Kim Heechul a True Wonder Girls Fan as he does So Hot on Radio

Super Junior Kim Heechul continued to show everyone that he is a true Wonder Girls fan as he performed the whole “So Hot” dance on a recent “Shim Shim Ta Pa” radio recording hosted by Kim Shin Young and Shin Dong.

So Hee fanatic, Kim Heechul

So Hee fanatic, Kim Heechul

In the recording last night, Kim Heechul was the guest on the program as Shin Dong asked, “Aren’t you dancing when that song is played?” as Heechul replied immediately, “Not dancing!”. But immediately after, Shin Dong said, “It’s performed by the Wonder Girls. Please take note of the video”, when Heechul immediately asked, “Do I do (dance) it here?”, as he kept looking for a spot to do the dance and looking slightly embarassed.

As the music started playing, Heechul immediately sprung up from his seat and started doing the V-Line dance after Shin Dong finished lip-syncing to the opening. Although Heechul said he was shy and would just do a little bit, he only disappeared from the screen for a while before appearing with a pink hairclip on his head and started to do “So Hot” with zest. And from here on, with Kim Shin Young as his partner, ‘Kim Heechul’ So Hot version was born.

Following the broadcast, netizens commented on the video which was uploaded to various sites, “Kim Heechul is really too sexy”, “This cannot be done so well with just 1-2 days of practise, he is a Wonder Girls fan”, “Compared to saying he’s a So Hee fanatic, the hairclip on his head was too cute for words.”


54 thoughts on “Kim Heechul a True Wonder Girls Fan as he does So Hot on Radio

  1. Wahhahahaha i love the yoobin part ! i play wg so hot mv and this video at the sametime and heechul dance almost 100% right ! i can’t stop laughing at the yoobin part. Ahahahahahahha !!

  2. yah~ i too wish that
    Chulie was in the idol show
    along with teukie and the
    other suju members when
    WG was there. it wouldve
    been PERFECT! 😀 ❤

    Chulie is just too deng cute x3 [;

    && wonderjunior interactions are rather cute 😀

    I wonder how So Hee feels xD

  3. LOL he’s just to adorable for words =) ~
    I love how he left and got especially prepared for Sohee’s part LOL cutie xD

  4. 555 i like wonder girls and heechul too
    i know he’s a truely fan of WGs bcoz when i go to see
    superjunior supershow in thailand i see heechul dance V-LINE 2 times in concert & 1 time of TELL ME
    555 i like him to dance in yubin’s part he do it well

  5. OMG, his Yoobin part was SO FUNNY! when he did the sexy eyes like Go So Young and Ha ji won’s legs move – omg, so funny. and then when they pranced back and forth OMG. classic! need to replay it a few more times!

  6. coolsmurf/alvin, what happen to your 2nd YT account coolsmurf2?! did they suspend it too?! this is crazy! i was just on looking for your account for some updates. =[

    btw.. this video is hilarious!! true wonder girls fan

  7. God I love him. XD I think if he wasn’t embarrassed he could have done the entire dance. lololol

  8. too bad yomiso weren’t there to see heechul becuz aren’t they co-hosting Shim Shim Ta Pa radio too? it would have been cute if soohee was there to see heechul dancing to her part! awww… ❤ im beginning to love wonderjunior interactions. XD

  9. Heenim is sooooo Cute!!!
    When he came back with that pink hairclip to do the Sohee part I was like XD! And the rap was hilarious!

    Love Heechul!

  10. LOL I looooooooooove this video.
    He did every single one of Sohee’s parts perfectly!
    And he even copied her hairstyle hahahaha

    Heechul’s definitely WG’s biggest celebrity fan~

  11. Heechul is a true WGs fan. He is a proud WONDERFULs.
    His really a Sohee fanatic. I mean he knows all of her moves & sings all of her parts.
    I love how HeeChul is.

  12. OMFG, what happened to the new account coolsmurf?????? T.T;; it says they’re no videos and it’s gone?

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy T.T I hate fucking SBS.

  13. COOLSMURF! IS YOUR NEW YOUTUBE ACCOUNT SUSPENDED TOO?! i can’t believe it! SBS international inc suck!! what are you going to do now?

  14. Heechul is seriously the ultimate Sohee fan. If you’re man enough to put the hairclip in your hair and manage to know all of Sohee’s parts, you’re a Wonder girls fan. He also knew parts I would never have expected of him to know! lol.

  15. HeeChul jjang lol ^_^
    I wish he was on Idol Show with other SJ & WG so he could couple with SoHee, it’s like his dream come true lol XD

  16. am I the only one that thinks that once SoHee is legal… her and Heechul would be an adorable couple? It’s not right to think about it now because she’s really young but you know in the future…. kekeke…. just really’can’t see him with anyone else ^^

    love heenim!! <333

  17. I’m halfway through the vid and i just had to pause to comment. OMG soo FUNNY, heechuls is the biggest wonder girl fan (or sohee fan should i say lol), i cried of laughter so hard when he came out with the pink hair clip, he mimicked sohee’s face expressions so well!

  18. ROFL.

    This dude is too funny, haha I have to get into this group SUJU, if all their members are as funny as him they must be cool. XP

  19. when he came back with a pink hairclip on his head i cracked up lmao he is so cute! he did sohee part and when shin young asked him to do the last part (yoobin part) he was like no no no he looked so sad when he took off his hairclip lol and just after this part finished he immediately put back the hairclip lol

  20. hilarious!! this guy is awesome!! he truly is a WG’s fan and a sohee fanatic lol he is so funny
    he knows all the moves !! he is soooooooo cute & so hot hot hot lol

  21. it was awesome! i couldn’t stop laughing! he really did so hee’s part lol and the hairclip on his head lol he’s awesome !
    i imagine him practising this dance lol he’s so so cute!
    wonder girls no.1 fan so cute^^

  22. Yeah !

    hes a true wonderful lol

    We love the Wonder Girls too Hee chul!

    Wonder Girls ❤

    Heechul <3s So Hee ^__^

  23. I really like him and laugh alot when I saw it on youtube XD

    but I dont like his hair o,O I thought all the time he look nearly like Sun Ye (haha joke XD) okay but kinda woman-like ~ but he’s cool so whatever :d

  24. i read somwhere he’s been practicing the “so hot” dance.. dats y it’s almost perfect.. ahha

  25. hahaxD he is a big fan of WG^^ and he know the dance almost thoroughlyxP
    funny:D Go Heechul!!:D

  26. lol!! whahaha…heechul rules!!! hahaha.. he is truly a wondergirls#1 fan^^ he was so silly when he danced to yoobin’s part.. it was so funny^^

  27. Lmfao I JUST saw this on Youtube and was cracking up the entire time!!
    Heechul really is a Sohee fan.
    Throughout the song he did her moves the most and plus the clip in the hair was a dead giveaway.
    And I also agree that that dance can’t be done fast so he must’ve been practicing it alot.
    Hahahah I love that he’s such a huge Wonder Girls fan it’s so awesomely cute.

    Thanks coolsmurf!!!

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