Wonder Girls KTF Ever W420 Slim Panda CF 080806

After all the hype, I find this CF concept to be a big disappointment. Then again, KTF Ever CFs are never too imaginative to begin with.

Thankfully, the Wonder Girls are in it which makes is watchable.

Download (Uppic.net)

Credit: 나상실 @ Cafe Daum | ReUp – > DiY_MaN


16 thoughts on “Wonder Girls KTF Ever W420 Slim Panda CF 080806

  1. Ohhhh! Their pose in this poster is the same as their So Hot poster pose. I think. Maybe other than Sun Ye?

    The panda was really cute. :D:D:D

  2. SunMi’s move was in it.
    There’s a longer version of the cf that includes SunMi’s butt wave thing.
    Lol I also didn’t buy into the hype so I enjoyed it.
    It was cute.
    If I didn’t already have the instinct I’d get this phone.

    thanks coolsmurf!

  3. That CF sucked…lol.. The only good part was Yoobin’s little solo part. =)

    How about they try giving other members, like the damn leader of the group a solo next time, jesus.

  4. Wonder Girl’s “6th member” =P

    Obviously there won’t be a sixth =_= can’t believe people believed that rumour

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