Sun Mi, Ye Eun, Sun Ye Attends Alicia Keys Seoul Concert

Wonder Girls Sun Mi, Ye Eun, Sun Ye attended Alicia Keys “As I Am” Concert at Jamsil Sports Complex this evening where Tae Yang was the opening act.

Don’t ask where So Hee or Yoo Bin is. They didn’t go. Full-stop.


31 thoughts on “Sun Mi, Ye Eun, Sun Ye Attends Alicia Keys Seoul Concert

  1. sunye’s so cute..! i laughed when i think how is the feeling of popular singers when they go to another popular singer..haha

    sunye’s so cute wearing a normal clothes and i’m also thinking of sunye’s feelings maybe she’s sitting with a normal fans..hehe..anyways,,i love them..!

  2. omgg ahah! >O< thats s0 awesum!?! wish i coulda g0ne?! bwahahaaa! i swear ye eun and sun mi l0oks like twins?!? sn yee s0 silly

  3. O_O why does sun mi look the exactly the same in both the picture? O_O
    Sun Ye is sooo pretty! >.<
    lol i never knew there is someone thats not related to me but has the same last name as me o.o

  4. go alicia keys… she’s so good in singing… but most of all.. GO WONDER GIRLS!! 🙂 1 question: what duz full stop mean?

  5. i love these girls how when they go out to concerts and such they just dress and act like normal girls, no need to be fancy, there so natural and cool ❤

  6. They look like college kids..though SunMi isn’t & I think Sun Ye isn’t one too…i can’t remember..
    They are wearing something that I would not wear to an Alicia Keys concert or any concert for that matter…lol

  7. :O~!!
    SunMi has side bangs!!
    Instead of the ones in the picture she now has side bangs!
    The new kerroro fighter they’re on shows her new bangs. :DD
    She looks really pretty.
    I’m extremely jealous of how gorgeous she is.
    Although she reminds me a bit of Yeeun’s hairstyle whenever she has side bangs.

  8. woah

    there’s a green pocket on sun mi’s shirt….


    Nice to seem them dressing as normal girls and with no make-up 😀

  9. Awesome!
    Alicia Keys is one of my most favourite artists ever!!
    lol My Fave is 2pac hehehe legend!

    Wonder Girls ❤
    they look really cute in their own clothes!!

  10. i think this is one of the scenes where I saw them purely as an AVERAGE TEENAGE GIRLS going to a concert.
    I enjoyed it! They are still, overall, a teenage girls who deserves it.

  11. XD Sun Mi and her unique clothing. Haha! They all look cute. It’s understandable that it’s THESE three that are going and not Sohee and Yoobin. These are like that main vocalists, and the ones that are really into the singing. =)

    I hope they enjoyed themselves. ^o^

    Maybe they got to meet Alicia Keys like their sunbae J-Lim.

  12. I agree I’m also glad to see that they went as members of the audience instead of performers.
    Haha SunMi looks so shy.
    This is nice.

    thanks coolsmurf.

  13. Glad to know they enjoyed getting to be on the other side of the stage (or probably backstage) getting to be a member of the audience instead of performing.

    No promos. No glamorous outfits. No need to be smexy (even though they always are no matter what they wear lol). Tonight they are not the Wonder Girls….they are just girls =).


  14. well these three mainly sing so of course they would go to the concert the others might like her but they could’ve been bored if they went yubin likes rap and sohee likes performances ( she likes beonyce and mary j blige…(i knw i spelled wrong) these to give good perfs

  15. HAHAHA!! sun ye looks soo goofy..
    I hope they enjoyed themselves… well its pretty
    easy with Alicia Keys.

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