Little Wonder Girl Interaction with Yoo Bin on Star King 080726

This little girl, I forgot her name, but she is a frequent participant on Star King. I have seen her do JYP’s dances and So Hot and they were as good as they get for someone of her age. JYP Entertainment should sign her up as a trainee!!!

Ho Dong: You like So Hee unnie the most out of the Wonder Girls right?
Little Girl: Umm (nods)
Ho Dong: Then you go over and give So Hee unnie a hug ok?

However, the little girl turns and hugs Yoo Bin instead, thinking she is So Hee.

Ho Dong jokingly wraps up, “So you don’t quite know the Wonder Girls…”

But she already got a kiss from Yoo Bin earlier on before that!

credit: wonderholic + WG-CN


53 thoughts on “Little Wonder Girl Interaction with Yoo Bin on Star King 080726

  1. anyone know the episode where wonderbaby performed “so hot” on her own?
    want to watch it badly..

  2. can you please please please send me that short video clip that Yoo bin kissed that little girl?? please!~

  3. Aww! Cutie pie! Is there anywhere that I can watch this??! ToT I hate you SBS! …in SOOO many levels!

    That girl’s so cute. I’ve seen her quite frequently on Star King on the kid specials. I like how she’s clueless, and she goes to hug Yoobin. Whatta lucky girl! to receive a bobo from Yoobin! As much as we all know Yoobin is very touchy, we all know that every bobo she gives is oh so precious! hahahahahha!

  4. IluvYubin & ANTI-SNSD: It’s not like LIYA just posted some random SNSD clip. It’s WG related. If it were a random person other than SNSD dancing and lip-syncing along to WG’s So Hot, you’d be like “Whatever” and let it go. But because it’s SNSD it’s a problem? Grow up. WG and SNSD get along, respect each other and like each other’s music. You could learn a lesson of respect from them.

  5. YooBin fell in love with her the minute she stepped onto the stage. XD

    Ye Eun did block Ho Dong from kissing the little girl a second time. That was funny!

  6. *envious!*
    that lil’ girl’s hella lucky!
    her reaction after the bobo is cute!
    the kiss must’ve been so sweet!

  7. aww!! so cute!!! haha… wonder baby:)) yoobin is so pretty! and also the little girl ofcourse:)

  8. aaaahhhhhhhh both girls are SO adorable XD

    omg this little girls version of ‘so hot’…. o_o i don’t know whether to laugh or to feel scared for her ^^

    thanks for sharing!

  9. KYEOPTAAAA!!! the little girl’s so cute!
    and yoobin IS really friendly with kids.
    these are really cute pictures thank you for posting coolsmurf.

    and i’ll just have to wait until it’s shown here… i really don’t know when it will be shown D:

  10. Haha, I watched this episode earlier and I loved that part! The little girl was awesome, she totally pwned Irony x.X and So Hot and Tell Me xD How lucky of her to get a bobo from Yoobin

  11. =(
    not that your yt account is suspended….where am i going to see this!!!! i tried looking for it, but no results!!!

    but yoobin is soo adorable!

  12. lol i watched this earlier this week!
    Jo Kwon abs were Delicious!! OMO!
    & there was a some JoYe Action!!
    love their high fives Cute!!!
    & so hees thumbs up lol!

    Yoo Bins dance lol!!!

  13. Hahahhahha I loved that episode!
    Totally agree with Kari.
    And I also loved how Yoobin kissed her and then HoDong kissed her too so then the WG was freaking out about how Yoobin and HoDong shared an indirect kiss. xD
    That girl is ADORABLE.
    hahaha thanks coolsmurf

  14. Lol, this was probably my favorite clip from that episode of Star King. I also liked how Ye eun blocked Ho Dong from kissing the little girl on the lips. The girl’s so adorable!

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