Wonder Girls Sun Ye and Yoo Bin Friends Charismatic Explosion

MBC program “Introducing Star’s Friends” featuring the friends of Wonder Girls member Min Sun Ye and Kim Yoo Bin will be shown tomorrow evening, 2nd August and was largely responsible for the jovial recording.

Yoo Bin’s friend, Kim Yoo Jin is one of her closest friends since high school and now studying in the performing arts faculty at an university. With an outstanding appearance and S-line figure, she looks sexy yet cute at the same time. Kim Yoo Jin is now a hotly-searched term on various search engines and is being hailed as the most beautiful and charismatic female participant ever in the history of “Introducing Star’s Friends” program (sounds exaggerating?).

Yoo Jin was the first to appear on the program as MC Lee Hwi Jae and male guest, MC Mong got down on their knees to welcome her. Sun Ye felt a bit deflated and said embarassingly, “Oppas, this is not a blind date (for you)”. Hwi Jae then said, “Today is really a day of celebration”, as he was totally overwhelmed by Yoo Jin’s charisma that he forgot about his duties as a MC.

Sun Ye’s friend was someone she knew from elementary school and has good leadership capabilities, being the leader of a group in school. She is now studying fashion and is someone who was smart and pretty. Her exceptional singing ability and sweet vocals also wowed everyone who was on the show.

Sun Ye and Yoo Bin has never gone on a blind date before, but they gave it their best shot and showing just what friends would do for you in times like this.

This episode of “Introducing Star’s Friends” has become a hot topic since being previewed because of the outstanding appearance of the female participants. What fireworks will erupt when they meet the friends of Boom and MC Mong? Stay tuned when the program is shown tomorrow evening.


20 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Sun Ye and Yoo Bin Friends Charismatic Explosion

  1. omg.. i wanna watch it.. can any1 upload and eng sub it???
    pls.. i dont understand korean but im really fund of it.. so can any1 sub dis ep???

  2. @Mysterydreamer

    the stars including the male host bring friends, then the female host bring friends,, the friends are on a blind date with the other friends.^^

  3. actually yoobin’s friend isn’t that pretty! i’m disappointed i mean the wonder girls are way prettier and hotter than her^^

  4. i don’t get it!
    Are Yoo Bin and Sun Ye’s friends are going to be matched with people they don’t know?
    And is Yoo bin and Sun Ye going out too and with who?

  5. ohmygosh. i’m so excited now. someone can upload this on youtube since it’s MBC. yay!

    hotties stick with hotties! of course yoobin’s friend would be hot! hahahaha! and what? even her friend is an entertainer! i wonder if she’s still with good ent., considering both yoobin and gina choi are under jyp now.

    i’m a bit excited for sun ye’s friend, too. from the description, it actually sounds like her! haha!

  6. Oh Yoojin! It’s nice too see her and Yoobin together again. Too bad all her former band mates couldn’t come. I think they wouldn’t have let Gina come on though since she’s still in training. Maybe JYP wants to keep her under the radar for now. But yeah Yoojin is really pretty. I think she looks a bit like Sohee, but more mature looking.

  7. i wonder why yoobin’s friend is WAY MORE POPULAR than sunye’s friend. i didnt even nkow sunye was bringing a friend cuz everyone has been talking about yoobin’s friend. cant wait though! 😀
    i wish she brought choi jina! i wanted to see her again.

  8. ^^

    not that Eugene!it’s her former band mate when she’s in Good Entertainment..

    Yoojin definitely became more beautiful after the MTV’s Diary of 5 Girls..

    juz saw the preview where Yoobin and Yoojin dance on the show.they look so smexy together!

  9. BTW, Kim Yoo Jin?……..Uh…….Eugene….? what? wow, I’d be amazed it was a surprise guest Eugene from S.E.S That would be amazing. (for those that didn’t know, that’s her real name ^^)

  10. good leadership qualities? Something tells me it’s going to be that jo kwon guy haha..T.T lol isn’t he the leader of that 2am group or just the most popular now?

    I wonder who yoobin will bring =)

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