So Hee Makes the Headlines with Cute U-Go-Girl Move

So Hee doing Lee Hyori’s U-Go-Girl on radio became the No.1 search term on search engines in a flash. The capture of So Hee doing a cute U-Go-Girl dance move was posted online by a netizen which created lots of interest.

This incident happened when the Wonder Girls appeared on MBC FM “Starry Night” radio program on 27th July. It started with So Hee trying to imitate the dance by trying to move her fingers around. But she realized she did it wrongly after Ye Eun pointed it out to her. She then tried doing it again which was noticed by netizens and bought joy to their watching fans (in the studio).

Netizens who saw the video commented, “very cute” and started searching for the related video. So Hee had just made the headlines a few days earlier with her Beyonce “Freakum Dress” dance item at their 2nd Wonderful fan meeting.

credit: *Minbluex* (video)

47 thoughts on “So Hee Makes the Headlines with Cute U-Go-Girl Move

  1. yesterday snsd’s taeyeon imitated this dance on radio too and she’s making the headlines today.
    it is just me or is she really copying so hee (and the wonder girls) because snsd isn’t popular anymore? xD

  2. LOL wtf is up with the background music… what is that?!

    and lol what’s sunmi and sunye doing… sunmi’s just like talking to herself (as usual! lol so cute) and sunye does like a chest thrust in the end xD

    so cute that yeeun helped sohee. just like an unni should yah? 🙂

  3. @corrakun
    Haha, I didn’t even notice Sun Ye until I read your comment. XD

    Anything Sohee makes big news. Haha! She’s so cute. I like how she asks her unnie to help her, and Ye Eun knows it so well. XD

    Sohee’s just like, “hmm… *taps Ye Eun* *Ye Eun demonstrates* ohhhh”.

  4. thank everything good on this earth this is still here!
    AHH what is going on?! YT account now the Domain?!


  5. what shes trying to said is… “keman keman aji ma??” what is this? is this songs or what?

    kind of interesting to learn with sohee and Ye eun

  6. where can i watch this video.. can u please post the link.. sure i want to watch this.. so hee.. she is soooo cute..

  7. haha shes too cute!

    love it how her big sister yeeun teaches her the moves correctly!
    and shes like, “ahh okay!” haha

    cuteness 😀

  8. Bahahah I love this.
    She’s just SO cute.
    The things she does..
    Oh man she’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.
    ❤ Sohee.
    And ❤ to Yeeun unni for correcting her. (:
    Wonder unni interarction is always SO cute.

    thanks coolsmurf

  9. Aww, they are both so cute!
    You guys ever notice in a few of their photos that Ye Eun and Sohee look a bit alike.

  10. Awww mandoo trying to keep up with the trends.. hahah.. tooo cute.. this vid is like 4 days old.. netizens are funny

  11. ye eun shows to her little sister how to do the moves awwwww it’s too cute!
    <333 wonder girls love

  12. OMG , i downloaded the video .
    but havent even watched it . must watch it NOW
    cuz i love that song , and seeing the girls do it .
    like . . . ahh ! =D

  13. first it was heechul and now so hee ! they should dance together it would be really cute! xD so hee’s adorable

  14. Hahaha, So Hee’s adorable.
    “Is this how you do it?”
    “So Hee, like this…”
    “Ahhhh, okay…”

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