Wonder Girls Wonderful Fan Meeting Becomes “Headline Making” Machine

The 2nd Wonderful fan meeting was held yesterday evening at Kwangwoon University and days of effort and hardwork of the Wonder Girls for this event was displayed for their fans and created lots of headlines.

So Hee performed a solo dance item dancing along to Beyonce’s music (some saying sexier than Beyonce) and was heralded as a sexy wave angel. Leader Sun Ye sang and performed Park Ji Yoon “I Am A Man” while Sun Mi showed off her JYP impersonation by singing and performing “The House You Live In” and “Kiss”. Yoo Bin did a rap and dance item of Tasha’s “Memory” while Ye Eun topped it off with her self-composition by singing and playing the piano live. The Wonder Girls also did a special Teletubbies mini skit which got everyone ROFL. Almost each performances of theirs made the No.1 search terms on various search engines last night with So Hee teasing dance item topping them all.

For the fan meeting, Jo Kwon of 2AM and Younha were there to show their support. Five Wonderfuls were decked in cow outfits and performed “Tell Me”.

This fan meeting was for those who joined the fan club from last May when it was opened for registration for the 2nd time with about 2000 fans gracing the event, showing how popular the Wonder Girls are right now. They are set to make their comeback with a new album in September.


23 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Wonderful Fan Meeting Becomes “Headline Making” Machine

  1. Whether you approve of disapprove of SoHee’s dance, she did a great job!

    When it came to thier solo performances, we all kinda knew what to expect. YooBin is the rapper for WG so she rapped. YeEun loves to sing and compose so she had a song she wrote for the fans. SunMi thinks highly of JYP and can imitate him almost perfectly so her doing JYP’s songs was cool. SunYe is a great dancer and singer so her dance routine and duet was great.

    But for SoHee, who was all know as very shy and quiet, to come out and just blow us away with her solo was something wild. If we were to compare her when WG first came out as opposed to now, she has really grown in to a very mature and of course beautiful young woman. I love it when she becomes more and more outgoing and spontaneous every time they perform, do an event or conduct an interview.

    She’s slowly but surely coming out of her shell. Keep supporting the great work WG is doing. I know I do =P


  2. Great performance by all of them!
    They all definetly have talent!
    I think Sun mi and Yoobin can do solo albums!
    They both impressed me the most! With there singing/rapping skills and dancing skills!
    Ye eun should have a solo album and be ballad singer!
    Her song was really meaningful! Definetly one of the best performaces!
    Sohee and Sunye excellent dancing skills!
    I was surprised that Sohee would do that dance! But she did it really well! Sunye was just crazy good! I was amazed by her dance skills! They were both really good!

  3. Gawd, I wish I was a WonderFul XD; the really sad thing is, I’m Korean, but I don’t have a social whatever-the-heck-it-is number, because I’ve spent all my life here in NZ, so it’s pretty much expired DD: I swear, I would pay a right fortune to attend one of those fan meetings. <333

  4. i was unsure at fist that ye eun composed the song “Wonderful” coz i dont quite understand it but now im sure! thanks to you! GOSH! She’s so talented! One of her dreams come true! and that is to compose a song and share it to all Wonderfuls! yay!!!! YE eun you’re so sweet to do this! WG really loves Wonderful and im so happy for that! ahhh! gah! i love WG even more!

    Even though i know that WG members are kind and respectful but they always amaze me hahah!

  5. thanx for posting and updating the blog i thought i would not see u for awhile …

    on a different note .. i totally loved all the gurl’s solos but sohee rocked the dancing …

    yeeun made me tear … such a sweet and talented girl appreciating the fans …


    i love ya that much man =]

  7. waaa..i’m scared that u will gone (dramatic2x)
    thanks for updating the WG news..
    really appreciate it..
    ye eun’s song wowed me…

    P/S: by the way, another account on YT (he/she has the 5 million viewers for tell me mv) has been suspended.

  8. Sohee was HOT. 🙂
    I’m glad the meeting went so well.
    They really deserved it.
    Also can’t wait till their comeback in Sept.

    and I’m glad you’re back coolsmurf!
    We’ll be fighting for ya!

  9. I hope u keep us updated with the wonder girls!! =]

    ohh and thanks a lot for everything coolsmurf! your the best

  10. wow i didnt know that Younha came too they really are good friends.

    Guys please sign the petition against coolsmurfs suspension.

  11. haha I wish I was there, they’re amazing ❤
    and coolsmurf, hope is not all lost. There’s always an alternativeeee ;D ilyyy!

  12. I’m glad the event was such a success. Now we gotta get geared up for the new album in September.

    Coolsmurf…glad to see you back in here. Don’t let that small setback bring you down. All us WG fans can’t express enough all the hard work and dedication you put into this. If you need help in any way , myself and many others would be more than happy to help.

    WG & Coolsmurf FIGHTING!!

  13. this fan meeting was a success!
    They did great, had fun and even though I wasn’t there I enjoyed looking at the picture and videos.. Wonder Girls JJANG!

    Thank you for continuing your hard work. Deeply appreciated

  14. I was so afraid I wouldn’t see you for awhile.

    Thank you for the post and always keeping us updated! 🙂

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