Battle of the Idol Groups in Latter Half of 2008

If the earlier half of 2008 in the music industry was dominated by Kim Dong Ryul, Brown Eyes, Seotaiji, Lee Hyori, Uhm Jung Hwa, Seo In Young, etc, the latter half of 2008 would belong to idol groups. DBSK, SS501, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Big Bang, Shinee, Wonder Girls, etc are all making their comebacks in the coming months. Especially when October arrives, all the idol groups would be starting their promotions at the same time which should lead to an exciting battle.

Wonder Girls will be returning with their 2nd studio album in September and have completed the recordings under the tutelage of their mentor Park Jin Young who made a secret return to Korea not long ago. They are now training hard for their new album image concept. So Nyeo Shi Dae are also preparing for their comeback with their second album in October. Each member have been embarking on solo projects since they stopped their group activities in January.

DBSK and SS501 who have been busy in Japan will also release their new albums in the coming months. Since their “O! Jung Ban Hub” album in 2006, it has been almost two years since DBSK has had any album promotional activities in Korea. They will soon meet their fans at “SMTown Live 08” concert on 15th August. SS501 has not forgotten about their Korean fans while making inroads overseas having released “Deja Vu” single and special album “Find” in the earlier half of 2008. They will release their studio album in October and begin their promotions officially. Big Bang has already make their comeback yesterday with their “Stand Up” mini album and it looks to be a hit already with fans. Meanwhile, Shinee, JYP’s 2AM/2PM and Kara will also make their respective comebacks in the coming months with new works.


70 thoughts on “Battle of the Idol Groups in Latter Half of 2008

  1. i kinda wanna see how dbsk do againts the likes of big bang and WG and SNSD. they were like korea’s most famous boy band but lately in the 2years they have been in japan big bang has become massive.
    im like a fan of everyone, im lookin so forward to the new WG and SNSD song
    i’m lovin Haru Haru and cant wait for more performances and hopefully a few specials
    i wanna see wat dbsk come back with
    and i also wanna see wat shinee and kara release
    damn its time to go back to skool yet so much good stuff…

  2. let’s just say dbsk already won this battle :

    “AFTER 2 years from “O” album, TVXQ are going to release their 4th ablum! yesterday , the first day for the pre-order already break a record!!!
    from SM ENTERTAINMENT , stated that the pre-order is already 200000!!


    as expected there is no competition with dbsk! they already pwed everyone….dbsk already owns 2008….so sad….well let’s hope WG will at least dominate for the girls!
    WG FTW!!!!


    SNSD does not have more offical fans than Wonder girls actually, go to each groups official fan club and you will see that WG has more official members, and go to Sohee’s official fan group and she has more members than SNSD’s official fan group also. =)

    SNSD def.doesn’t have more international fans either, Tiffany makes asian american girls look like rude sluts who don’t even bother to care about their own home country. And chinese anti fans have been pulling alot of pranks with SNSD, SNSD even had an article in the Chinese news paper regarding anti fans.

    Don’t let SNSD fans talking out of their ass make you think any different, they do this alot. Talk as if they know any fucking facts when in reality they’re just dense simple minded pedophiles who refuse to face the truth. =o)

  4. @Rory

    The last group to be called korea’s little sisters I believe was FinKL, and those older girl groups, Tell me dance was a sydrome but don’t try to downplay WG’s fame. =)

    You know Korea loves WG more, you know they make more, have more fans and you know Korea prefers even SOHEE alone over everyone in SNSD. =) lol

    Stop denying it already because YOU KNOW the plain truth, WG is more popular than SNSD now and WG is more respectful than SNSD. =)

    It’s not WONDER GIRLS fault that SNSD dug themselves into a grave that papa LSM has to get them out of by buying them CF deals and shit you know they didn’t get asked to do, lol.

    Think about it, SNSD = negative media attention, why would a big name company want them to represent their product / game? when they could risk losing fans. lol

    Stop trying to downplay WG rory and take your sick pedophile ass back to soshifield or I will tell SNSD anti’s to join that site and spam the fuck out of it, we don’t go to your soshifield pedo website to post here get the fuck off of WG’s blog please, fucking retard.

  5. @Rory

    Either fuck off or you will continue to get bashed seriously.

    So what if SNSD has a larger fan base? their fan has actually decreased and their anti fan base has made media news for being in the same position as Seo in young’s anti fan base, which is up in the millions as we all know she has the biggest anti fan base in Korea.

    SNSD lost alot of fans when they made ignorant statements about China, Taiwan. And has lost many many female fans just by showing disrespect. Of course their digusting pedophile fans like YOURSELF will stick around in hopes of the skirts getting shorter you sick bitch.

    Please go jerk off to SNSD now, WG’s sohee has a bigger fan base alone than SNSD ever had. And clearly SNSD fans didn’t have much of an impact at the DC since the bitches still got BOOED and SILENCE.

    Don’t over hype SNSD you sick pedophile creep, that’s all their fan base is really and you know it. Don’t expect anyone to buy your bullshit about not being an SNSD fan, you’re simply saying that so no one will jump all over you.

    Get the fuck back to soshifield you fucking pedophile.

  6. Aww so much hating 😦 Well..I’m a Wonder Generation fan >.< I think DBSK is going to pwn all<333

  7. but i hope snsd have a good carrer futur singer!!!but it very bad to snsd have a lot of anti-fan and it very a BIG BIG BIG ANTI FAN A LOT OF ANTI FAN HATE SNSD!!!!!!!o.-

  8. Plus, SNSD had more fans before Dream Concert, what makes you think WG has more now? Just because SNSD got more antis, doesn’t mean their fan base decreased. Just because SNSD got less fans, doesn’t mean WG got more.

  9. Who cares how much SNSD makes? Who cares if they could make more in a different company? It just means they don’t care about the money. And besides, the Tell Me DANCE itself was a syndrome in korea, not the WG themselves. So stop acting like they are all that, cause they’re not.

  10. @ILuvYubin

    Totally agree with you. i heard that SM ent. takes a big majority of money from their artist.


    As much as you say that SNSD sold more copies than WG…so what? WG is popular. Incase you didnt know, they are known as the Korean Little Sister.


  11. @KJPOP..
    how sure are you that those shoshit has more fans??
    bogus.. maybe in the international scene yes.. bit in korea no..

  12. We all know who’s gonna win right?? Wonder Girls!!! Wonder Girls own!! Lol xD SNSD sucks so why are they even there??

  13. This will be an exciting second half. I’m rooting for DBSK, and I’m sure the rest of Cassiopeia are too. Their Korean fans have been waiting for too long. Best of luck to the other groups, too.

  14. and thus another argument ensues xD

    anyway, I really want WGs to be on top of course =]

    But DBSK and SNSD have such huge fanbases (yes, even tho SNSD has antis, their fanbase is still much larger than the WGs @__@ so not cool) so I’m just trying to think this through.

    Let’s pray for a strong comeback for our girls and let em end 2008 with an EPIK BANG!! MWAHHA =] WONDER GIRLS FTW!

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  16. wow thanks for the insight i never realised how little SM ppl got paid, but looking forward to WOnder Girls new album, WG FIGHTING! going to be a very epic battle with all the stars launching comebacks almost together

  17. BTW even SNSD’s solo crap has to be split with the company, and again SM ent. takes the majority. =) then you factor in how little korean stars make solo or in a group anyways, SNSD is making as much as a teen with a summer job. lol

  18. @May

    Umm SUJU doesn’t make much money either, everyone knows SM ent. artist make little to nothing, how do you think Hyori lee who started music much later than BoA did is Korea’s highest paid singer? lol

    SM ent. is pretty much famous for screwing even their legend stars like BoA and other old groups when it comes to money. lol SNSD isn’t any different, although he has 9 girls to blow him now..which might put an extra buck in their checks. lol

  19. Hi MAY.. please go back to SoSHITfield.. ok???

    actually there is no more competition.. with over a million antis.. and just recent incident with the Honeys.. and WG’s popularity.. aw aw aw.. hahaha..

    and for there crappy attitude.. booooooooooooooooo..

  20. LOL, I’m sorry, but you need to do some research. Even without the repackaged album, they STILL sold more than Wonder Girls. But whatever, we’ll see when the album sales come out at the end of the year – then you can start talking.

    SNSD does make a lot. Even if they have to split 9 ways, they still have their own individual activities to make money. How the heck do you think Super Junior survived with 13 members?

    πŸ™‚ Peace!

  21. WG all the way! i’m going to support BB too^^ but i hope there will NEVER have any WG and DBSK collabs! i don’t want the WG’s to be hated like SNSD! dbsk fans are too scary!! i don’t understand why dbsk is so popular but i do understand that wg shouldn’t collab with them or even appear with them on shows if they don’t want to be one of the most hated band in asia!! it would break my heart if that happened…..TT

    WG, BB FTW!!!

  22. – it cut my comment T_T –

    ah so it’s Wonder Girls and SNSD competition again
    I already know whose going to win but it’s a gutsy move by SM maybe after this he’ll understand they can’t stand up to Wonder Girls

    ahh Wonder Girls hwaiting! β™₯

    @ IluvYubin ^^ I’m so with you! =D

    I’m so excited for DBSK comeback! yayyyyyyyyy =)
    maybe DBSK will appear on and Super Junior show WITH Wonder Girls xD
    ahh that would kill me of happiness
    I’ve been dying to know which Wonder Girls member is DBSK favorite >.<!

  23. ah so it’s Wonder Girls and SNSD competition again
    I already know whose going to win but it’s a gutsy move by SM maybe after this he’ll understand they can’t stand up to Wonder Girls

    ahh Wonder Girls hwaiting! .<!

  24. but i don’t why all the people hate snsd…but alot of people in korean hate snsd… and they have a lot of anti fan now!!!-_-i like snsd but.. some member in snsd i hate…i just like Yu Ri -Soo Young -Seo Hyun -Sunny -…but i hate Yoon A -Hyo Yeon -Tae Yeon and Jessica…and

  25. @May

    Who the hell cares how much their ONE album sold? lol that re-packaged album was a scam, lol. Sorry but ONE album doesn’t = “always” it’s one album, stop talking out of your ass like they have 9 albums that all sold more than WG. lol

    Oh well, SNSD wont be selling too many albums anymore. They can’t even muster up cheers from their own fans anymore, lol. SNSD got pwned in the worst way and umm WG’s KTF deal paid more than anything a group a NINE girls could earn. lol

    Lol doesn’t matter who sells more albums although WG will be selling more in the future now that SNSD is the most hated group in Korea, ^_^ SNSD doesn’t make much anyways, theres nine damn people then SM ent. to spilt money with..lmao..and then once you factor in how little Korean stars make compared to US stars..SNSD each member probably makes as much as a kid with a summer job. =P


    lmao even tho im a bigger wg fans then snsd but i agreed with May, snsd album sales are way higher then our girls (it a fact people)

    wonder girls sale may not be more then snsd but they are pretty good too & their single sales isn’t bad either

    i mean looking at those 4 groups who u think going to take 2008? DBSK, even their pictures is bigger then other lmao they going to pwed everyone, they haven’t been active in korea so man will cass. go all out for those boys.

    im really rooting for wonder girls and i support them no matter what =DD GIRLS POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. i wish dbsk and wonder girls will collabs!!!! and they do a goud couple!!!^^

    junsu-sohee ^^

  28. May, darling, they managed to sell more because of their crappy little repackaged album that ajusshis just had to buy (:

    Honestly I think WG & DBSK will be on top in late ’08.

    (I want Wonder Bang too! ^^; Haru Haru is so good, special stage, anyone? :3)

  29. @ IluvYubin

    SNSD had one SINGLE album and one FULL album. Wonder Girls were way more popular during the “Tell Me” syndrome than them, but somehow SNSD managed to sell more than a week then Wonder Girls did in a month.

  30. not expecting much from snsd. although I enjoy some of their music there is no way they can compete with WG DBSK and BB. i mean from how big bang made many successful collabs with WG last year, how could they not dominate? and dbsk? I don’t really listen to their music but it really is a no brainer. snsd are however better than s501 in my opinion. but ss501 doesn’t get good promotions for their group and whoever writes their songs sux. so I don’t really blame them.

  31. Wonder Girls!!i hope they rule again.
    and yes more wonderbang collabs!
    i think again big bang and Wonder Girls will be tops ones.

  32. i’m going to root for wonderbang and one day no matter what,especially 2PM’s debut in September

  33. @May
    SNSD had ONE freaking album and yes when they came out thanks to their big name label they were more popular at the time compared to WG who didn’t have big name groups like DBSG and SUJU to whore themselves around with to gain more media attention. so clearly their album sold more, do you really think SNSD will “pwn” WG with their comeback? the girls anti-fan base has went up into the millions in just one month..rofl. They’re rivals with Seo in young right now for the biggest ANTI-fan base LOL.

    Please, don’t over-hype SNSD’s ONE album outselling WG because WG has a long way to go, and they can only go up from here. SNSD better prepare to get some more hate in China this month because Chinese anti’s have been showing alot more blunt hate towards SNSD than their korean anti’s ever have. lol And they havn’t even performed yet! lol.

    SNSD’s “pwning” days are over, unless they go in the porn direction, they have a bright future there.

  34. oh and for May (which wrote above my comment)

    I think it would be good to hear a song where we can hear WG’s vocals really good BUT (!!) their songs which they sung already was number 1 already and really LOOOONG time in top ranking…
    maybe it would be a mistake to make a “not-catchy” song ~

    if they try…maybe lose against SNSD or the others …will be not good :/

    I love all WG songs even some ppl say they cant sing ~
    but their songs was the best of last 50 million years (haha)

    so a catchy song would always be wise I guess…

  35. I think I REALLY REALLY couldnt choose a better time to fly to korea LOL

    I was already scared few time ago that WG’s break will be long like their last break T,T
    but when I heard their comeback will be end of September /begin of october I really could cry cause I was so happy

    thanx for the info ~ so maybe I will see great singers in my Korea-time : D~~

    (but reason “one-and-only” why I go there is WG lol ~~)

  36. “i dont know if it’s wise for SNSD to have an album so close to WG’s album release.. ”

    Hrmm, I don’t know about that. SNSD has always pwned Wonder Girls in album sales and got #1’s for every song they promoted. But yeah, SNSD has to do some damage control.

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to ALL groups having their comeback. It’s going to be one hell of a year and the award ceremonies are going to be crazy! JYP, please. No more addicting, catchy tunes! We want to hear their true vocals!

  37. ei coolsmurf..i just want to ask for a favor ^_^ i dont know where to put this so i just hope you read this…

    anyways…there is a new WG Philippines Forum so we just hope that you can put it on your blogroll too ^_^ the link is

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  38. Hm.. I don’t like them, but honestly, DBSK’s gonna pwn everyone cause of their huuuuge FC..

    I’ll be praying for WG+BB or WG+2AM/PM collabs though x]

  39. i don’t like that wg and snsd is coming back around the same time. being a fan of both groups, i’m tired of seeing wg vs. snsd everywhere. but what i think will be verrryyyy epic is big bang and two favourite boy groups.

  40. Damn what is taking SNSD’s comeback THIS long? October? o.o; kinda strang lol Oh well, atleast WG will be back first ❀

    I don’t even think SNSD is at WG’s level anymore, which will probably stop the comparsions, SNSD has alot of damage done to their pathetic image, they need to focus on re-building a more humble image before they can compete with Korea’s little sisters. =)

    None of these groups coming back will outshine Seotaiji and DBSG though. Not even Big bang or Hyori. x.x;

    Seotaiji’s concert is already causing SM town live to not sell as great as it once did because they’re on the same night, which proves he still has his star power all over Asia.

  41. HopeFully they will dominate just for the GIRLS. but it would be awesome if they can bea DBSK.. SNSD isn’t that popular now in korea.. for sure WonderGirls will own them,

  42. I think that it will be like that:

    -in august big bang will lead since all the idol groups will
    make their comeback in september and in october!
    -in september/october: WG>KARA
    WG are more popular than these groups!
    Actually the real battle will be between WG & SNSD but lately SNSD aren’t really popular so..
    But the battle will end with DBSK’return! even if it makes me sad to say it they will definitely lead the battle! they have so many fans!

    anyway, i hope WG will be returning with a big hit!!! and let’s hope for some wonderbang collab too!! good luck to 2AM/2PM!

  43. Aww. totally agree to the comments posted before. its going to be crazy! but im going to support WG + BB ~ even thought im a big fan of dbsk to…infact i’ll support all free.
    And i bet WG is going to come back with a bang! more additive song πŸ˜€

    BB’s come back was great! thanks to coolsmurf, im updated with the korean industry


  44. WOOT
    i hope it ends with big bang
    and wonder girls battling it out
    and having a collaboration
    go wonderbang (:

  45. Wonder Girls, One Day, Kara, Big Bang, SS501 FTW!!!!
    I hope for some WonderBang collaboration, though very unlikely. But this year is very exciting one..
    JYP, YG & DSP FTW!!!!

  46. i dont know if it’s wise for SNSD to have an album so close to WG’s album release..

    and omo, DBSK!!! i hope this is for reals.. it’s been ages since they’ve been active in korea. they look more ‘natural’ in korea… lol..

    it’d be fun to see the wonder girls interact with DBSK… cuz WG had interacted with big bang and suju H before. XD

  47. I just love Wonder Girls & Big Bang the 2 hottest groups ever!!
    JYPxxYG LOVE!!
    they always have collabs its so nice!!
    &&& Jyps even worked with sm hahaha

    i can’t wait to see more of 2AM!!
    and sooo looking foreward to 2PM
    JYP family owns 2008

    hoping for another WONDERBANG COLLAB..

    2AM ❀
    BIG BANG ❀
    JYP ❀

    LOVE THEM!!!!

  48. o.o I agree it will be epic.
    And yeah it’ll probably somehow turn into a WG vs. SNSD battle.
    But the thing about WG that I absolutely love. is that they stick as a group in their activities.
    For the most part anyway
    And even so, their random single activities aren’t as big and single as SNSD’s single activities.
    I love WG they’re so real and Wonderful!
    And yes I also hope there’ll be more WonderBang collabs. :DDD

    thanks coolsmurf

  49. man i can’t wait for this to happen!!! it’s going to be epic. i just hope it doesn’t get nasty. you know those crazy fans and dream concert 08

    i hope there will be more Wonder Bang collabs too<3

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