Wonder Girls @ MBC Radio’s Summer Music Festival 080731

The Wonder Girls was one of the performers for MBC Radio’s FM4U “2008 Summer Music Festival” at the Nocheon Theater of Hanyang University’s Seoul campus. The first day titled “Romantic Day” featured ballad singers Lee Seung-hwan, Wheesung, Alex and Lena Park plus idol group Wonder Girls.

Only Newsen has uploaded the pictures which is dominated by So Hee.

The “Summer Music Festival” will be broadcast on MBC Radio’s FM4U for three days starting August 4th. Will update with more pictures if any tomorrow.


37 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ MBC Radio’s Summer Music Festival 080731

  1. i agree they need to stop with favoring sohee, it’s way too obvious. she’s blatantly the weakest link in the group in talent and Looks, yet, obviously kpop disagrees.

  2. it’s hard to compliment on the others when they only have a pic compared to sohee’s 6 pictures lol. they really need to stop with the favoring because i think the others are as capable and as beautiful as so hee is. i thought ye eun’s hair was very cool but the outfit wasn’t the best mainly because of the two flaps on the side hehe

  3. lol sohee looks like she’s really into touching sunye’s leg xD

    well anyways, they look beautiful as always! too bad there are no single shots of the two sun’s 😦

  4. I’m loving all of their outfits except Yoobin. I don’t like how the colors clash with her stockings/leggings but So Hee’s looks really cute my favorite outfit.

    They all look gorgeous like always.

  5. they look really pretty ! i like ye eun’s hair!

    to @ab : iluvyubin’s responses are childish cause she is a kid lol she said she was younger than so hee!!! she’s not mature enough lol let’s just ignore her

  6. ….
    Childish response and rude response.
    Considering you know what I meant.
    So you would therefore be the moron.

  7. lol yea the purple dress just doesn’t work :P.

    and LMAO yea sohee does look like she’s touching sunye’s leg.

  8. sohee looks so cute i love her facial reaction on her 2nd solo pic.
    ye eun’s hair is love and i also love her except the outfit she is wearing.
    yoobin is sweating.
    no solo pic for sun mi and leader min?

  9. The girls are very pretty & cute. cant wait for the others.

    by the way; its kinda annoying to see IluvYubin yepping again. sorry IluvYubin, everyone is always on your tail, thats because your talking/typing too much dirt. go wash your mouth & hands please. thank you. LMFAO!

  10. iluvyubin
    That was totally uncalled for.
    If you don’t like Sohee then fine but just keep your inconsiderate rude bashing comments to yourself.
    No one wants to hear it.

  11. Sohee is HOT.
    That’s pretty much all I can say right now..
    I love her signature blowing air into her mouth mandoo face.
    She’s actually touching SunYe’s leg though which is..a bit too close..
    hahah but I guess it’s ok.

    thanks coolsmurf!

  12. The problem with stage makeup is that it looks heavy up close, but without it, they look sickly pale to the audience. At least they left off the sparkly eye makeup.

    Wish they’d let YeEun wear her outfit from the “blue” set, like SoHee. The blue dress rocks! I will say no more. 🙂

  13. Ye Eun’s hair always looks awesome free… she should keep it (but I’m no so in love with the color)

    I finally love that combination of outfit !

    and DEAD @ the So Hee face !!! lol she looks like a little boodah

  14. they are all looking fab, sohee looks so cute. I see no solo of the 2xSun (yemi). OMG ye euns hair loos wow

  15. awww.. So Hee
    It would’ve been good to have more pics of the other members, but its alright.. awww mandoo..

  16. They all look pretty.
    Ye Eun looks awesome again, except for that purple dress they keep making her wear.

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