Wonder Girls TBJ “WONDER S JEAN” campaign #1

Nothing much to say, all looking smexy in the picture as they are wearing the boot cut 620 series from Wonder S Jean. Can you imagine how the entire collection would be like when it’s eventually released by TBJ?

The girls will also appear on KBS Entertainment Relay this coming Saturday, 9th August where behind the scenes footage of their TBJ fall photoshoot will be shown. Wonder S Jean by TBJ goes on sale this coming 20th August.

credit: TBJ Cyworld


69 thoughts on “Wonder Girls TBJ “WONDER S JEAN” campaign #1

  1. ohmygosh. that’s just so hot.

    ye eun looks mighty gorgeous in this. usually, it’s yoobin that pulls you first, then, sunye when it comes to sexiness, but WHOA YE EUN!

    But the best pose and best legs for this is definitely SUN MI! HOT HOT!

    This is like the first time I can say that I’m not a big fan of Sohee’s pose. It looks awkward.

  2. @_@ wow! they look hot! im curious where did you get you the gif picture of yoobin?:) the one under “im so pretty”

  3. wow i just realized that so hot was/is a really big hit in korea! because at the 2008 miss Korea contest the contestants did the “so hot” dance! lol


  4. WOW they all look amazing! they have matured!!! I really prefer their new look compared to their Tell Me concept which was kinda….weird πŸ˜› (to me)
    work it WG!

  5. i always thought smexy means masculine sexy, cuz Ye Eun looks like a sexy man with that pose


    Anybody noticed that Sun Mi’s legs are like at least a few inches taller than the other girls?

  6. omg can wonder girls get any hotter?

    they are all so hot!

    sun mi, ye eun, sohee, yoobin, & sunye.

  7. @socali – ‘smexy’ is slang for ‘ultra sexy’. I think it started as “smart and sexy” and de-evolved from there.

  8. in your post you said that the are ‘smexy’. just wondering if that is a typo or is supposed to mean something. — i think that this is a nice photo, but don’t think that it is hotter than their so hot video where they show off their beautiful legs (sunye included !!). imho.

    i find that most of their charm comes from their personalities and not just from their still photos. none-the-less all are beautiful inside and out as it shines from their music.


  9. yeah sun mi booties is not big but sheΓ‰’s great sohee she’s most great lol but you know in irony song sohee voice is most better in tell me and so hot and went sohee debut for the first time in the perfomance her voice is so good she’s don’t have probleme with her voice in irony … but i don’t know why she’s have diffulculty to sing live tell me and so hot and in irony wnet she’s debut she’s don’t have difficulty.. -_- but i thinks it because the song is most stranger and she’s neeed to practice… biut now her voice is better and she can sing in live and i’am very happy for her she need more ancouragement and they have to be happy for her voice πŸ˜€ but me i’am happy.. i wish she have a good futur singer and actress

  10. @marmar

    Erm in Korea super stick thin isn’t something they have to worry about since they have totally different eating habits / different foods.

    In Korea at pretty much any non-american place to eat you’re going to get a HUGE portion whether you ask for it or not, lol. So trust me they do eat alot, but they aren’t shoving their face with fast food and they walk alot in Korea…It’s not their fault they aren’t lazy like the majority of Americans..nothing wrong with taking care of their figures, plus asians typically have smaller frames anyways.

  11. wow~ yoobin looks hottttt~
    sohee looks soo cute!!
    ye eun should be the one showing the butt! she has one !
    sunye looks….uh….um…..the usual
    and SUNMI!!!!!!!!
    SHE is so tall and thin, she has a MODEL body!!!!!!
    she is gorgeous….wow~ and did her hair get darker?

  12. Sun Ye looks sexy omg!!!!!

    Ye Eun OMFG yeppo beautiful!!!!!!!

    Sun Mi the SUPER MODEL!

    So Hee S-line hotness!

    Yoo Bin dark & loving it!

    LOVE THEIR LEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Haters fall back.


    2008 is OURS.

  13. OMO!!!
    They look good!!!!!!!!!!!

    Only the Wonder Girls can pop these jeans !

    They all look gorgeous! hehehehe

    Ye Eun ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Wonder Girls so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I swear this is seriously so hot xD

    Sunmi has really model like legs never noticed that

    Sunye has good curves

    Yoobin is always so sexy

    Yeeun is seriously ATTRACTING LOL

    Sohee so gorgeous!

  15. they look smexy! i can’t wait to see the entire collection!

    it is true that they’re going to do this publicy campaign together with 2am? it would be aweome!

    <333 JYP family

  16. I also agree with kjpop.
    It’s really hard isn’t it?
    Especially when they go all sexy on you?
    Like now!
    Now I’m a girl and I’m straight.
    But I can’t help wanting to just absolutely DIE because these girls are just SO HOTT.
    Makes me wish that I was a guy.
    I feel bad for the guys, if we’re over here dieing, then what are they doing?

  17. wow! they look soooo good!
    lovin their poses and their fierce attitude!

    they look really sexy in those jeans!
    cant wait to see the collection!

  18. OI OI!! Ye Eun is the smex here! πŸ˜€ Then Sun Mi is all fierce, lol.. Sun Ye is bad ass, Soo Hee is all cute and lovely, and Yoo Bin is all HOT, pulling her shirt a bit higher than everyone else, LOL.. showing that tight stomach :3

    I love them in those jeans! AH! I am so stoked about jean shopping now x3

    They are great here, I wanna see more pics! xD

  19. Sun Ye’s legs look D: uh? long xD how do you say that
    long? or tall or somethin =D
    Why black background? 😦
    I can’t really see them 😐

  20. aside*….wat’s up with the black background?!?! i could barely see the jeans!!

    the girls are smoking HOT! sunmi catches my attention though.. she looks mysterious!

  21. I’m not really a fan but slowly I find myself interested in them (not like that) just more like I am starting to notice them more.
    The more I notice them the more I like them. I mean I have always liked Yoobin she was the reason I got into them but then I stopped because i don’t care much for girl groups but lately I have started to become interested again.
    I don’t know I feel like I am becoming a fan because I love their songs it’s catchy & sweet.
    They are all beautiful girls.
    They are all humble & very kind.
    They are smart too.
    So yeah I’m starting to like them.

    Any who they look really good in that picture. Sexy yet very classy still.

    @IluvYubin: Of course SunMi & SoHee doesn’t have love handles like the girls in America because those two are super skinny, because in Korea & other Asian countries they think beauty is being skinny. Which is sad because beauty comes in all forms of color, shapes & sizes.
    As an American girl, I felt a little offensive towards your comment but you are just expressing your opinion which isn’t a bad thing.

  22. That is some smoking hot picture!!
    Yoo Bin has a nice leg and ass!! LOL

    I love Sun Mi’s pose!! but i wish her booty was bigger

    Oh boy! I need to buy me some of those wonder s jeans later huhuh. Hopefully, they can make me look hot too lol

  24. Atleast sunmi and sohee don’t have love handles hanging from the sides of their jeans like the normal girls their age in the US wearing jeans 7 sizes too small..=X

  25. wow. i wish sunmi & sohee didnt show off their young booties. but they look hot nonetheless.
    they ALL look really good here

  26. OMFG. Yoobin’s my fav wg member, but like damn Ye Eun looks so hot here. is Sunmi’s hair darker ? lol

  27. wow, i totally hate being a girl right now xD I’m dying ahha

    they all look so effin hot, it’s not fair xD

  28. With all honesty….

    There are absoluely!!!! Positively!!!!! Most Deffinitely!!! No words I can describe for that one pic alone.

    Ok I got 2…..



    Another project WG has touched has turned to gold.


  29. LMFAO@Kari
    That was funny xD (I’m not making fun of you)
    Oh my goodness gracious.
    I’m a fan of Yeeun and Sohee here
    I have to go buy me 10 pairs of these jeans now. <.<

    thanks coolsmurf

  30. Ye eun has the ass to make any jeans hot ❀ LOL.

    And yoobin,, those legs XD
    are these jeans a JYPE product? or what? Wonder S jean? did someone name these after them?

    I love that picture ^^

  31. @alienation, yes, it’s ye eun on the left. they honestly have the legs to pull off these jeans CFs with relative ease.

  32. is that ye eun on the left pic? she’s looking gorgeous…
    sunmi looks like a model with those legs and jeans

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