Ye Eun Cyworld Diary Entry 080728

Ye Eun wrote an entry about the Wonder Girls 2nd fan meeting a few days ago and talks about how nervous she was about her self-composition.

2008.07.28 07:18

seems like it will become a day that I won’t forget for maybe a lifetime.

Shining sweet potato plot♡
Hahaha hahaha

Truthfully my song (…… feel shy^^; my hands and feet are curling…)
Because there were many people who didn’t correctly know the lyrics.. ㅜ ㅜ
Truthfully while I was singing I also made mistakes;
(I was also nervous and surprised by the sound of support and tried to adjust to the video while playing ….. excuses for this and that; ㅜㅜ)
Anyway the song is one that I devoted way more of my heart and soul into the lyrics than the melody..
I feared trying to write all the lyrics because it was distressing.

Without music just the lyrics really makes my hands and feet… curl…..


The middle portion is the lyrics for the “for Wonderful” song.

We continue with the final part of her message.


Kind of awkward for me….; Hahaha;;

Ah and also
Even though I did write the song
the video I entrusted with the JYP Video Team^^;
because I’m not a capable person…
I only gave them the idea^^;
(Through the entire video it was the fans pictures..
starting from debut times..
to fans letters.. and to my fan cafe site people..!)

While I practiced
because I couldn’t check the video properly
I didn’t know one piece was taken out. That piece was not supposed to be thrown out ^^, don’t misunderstand..


It was a delightful fan meeting right??

credit: (translation)


47 thoughts on “Ye Eun Cyworld Diary Entry 080728




  2. YE EUN you are so the beautiful than your other member.. am i right ? they are also beautiful , but you are the best. becuase you has a beautiful voice,face and personality.
    saranghaeyo YE EUN. YE EUN’S IMPACT – YE EUNHOLIC<3

  3. i love her voice,
    & this song is so sweet,
    she’s so sweet,
    i love the wondergirls;
    but some people just cant see how much talent they have, all of them.
    theyre missing out. (;

  4. ye eun is seriously the sweetest and most beautiful person ❤ i wish i had a cyworld to post a message to her! her song rocks and it made me tear up…

  5. @wondergirls4ever_94:

    No, i’m not from Korea^^. I’m chinese but i’m living in Spain actually and…
    Of course! We can be friends! 😀

  6. hahaha… that site was good at bashing…and the site admin is really a dirty one…

    well i’ll bookmark that site and we’ll trashtalk all the days of his life if that’s what he want….

    good thing they didn’t bashed mah’ lady ye eun…
    coz that would make me really mad…^^,

  7. @TVXQ Suju SNSD Lover~
    r u from korea? u sound familiar… i’m from malaysia, hope than we can be friends…

  8. ye eun is so so so……WONDERFUL!!!!
    i just love her more and more ^^ wonderful voice, wonderful personnality WONDERFUL YE EUN!!!!! she’s so humble and beautiful!

    i’m so proud of our wonder girls!>333

  9. @SNSD’s defenders^^, the bad comments to SNSD coming from the people could’t be called bashing at all…
    it’s just their reflection towards SNSD’s actions…
    and you can’t blame them!!!
    i will never forget those words the’ve uttered against WonderGirls and others!!!!
    it’s a thing that sorry couldn’t fix…

  10. oohhh…i really wanna register there but i’m from the philippines and i don’t have any passport yet >.<

    i hope ye eun knows this site^^,

    GoGoGo WonderGirls!!!!

    Go Ye Eun mah’ lady!!!!!!!

  11. @YeEunLove: You don’t have to feel sorry, it’s ok. When someone starts to bash your idol it’s normal to get mad. So just forget all the bad comments about WG and keep supporting them! ^^ Wonder Girls are really lucky to have fans like you! WG & Wonderfuls FIGHTING!!!

    @wondergirls4ever_94: I know how you feel. SNSD is one of the groups with more antis and I will always see bashing comments about them. It hurts me too. There are times where I even cried! But these comment will only make us and SNSD stronger. Ignore the bad comments! They’re from immature SNSD fans like those bad comments about SNSD that are from other immature fans. But everyone needs to be forgived!
    I’m sure that WG would be very proud to have such a respectful and supportive fan like you! 😀

    Thank’s to all the Wonderfuls for being so nice!
    Take care and have a nice day!

  12. i really dislike people comparing WG and SNSD… although I am wonderful, I still give my support towards SNSD. I really like them, but sometimes when I look at their website, most of their fans will start bashing WG… it really hurts me.. I think that if the antis would stop bashing other bands, they will get more respect from the other fanclubs… @TVXQ Suju SNSD Lover : thank u for being so nice, I think that snsd would be very proud and happy to have a fan like you…. WONDER GIRLS & SNSD FIGHTING!!!

  13. nice to know that there are non-crazy fans in here 🙂 aww~~ ^_^
    WG and SNSD fighting~

    anyways… i LOVEEEE Ye Eun’s song ❤ hopefully
    JYP will make it into an actual WG song 😉 or Ye Eun’s solo… An original solo from each member would be cool!! Wonder Girls are having more individuality and we get to see each member express themselves ^^

  14. @TVXQ Suju SNSD Lover~: oh sorry about the comments I made on SNSD. I have to admitt, I am a fan of SNSD before and I think they’re really cute. And I still like them, well a little right now. The only reason why I would say SNSD are made up of 9 plastic barbies is that I posted that comment right after I saw the website that people bashed WG, and I was REALLY mad. Sorry if the comment before is too harsh. But sometimes I just can stand that SNSD really did A LOT of plastic surgeries. And it’s a fact. And don’t think I’m a Anti of SNSD or anything cuz I still like them, a little. And I’m glad that there are still SNSD fans like you who would not bash on WG.^^

  15. @YeEunLove:
    You feel bad because haters bash WG and it’s good to see fans that really want to protect them but if you start to bash SNSD you’re just exactly like those WG haters.
    I’m SNSD fan, and I can admit, Wonder Girls are better than SNSD because they have more fans. But SNSD aren’t worse because they have more antis. Please, don’t bash SNSD anymore. You, WG fans, are know for being mature, aren’t you? I feel sorry for WG when SNSN fans bash them too but, every fanclub has immature members.
    WG fans insult SNSD often but I don’t go around bashing WG because of it.
    I didn’t try to offend anyone. If it makes you feel better, I apologize for all those immature bad comment about WG from SNSD fans. The real Soshi fans don’t want problems with the other fanclubs. Hope we can be friends!

    Don’t be sad. A lot of SNSD Fans know that WG can sing. Not only YeEun or SunYe, Sunmi is pretty good too and Yoobin is an excellent rapper, in This Time
    she sings pretty good too! And Sohee wasn’t auditioned to sing but to act. There were sometimes where she sounded good and since their debut to now, she has improved a lot!
    I’m not a WG fan but when something is true, it’s true!
    Hope all the real Wonderfuls and S♥nes can be united and be friends. Ignore the immature haters!

  16. @wondergirls4ever_94: I checked that website and the person who started that conversation was definitely retarded cuz they were like bashing wonder girls and saying that SNSD is way better than them! But on the comments, think goodness 3/4 of the fans were helping Wonder Girls. But in real life, wonder girls are definitely better than SNSD. An evidence is that if you type in “Anti-SNSD” on google, the results came out as millions of sites that has Anti-SNSD. But if you actually type in”Anti Wonder Girls”, there is barely one site for it! So Wonder Girls ARE better than SNSD!!! SNSD is only made up of 9 plastic barbies. Wait till you checked out SNSD’s Anti websites, IT’S REALLY NASTY!!!!
    Well, WONDER GIRLS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. the website isn’t 100% bashing wonder girls… most of it…. still really hurts my feelings… read this : Maybe 2 some people its just a normal website… but to me, its rude!!!! stop comparing them!!!! wonder girls have talent they can sing, i hope that jyp will make WG next album something that shows their great vocals!AND SOMETHING TO PROVE TO THE ANTIS THAT WG CAN SING!!!! WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!

  18. @wondergirls4ever_94: where are you talking about that people are bashing Wonder girls? How would any body be hating Wonder Girls? Can you give me the website if possible?

  19. @ wondergirls4ever_94 – I’ve never heard of the site, so it must not be a credible source for K-news. There are many sites that bash on artists, including our girls, so you just have to know where to go and ignore the sites that bash rather than inform.

  20. Uh sorry for the double post.
    btw there’s an english version on how to register at cyworld 😀
    But you need a passport or a drivers license

  21. @ramonerz: You need a korean residence number or bla bla. :]
    Anyways hey where can i get the romanized lyrics memories by tasha?

  22. i hope this song would be included in their new album^^,

    i wish that their album could reach us here in the philippinesT-T

    go Ye Eun!!!! my idol!!!!

  23. I just wanna ask a question.. is KPOP WORLD a site for anti-wonder girls… I mean they are so mean… they are bashing wonder girls all the way, and comparing them with snsd… urgh it makes me sad when they do that, I guess I have to be patient… WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. i love this song<3 i love her voice<3 i love how she performed this<3
    and i love YeEun<3
    ,,you’re so wonderful to me”

  25. Yeeun is so sweet. ❤ Yeeun jjang. ❤

    I still can’t wait for Sunye and Yoobin’s ‘Introducing a Star’s Friend’ episode. *_______*

  26. it was an amazing performance and the song was really great the way you sung it was the best.
    we love you park ye eun will always support you and yeah it was a delightful fanmeeting cant wait for the 3rd one,hehe

  27. I agree; I hope JYP makes this one of their songs in their new album. YeEun will be able to showcase this wonderful talent of hers too 🙂 GAHH i can’t stop watching the video.

  28. I love Ye Eun, she’s just so..I don’t know, amazing. I love this song so much toooo. My gosh.
    She’s so adorable though, making a song for her fans? Wow. ♥

    PS. I hope this song becomes available in an album or something!

  29. And this helps prove why YeEun is my FAVORITE!!
    I cried when I watched this video the first time; she is so sweet.
    And she’s so talented; writing her own songs and stuff.
    And writing songs TO HER FANS, how nice is that!!
    Gahhh I just love her!!

  30. she left out one of the fancafes in the video (like wonderholic/byulha etc..)
    shes apologising for that in the last part

  31. I love you, Ye Eun. ❤ I’m so proud of her. Original, classy, humble, beautiful, and everything that’s right with this world. There needs to be more people in the entertainment business like her. True talent right there, folks. Stay strong!

  32. aawwww….i really love her…..
    she’s down to earth and has beautiful face voice and heart…

    her performance was great and this shows that…
    there’s more in her to see….

  33. My tears just came out when reading the lyrics!
    YeEun is so talented!!! She is my number one idol!

  34. thank you!! wow reading the lyrics makes me want to cry!

    im soo freaking proud to be a wonderful!

    i wish there’s a vid of the slideshow that they were showing during her song.

    ye eun fighting!

  35. Aw I love this.
    She’s so down to earth and sweet as candyy.
    This shows that the WG is as real and kind hearted as they say they are.
    Yay Yeeun!

    thanks coolsmurf

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