Wonder Girls & Big Bang Grease Musical @ MBC Gayo Daejun 071231

Grease Musical starring Big Bang & Wonder Girls (english hardsubbed).

It was uberly cute with G-Dragon and Sun Ye being the leads again with the others relegated to bit part roles. Started awkwardly but improved as they got more comfortable with the dancing. They did some changes to the original Grease dance chereography and it was a good blend. Sun Ye’s solo dance was excellent and the last bit where they all did a couple dance was great.

All of them had a Big Bang partner except for Yoo Bin who had to do it with a dancer (T.O.P. was recovering in hospital from fatique). Equally exciting as the SBS musical drama with the exception that they did it live. Probably their last collaboration for a long while. Loved their chemistry and dancing like no tomorrow. The last few days of 2007 was certainly made more enjoyable.

Download (MU) | Bypass MegaUpload Restriction


25 thoughts on “Wonder Girls & Big Bang Grease Musical @ MBC Gayo Daejun 071231

  1. To my point of view…the only best thing about this performance is….the most CUTEST AND MOST ADORABLE Collaboration of DaeEun~ ♥ & RIMI! ♥♥! They’re so cute!!!
    and the bad thing is that im a BIG MASSIVE fan of Suntae and HeeDragon! But i managed to pull a smile when watching this perf! because what can i say? I LOOOVE WONDERBANG!!
    And i just hate it when TOOBIN cant be together ! ><'

  2. WONDERBANG!!! this video is 2 years old yet still so freakin awesome. i really really really really x10000 hope that they do something like this or the SBS Gayo Daejun Mini Drama again because both have been inactive for sooo long…

    Their collab is seriously the best.

    AND G-YE FOREVER!! lmaoo love them as a pair xD both are sooooooo cute

  3. ※i love wonderbang♪ they are so cute together especially g-dragon &sohee!!

    well….actually i dont like sunye & g-dragon as pair!!!!!

    i hate it!!!!

  4. I was going back through Boo’s (ahboo.wordpress.com) archives snagging some old Big Bang performances and since her IU links for this performance are now dead and I noticed you had an active link, I stopped by to grab it from you. Thanks!

  5. love it so much!!!!!:P

    thanx for uploading and posting it! what are we going to do without you coolsmurf.. heehehe^^

  6. must I say that the practice is a MUST WATCH!
    TOP is in it and him and Yoobin couple are right in FRONT of the camera in the end he actually picks her up xD

    it’s adorable!

  7. yeah, yoobin had to dance with the dancer because top was really sick &he was still in resting that day. 😡

    wonder bang<3

  8. OMG!!!!i’ve been waiting for a long time for the eng subbed version of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahhH! thank you so much!! but can you upload this on a diff. site? like USAupload? coz i cant download from MU

  9. this was also one of my favorite performances at the end of 2007. i watched it constantly for quite a few days. i love the song with the “swing swing swing my baby” couple dances. and not to mention the wonder girls had CUTE outfits!

  10. Haha yeah this was reallly cute. :DDD
    I love grease
    And I definately love the Wonder Girls.
    And Big Bang is always cool too
    So of course I LOVED the grease collaboration between WonderBang.
    Thanks for subbing it and all coolsmurf!!
    Your work is always appreciated

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