2AM This Song MV Is Released (w/ Sun Ye)

Newbie group 2AM touching MV was finally released yesterday.

2AM “This Song” MV was released on various Korean portals and music websites yesterday afternoon. The MV breaks from the usual rigid path that MVs usually go and displays a whole new image of 2AM to their fans through behind the scenes footage from their trainee days to their actual debut.

According to JYP Entertainment and Cube Entertainment, “This Song MV shows the pure wholeshome image of 2AM. The footage in the MV is a result of their hard work and effort from training right up till their debut.”

The MV also included clips of Jo Kwon auditioning for JYPE through the Young Talent Program ‘99% Challenge in 2001 before embarking on a long seven years of training. The MV also revealed clips of Jo Kwon and Sun Ye training for their dream. It ends with Sun Ye leaving a touching message for Jo Kwon. The MV just gives the song more purpose when you view it.

Either One Will Suffice
Mirror #1 (MU) | Mirror #2 (UU)


24 thoughts on “2AM This Song MV Is Released (w/ Sun Ye)

  1. Thanks for subbing, I definitely like the song more now that I know what they are singing about. Wah~ and Sun Ye’s message to Jo Kwon was so sweet. Aww…!!

  2. this song makes me tear every time.. People
    please support One Day (2 O’CLOCK) and Wonder Girls!
    JYPE family love is JJANG!

  3. ^

    I think that is 2PM’S job to dance, 2PM hasn’t had any sort of debut yet though..I think 😛

    Anyways this MV is cute,, Im shocked no rumors of sunye and jo kwon have started, lol. I mean netizens start rumors over simple things all the time XD lol

  4. Aww, that was sweet what Sun Ye said at the end. “Your happiness is also my happiness”. Such a great friendship. =]

    And not to be mean or anything, but Jo Kwon isn’t that cute so if anything, I’d rather him and Sun Ye stay friends because she could do better. rofl

  5. just in case, alvin doesnt release it..

    im sure 2AM’s subbing team will release one. ^^

    and sunye and jo kwon! ahhh im jelly. i want a friend like that!. ^^ fighting!

  6. wow i love the lyrics! this song is so beautiful!!! i’m def an 2AM fan !! they are so cute and sweet!
    “your happiness is my happiness” wow they are such bestfriends! i love it! sun ye is so cool

    <333 JYP family fighting!

  7. It’s too real.
    Thats why I love it.
    It shows all the hardwork they put into their career. and it paid off.
    I LOVE the friendly chemistry between Sunye and JoKwon
    It’s just too cute.
    Trainee friends since the beginning 8 years ago?
    That’s really cute. I hope something’ll spark between them. xD

    thanks coolsmurf

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