Wonder Girls on Starry Night Radio Program 080727

Wonder Girls appearing on MBC FM “Starry Night” radio program yesterday night hosted by Park Kyung Lim. As you can see, there’s MC Mong too.


13 thoughts on “Wonder Girls on Starry Night Radio Program 080727

  1. YeBin love on the last pic.

    Sun Mi looks normal i wanna see 4D sun mi oh and i love what she is wearing.

  2. ohmygosh. YEBIN!!

    Sohee’s muffler reminds me of G-Dragon. HEEDRAGON!!

    And Sun Mi looks uber funkalicious in her all purple outfit and make-up.

  3. ohmygosh! i so agree with 8. Eun mi. heehee. sohee is wearing the scarf like GDragon. i notice on her when she was wearing teletubbies “PO’s” outfit too. its so cute.
    cant wait for their photos. excited.

  4. sun mi looks sooo lost in her first two pics xD
    i see some wonderbang moments *cough*sohee*cough* lol

  5. SunMi doesn’t look as silly as usual..
    Well I hope it’s just timing with taking the pictures as opposed to the actual radio show.
    Is there perhaps a video? xD


  6. Yoobin’s sitting on Yeeun’s lap!YeBin love!and SunBin love too..lol..Sunmi being 4D again..^_^

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