with her. plus, he’s 26… not exactly old.

  9. Lord knows sohee can’t attract fans for her “talents”, let the pedophiles fanboy over her. Keep them away from sunmi though ❤ ^^

  10. oh gosh, popseoul has a totally different story….-_- those liars.
    Although, u cant blame Boom for liking. I would like her too but if i had a 10 year difference i would rather forget my likings and move on to a women in my age, cuz 10 year difference is so wrong….I wonder what Sohee is thinking about this?!?!?! ^^

  11. Haha cute! Everyone goes pedophilic over Sohee. XD So funny. Is there like a countdown for her to turn 18 yet? I think there should be one.

  12. So Hee is a girl who is very pedantic, and when you ask it never wants to give autographs. Much better is Ye Eun.

  13. awww, i love boom! he is adorable,
    but i like heechul more, so, let the fight begin! lol

    have any of you read popseoul’s translation? its whole different story now o_O

  14. The concept of dating in Korea is much more relaxed and resembles more of a friendship/belonging than the romantic/sexual concept that is found in Western culture. Just like the ridiculously persuasive trend and fashion, Koreans are pressured to have bf/gf. If not, you’re considered outside the norm.

    That being said, Boom is such a player! Not to mention loud, obnoxious, and immature. He has hit on every single female celebrity!

  15. hahah Almost sickening but maybe they’re just close buddies as in he sees her as his little sister!!!

  16. ewwww thats like that one guy from 1n2d him and his wife but the mc went to far by saying that cause now the neitzens are gonna go crazy

  17. I agree that she’s adorable. Heck I know why a lot of people love her. But these “men” are taking their obsession a bit towards the creepy side. *Imagine how So hee must feel every time someone else who is older declares their love for her*. But of course there is nothing wrong with just stating that they love her or something.

    Just don’t touch her!!!! XD

  18. LOLLLL.
    Could’ve saw it coming.
    And yeah eww thats totally stereotyping.
    Not facts.
    Hahaha I wonder what Sohee must think.
    But yes I agree too that you can’t blame him
    Sohee is WAYYYYY too lovable and cute in her defense.
    10 years.. lmfao.

    thanks coolsmurf

  19. ah ha! i always knew he had a crush on the wonder girls.. i remember a scene where the girls made him blush on the ‘school of rock’ show.. but for some awkward reason, i think it’d be yoobin or possibly sunmi… :/
    10 years is something though! x_X;

  20. i’m american but i looooove so hee! lol she’s cute and adorable ! boom is so funny! he likes her but in a funny way lol
    <333 wondergirls little sister

  21. That’s just really gross, 10 years age difference….WOW! I mean how does pretty much everyone in Korea like So Hee,she looks like a cat(By the face),no offense literally,if you can’t see it,look at her other pictures. This is the difference between America and Asia,America likes SEXY,and Asia likes CUTE,which use to be America’s liking like in the 1990’s. No racism here just stating facts.

  22. haha Boom! poor guy. His personal thoughts
    have been exposed! and I’m sure he’s not the only
    guy with a picture of So Hee on his phone, haha.

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