Wonder Girls Signed on as Exclusive Models for KTF Ever CF

I am sure most of you know what have happened to my YT account. I am sorry for all the lost Wonder Girls videos, especially So Hot MV. Isn’t it ironic that it comes at a time when Wonder Girls have stopped promoting “So Hot”?

“Nation’s Little Sisters” Wonder Girls who has been garnering lots of popularity lately with “So Hot” has been signed on to model KTF Ever. They will use their unique dance and song of “So Hot” for the CF because it fits in well with their product concept. A JYPE spokesperson explained, “KTF clean and wholesome image is very alike with the Wonder Girls and we had favorable discussions which led to the Wonder Girls clinching the deal.”

The CF has however created attention by news of a ‘Wonder Girls 6th member’. During the filming, the Wonder Girls expressed that they would love to continue to work with this new member for their ‘Love Call’ event which heightened everyone’s curiosity (probably just a marketing gimmick, don’t read too much into it). Another attention grabbing headline was that this was the most lucrative CF deal in history. This KTF Ever CF will be unleashed in early August.


88 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Signed on as Exclusive Models for KTF Ever CF

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  3. helow wondergirls one of “u r so pretty like so hee sun ye yen euben sun mi all of u tell so hee she is so very cute and kind,,,:)))love you so hee

  4. wow its so very grate,,all album of wonder girls is have a good songs

    i love it so much,,,,,,,,β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

  5. hi…. to wonder girls ….! i want to see all of you on personal.
    your all so very pretty…! i am yopur fans please visit
    on the phillipines…………..!!!!

    ….! thank you……! I LOVE YOU ALL….!

    from: marian sarsalijo

  6. aw,Ye Eun look so bored:(
    we can find something funny:)
    i love you Ye Eun<3
    Korean have so pretty girls..
    but WonderGirls best:)



  8. I like it better 5 members! πŸ™‚ I don’t like big groups!
    If they do add a 6th member just for the CF then I hope it’s Heechul πŸ˜›

  9. omg the KTF ever, i was looking at the 350 and wanted to get it but decided against it cause it probably wouldn’t work in canada lol. but still. good choice πŸ˜€ that phone is sweet

  10. Lol actually legally hyunah isn’t a WG member. lol. if she were still a WG member she’d still be getting paid. ^^ so um yeah she isn’t, lol. no matter what false bond you put on WG members, Hyunah isn’t getting paid by JYPE anymore, thus she is not a WG member anymore. =)

  11. WOW its so great to see you posting again coolsmurf!!!

    the WG are really popular these days, i loving all the love their receiving and hope that they do well. can’t wait for another CF!

  12. @iluvyubin

    stfu why are you dissin hyun ah..oh wait i know cause you’re an insecure freak..lol
    get a life ^^

    Wonder Girls rock & no matter how much you beat up on Hyun Ah she was still a wonder girl.


  13. I think WG should stay a 5 member group.. All this talk about adding Hyun Ah is just nonsense..
    Personally, I did like Hyun Ah to begin with, but seriously.. in rapping Yoobin’s greater than her, hands down. I must say Hyun Ah is better than dancing than Yoobin but we don’t need to be adding more people to what is already a great group. If she did come back I agree that she’d be hogging the spotlight.. and WG are doing great atm, so leave it be.

  14. Hyunah couldn’t even rap a line without running out of breath, that slut isn’t a better rapper than anyone.

    Yoobin is a billion times better, even Tasha has complimented her skills.

  15. @hmmm

    Sorry, but I like Hyun Ah, too, but I wouldn’t say Hyun Ah is a better RAPPER than Yoobin. I mean, really? She’s always breathy when rapping. With dancing, okay, maybe. I personally would say they’re at the same level, but to put down Yoobin for Hyun Ah is NOT COOL.

  16. Dude, whaaaat?! I don’t think JYP is going to add another member. I think that person will just be working them for some time. I think JYP is smart enough to keep the WG with 5 members. There’s already a 7-member group called Rainbow that DSP is trying to promote, along with the now 5-member KARA, and then, there’s the 9-member SNSD. Let’s just keep it down with the number of group members. Whatever happened to less is more? Think SES.

  17. hyunah is awesome! she’s a better rapper than yoobin, she’s a great dancer,she can sing and she’s hot! plus she’s a former member
    hyunah is a million times better than yoobin ! but i still like yoobin so why not a 6 member group?

  18. stop that IluvYubin it’s so childish! you bash a wg’s member in a wg’s site and you think nobody will say anything! stop bashing her you become really annoying!
    if you are an anti so hee it means that you are an anti WG cause SHE IS a WG so stop your nasty comments pls!

  19. i don’t think they will add a new member ! that’s just a good promo! “the new member” is certainly a kid or an little animal ! something cute like that
    anyway, it’s just a new member for the CF

    *let’s ignore the anti (IluvYubin) he’s just retarded*

  20. I so glad , Alvin.
    finally U come back.

    I remenber u word ” waiting to watch”.
    I will wait until CF on air may be
    …. …. i don’t guess.

  21. okay well thats what you think IluvYubin

    if there is a 6th member i hope it is hyunah (but i dont really want a 6th member..)

    i dont want the group to get big like SNSD (there are like freakin 9 girls singing and it confuses γ…‘ γ…‘)

  22. thank u coolsmurf…. I think the 6th member is not hyun Ah, I think its a guy cause if you read it carefully, its a love call event…

  23. coolsmurf your back!!!!!!

    im soooo glad you will still be updating on wondergirls wonderland and your website^^


  24. there are three possible candidates: 1. hyuna 2. kim shin young 3. JOO. I really hope that it is Hyuna b/c that would definitely raise the bar for WG’s already immensed popularity, not to mention successfully complete the group.

    Many ppl feel that WG is better left as a 5 member group b/c Yoobin is a better rapper, but what they don’t realize is that Hyuna was originally supposed to be a backup vocalist. Since noone else rapped better than Hyuna at the time they debut, and they needed someone to pull off the sexy rapper image, hyuna reluctantly took the rapper position. But she is very versatile b/c we’ve all seen how great her rapping, dancing and singing skills were. she was already rumored to be added as a 6th member when they did the Cyon Bboy Commercial, maybe JYP is testing the water by letting WG do another CF featuring Hyuna. If all goes well, I have a feeling that she’ll be added back into the group, now that her health has returned.

    Regarding the other two candidates, I have no idea how their names got onto the list. Possible trainees maybe? But I think it’d make more sense and create more hype if they are doing the CF with Hyuna. I would support WG ALL THE WAY if this were to be true =D

  25. coolsmurf fighting
    so happy to see you back

    and i still think this 6th member thing a bad idea
    this looks like the suju 14th member story
    and remember what happened with the poor 14th member

  26. exactly what i was thinking. it’s a gimmick everyone!!!!

    my bets is that it’s kim shin young ^____^

  27. glad you got a new YT account.
    It would be pretty cool for another WG member to appear.

  28. well, im totally hoping it is just a marketing scam xD otherwise I’d start feeling iffy about it ><


  29. i guess JYP is making gimmick
    let hyuna appear in the CF first,tell it hyuna is the sixth member just for the CF
    if the reaction is here,he will officially add hyuna back to the group

    hyuna’s not going for solo any time soon,she’s not ready
    it would be better if she comes back in a group

    i hope i’m right

  30. i wish the 6th one wouldn’t be HyunA! ‘coz i want her to go solo much more

    and if it does, it would be weird, isn’t it?

    i’m sure it’s a gimmick to combine the product somewhat…

  31. ooh! nice pic! a 6th member?? i dont think that will happen soon… i cant wait for their new album at sept!! πŸ™‚ νŒŒμ΄νŒ…!! μ•„μžμ•„μž!! πŸ™‚

  32. BTW, LOL, KTF is a big company, but it’s not that serious really..lol…Obviously the ones with the most lucrative CF deals are Song hye gyo, Jeon ji hyun and kim tae hee. There’s no question about that.

    KTF is a big company though. richer than Nexon I think. XD

  33. Ugh please no new member unless they drop a certain one. ^^

    Can’t wait to see the CF. I hope JYP didn’t buy this lucrative deal though, like LSM is famous for…But then again JYP would have bought a more lucrative game company deal if he was into cheating >.<;

  34. First off…


    Ok now please guys don’t make too much of this “Wonder Girls 6th member”. I totally agree it is jsut a marketing gimmick. In the end it will probably be a cute and cuddly character.

    But then again you never know what to expect. I guess we’ll all find out together.


  35. Yeah sorry bout your account Coolsmurf ):<

    & yeah the So Hot MV had Over 1million hitz!

    if JYP WERE to add a sixth member i prefer it to be Hyun Ah!!!

    Wonder Girls ROCKKK!!!

  36. hehe. JYP is known for his gimmicks. and this is one of them. he will be too stupid to really add a real 6th member. hehe. ^^

    Wonderfullll! =)

  37. AHHHH. STOP THIS NEW MEMBER BUSINESS. ITS SO ANNOYING. like when people were speculating that hyuna was coming back because of the bboy cf or whatever. ugh. wondergirls are great as they are! 😦 but yeah, i guess i shouldnt read so much into it.

  38. Wow, the girls look gorgeous in these pictures! Sunye is just stunning! I’m quite excited about this CF. They have been bagging deals left and right these girls.

  39. Woah.
    Is the “6th member” a WG 6th member?
    Or just someone they’re working with for the CF.
    WG isn’t adding a new member are they?

  40. yeah, that is a iron, hm :l well it happened so there’s no turning back now. We just move on and love the Wonder Girls :] And a good girl group deserves a good deal with a CF. I’m looking forward to this. And the pictures are amazing, they look really pretty, and LOL @ Sun Mi’s face in the 2nd picture.

    and thanks coolsmurf, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t even be a fan ❀

    oh & Wonder Girls & 2AM on Star King 7.26.08?! SBS :l

  41. “Another attention grabbing headline was that this was the most lucrative CF deal in history” – really???wow! WG jjang!
    btw, i’ve never heard KTF before.what’s that??

  42. i heard that there is going a sixth member for this cf?? i wonder who it is.. i guess we have to wait for the cf to come out….

  43. Hehe at sunmi in the 2nd pic.
    Wonder what this article is about..nevertheless
    Thank you Coolsmurf ❀

  44. They do look good in these pics!
    Sohee looks so genuinly happy it’s wonderful! πŸ˜€
    plus I LOVEE her shades. πŸ™‚
    WG so hot!

    I agree with kjpop. πŸ˜€

  45. Theyre lookin sooo fly in this shoot =]

    I hope you return with the article. Theres been a lot of misunderstanding regarding the article, so i hope you can clear it up.


  46. Yay, first reply! I hope… Hahah

    Well, judging by the pictures, this looks awesome! Ye Eun looks absolutely gorgeous in that first picture! The second one is really cute too! ^^

    Wonder what this is….

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