Wonder Girls Keroro Fighter CF Version 2 (15s) 080801

Version 2 of the Keroro Fighter CF series. Funny how they can even squeeze in some story here. So Hee is playing Keroro Fighter but the others especially Yoo Bin tries to teach her the proper way. An incensed So Hee calls upon some character from Keroro Fighter and zaps them unconscious. Yoo Bin makes one last desperate move at the end but is hammered by So Hee again. Lolz.

Download (UU)

credit: wonderholic


24 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Keroro Fighter CF Version 2 (15s) 080801

  1. 어머나!!! i agree kjpop:)) if there were more.. i would have fell down from my chair and rolled all over the floor XD!! poor but cute yoobin got knocked by a hammer!! ㅠㅠ… XD

  2. @ kjpop

    You mean you haven’t died yet?? I thought the WonderTubbies would have done you in. Hahahahah

    After all the sexiness from the “So Hot” promotions. It’s good for WG to relax and have some fun.

    But come September it’s back to work promoting the new album!


  3. There was only one thing I didn’t like about this CF….

    IT WAS TOO SHORT!!!!! hahahaha

    I hope there is a full 30 second version.

    But overall it was cute and adorable. ^_^


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