Wonder Girls Loses to Lee Hyori Twice in Two Days

Despite ending tv promotions last week, the Wonder Girls were still in the running on M! Countdown yesterday and K-Chart on Music Bank today. But they came up short in the end and lost on both accounts to Lee Hyori which was kind of expected anyway. The Wonder Girls didn’t perform on both occasions as said.

M! Countdown 080731

close but still losing to Hyori

close but still losing to Hyori

Music Bank 080801

Wonder Girls finishing well behind Hyori and Davichi

Wonder Girls finishing well behind Hyori and Davichi

Kind of depressing to see the above images, I apologize.

33 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Loses to Lee Hyori Twice in Two Days

  1. although “so hot” is an old number one song, I still think “so hot” is better than U-go girl and Love & war ! Nobody can deny that’s true! “so hot” is the best song on K-chart! It’s unfair T_T TOT

  2. @ Kathy
    wonder girl is definitely better than hyori…
    2 b honest i think hyori only won Bcaus of her looks..and ppl know her longer…

    wg voices are way better…
    sohee’s pronounciations isnt that bad..
    and shes still young..time enough..

    unbelieveble…wg ost haaizz…
    2 bad next time better…


  3. ah well…
    doesnt matter..they won many prizes… let some1 else win some 2 :p

    i really cant wait till the album coms out…
    what songs are on it ? :p

  4. uh duuh that’s why i said have you listened to the rest of her album?? that u-go-girl song is crap and doesn’ t show her vocals. but true, sohee has time to improve but jyp ain’t giving them a frikin long enough break to do so

  5. Yes, age does come with experience… So Hee’s got a lot of time to improve, and there are other areas in entertainment she can and has already gone into.

    Hyori’s English pronunciation is HORRIBLE, but she’s not a terrible singer.

    And September is going to be rough for the Wonder Girls, especially with DBSK’s 4th album coming out on Sep. 23. I hope for the best to WG!!~<3

  6. @kathy

    omg seriously?
    So Hee – 16
    Hyori – 30

    at least So Hee has time to improve
    hyori..i’m seriously disappointed with her come back..
    hey garrl hey you go garrl…-__-


    Wonder Girls NO.1

  7. @IluvYubin

    seriously? I’ve heard someone sound worse in an edited MV. hmm i think her name was SOHEE. although i love sohee for being cute and all i don’t think she’s cut out to be a singer. honestly hyori whoops her ass. have you even heard the rest of hyori’s album? her ballad songs actually sound good this time around rather than her previous albums.

  8. @Guy

    no you aren’t the only one, the singing in the that song is awful, horrible and the english at the start, the chorus and the end made me want to shoot her in the mouth.

    Hyori is a terrible singer, I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone sound like complete shit even on an edited MV.

  9. lol I love Hyori to death, I swear, but am I the only one who doesn’t like her new song? o well, love them both.

  10. It’s fine. Hyori deserves it too. They won a lot of times already.
    WG & Hyori Fighting!!!

  11. Well Hyori did have the upperhand on both occasions. But WG will make a comeback, especially when their album releases!

  12. not a fan of Lee Hyori
    but I think it’s okay Wonder Girls stopped promoting so it’s cool their still on the ballad!

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  14. thats okay the were soo close & they didn’t even perform & anyways hyoris song is newer & WG have stopped promoting so hot they still almost won haha & its amazing they’re still almost number 1 after so hot has been out since May 22 lol


  15. Well..I think it’s quite fair? The girls have won so many awards already and nothing stays on top forever. I think Hyori deserves it too, she’s been working hard on her improvements. Waiting for their comeback! ❤

  16. It’s perfectly fine and sort of expected.
    Just WAIT till their comeback.
    I think it’s cool that they’re still an option like on the charts thing.
    But yeah.

    thanks coolsmurf

  17. It would’ve been great if they won, but it’s not really a big loss . They’re coming back with a new album and stuff, and that’s all I’m having high hopes for.

    Wondergirls & coolsmurf <333

  18. “So Hot” was a solid hit, and proved that they aren’t a one-hit-wonder (Girls), but it couldn’t stay on top forever.

    Can’t wait to see what JYP & WG do next in September!

  19. @ Jay R
    OMFG… why didn’t I buy that phone when I was in Korea…
    Wondergirls are the spokesmodel and there’s a giant panda mascot… it was like made for me… god damn sony ericsson T.T

  20. it’s okay, Alvin. The girls have grabbed every awards there is already.

    Let Hyori have her limelight now. Poor thing.

  21. i agree with chae-gyeong_01
    its fine
    they already made a lot of number 1
    now is get ready for the second album and new hits
    WG is on Music Core?

    congrats to Hyori
    she has to enjoy this
    cause big bang and DBSK are coming soon
    and we know what is going to happen

  22. Congrats to Lee Hyori for grabbing the #1 spot.

    But I just saw the KTF commercial that was rumored to reveal a 6TH MEMBER of the Wonder Girls.

    Maybe this 6th member will help them get back to the #1 spot!! hahahaha

    Check it out!!!

  23. it’s fine with me. they got many awards and the already stopped from performing this but.. i saw the line-up for Music Core tomorrow, and WG is on it. What is happening..

    it’s fine because i didn’t expect them to win. Hyori also deserves this.

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