Yoo Bin’s Friend Kim Yoo Jin Becomes Star Attraction on Introducing Star’s Friends

Wonder Girls Yoo Bin and Sun Ye’s appearance on MBC’s “Introducing Star’s Friends” program was finally aired last evening and it was kind of short for anything to develop between their friends and friends of the other male celebrities because of the limited amount of time, but it was interesting still.

Yoo Bin’s friend, Kim Yoo Jin was already the center of attention way before the broadcast and was hyped to be the most beautiful female celebrity friend ever in the history of the program. Kim Yoo Jin can actually be considered to be a celebrity in the making as she once belonged to Good Entertainment’s Five Girls group (which Yoo Bin was in before Wonder Girls) before it disbanded. Yoo Bin met Yoo Jin in high school and became good friends ever since.

Now presently pursuing her studies in university, Yoo Jin’s good looks, 1.71m body frame and S-line figure had all the guys on the show drooling when she appeared. They also commented that she looks like Moon Geun Young and the older version of So Hee. Her style was cute and sexy and was obviously the Queenka (popular) on the show that day as all the guys competed for her.

Sun Ye introduced her friend called Jae Min. They knew each under since elementary school when they joined a society club. She showcased her outstanding vocals during the program but wasn’t picked by any of the guys. After the program, netizens went on the hunt and managed to find photos of her with Sun Ye, just click on this link to view (looks prettier than on program).

Boom’s friend was the obvious Kingka on the show with his Se7en lookalike face, total package from top to toe and even rapped, outshining MC Mong’s friend. Kim Kyung Rok and Lee Hyun Ji’s friends were never in the picture.

Boom’s friend was really funny in the program just like MC Mong. I also realized he was one of the two guys behind MC Mong in his new MV “I’m Crazy For You”. The other guy is MC Mong’s manager. Helluva rocking song!

The only couple to come out of this was Kim Yoo Jin and Boom’s friend.

Their friends are really good-looking just like them.


40 thoughts on “Yoo Bin’s Friend Kim Yoo Jin Becomes Star Attraction on Introducing Star’s Friends

  1. ola
    la yoo bin el la mejor
    aver kuando
    las wonder a mexico
    a lapaz b.c.s.

  2. I really can’t lie; Sun Ye’s friend is WAY prettier than Yoo Bin’s, in my opinion. idk, maybe Kim Yoo Jin is really sexy in person or something, because I honestly couldn’t feel it while I was watching it. Not to mention, Yoo Bin outshined her friend WAY too much so… LOL. And Boom’s friend isn’t that handsome either, in my opinion. Am I crazy? …’cause I really don’t see it… lol… sorry =/

    But I do have to say that I kept noticing how wonderfully SOFT Sun Ye’s hair looked!! hahah x]

  3. now i’m forseeing the old so hee in the future lols. i find sun ye’s friend prettier too. ^__^ ehehe.

  4. cool! sunye’s friend… is prettier on the other pixxxx! i think that wuz a bad shot of her there… cool… yoo jin really luks like an older version of so hee!! 🙂

  5. Boom’s friend was nothing compared to MC Mong’s friend lol… 2 out of 3 girls picked MC Mong’s friend but his friend was stupid to pick YooJin instead lol..

  6. Haha I saw that ep.
    It wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be but it was alright nonetheless.
    Yoobin’s friend does look a bit like Sohee doesn’t she?
    Haha I felt bad for whatshisname and his friend.
    Cause during the dinner pick thing they didn’t get picked and MCMong and his friend got picked twice xDD.

    thanks coolsmurf

  7. those guys are mean! not picking sun ye’s friend…. the cruelty.. *grumble grumble*

    this show sounds really interesting though.. i want to watch it too!!

  8. I find Sun Ye’s friend more appealing then Yoo Bins. If I were the guys I’d rather pick her. Besides, talent counts more then looks…

  9. If I was one of the guys,
    I would have totally chosen Sunye’s friend.
    She’s very pretty. [:

    I didn’t find anything special with Yoojin.

  10. I just find it funny how easily that person can throw around the word “whore” so much.

    On to a better and brighter note, Sun ye’s friend is very much more appealing than Yoobin’s. She has a “cool and natural” look going on.

  11. Lol.. Yoojin DOES look like Sohee o_o
    & I liked her outfit.

    But I thought Sunye’s friend was prettier than Yoojin too..

  12. maybe Sunye’s friend, if she wore nicer makeup, she would look prettier. cuz in her pictures she’s pretty but i think its the makeup.

  13. yay se does look like an older so hee ! that’s cute^^ but i prefer sunye’s friend she is really pretty

  14. after seeing yoobin’s friend. i thought she looked like sohee. but then i read some of the comments and some people think that she does look like sohee. how cool. an older sohee. thats too cute. heehee.
    sunye’s friend is pretty too. lol.

  15. for some reason i find sun ye’s friend prettier…
    yoojin is very attractive, but sun ye’s friend is wow~ pretty…

    i see that negative person is still around… wow, take a chill pill..

  16. well
    i realize that korean beauty standarts are different from all others
    i didnt think yoo bin friend that beautiful
    i mean she is not ugly, but not pretty
    she just normal
    and sun ye’s friend really looks pretty on that link
    and Kyung Rok’s friend was more handsome than boom’s
    but boom’s friend was really funny

  17. Yoojin has a nice tall slim body, it cracks me up when Koreans use the term S-line, lol. she has a flat ass and no boobs, lol she is tall and slim though which is good, her face isn’t all that special. I do wonder what was her talent? rapping or singing when they were in Good Ent.

    Maybe she’ll be coming to JYPE? 😛

  18. sunye friend soo really pretty. i think much prettier than yoobin’s friend.

    sooo they’re not like trainees?

  19. I agree with post 4..
    She looks really cute in the other posts provided by CoolSmurf.
    And yeah, she really does look like an older So Hee..
    Quite interesting =P

  20. i’m not gonna front ,
    i think sun ye’s friend looked prettier .
    but yujin does look like an older so hee .

  21. am i the only one who thinks that sunye’s friend(based on the link coolsmurf provide) is more prettier that yoobin’s friend???except maybe yoobin’s friend is perhaps more sexier…but looks..average i could say

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