Younha Ghostly Encounter Involving Wonder Girls Indirectly

In SunnyFM’s “Freestyle’s happy friend – Hello star” radio program on 24th July, the Wonder Girls revealed a ghostly encounter that Younha had.

The Wonder Girls revealed that they were taking a break in their mini van when Younha gave them a call suddenly while she was in the washroom. She asked whether if Ye Eun was in the washroom earlier on singing her song. But they told Younha that neither of them had been in the washroom earlier as she started shouting in fear and said that she had heard someone humming her song. But when she turned around, she saw no one.

After hearing this from Younha, the Wonder Girls was quite uptight when they performed that day and still has goosebumps when they think about this again.

On the other hand, the Wonder Girls has never held a solo concert before since they debuted in April 2007 to which Sun Ye answered in jest, “This is all because of Park Jin Young PD-nim, it’s not us who is delaying it”, leading to laughter all around the studio. She continued, “Although we haven’t had our concert yet but we really wish to hold an exciting concert.”

They were also asked, “You are really popular singers now, so you must have earned quite a lot of money. What do you usually spend it on?” The Wonder Girls replied, “We are quite busy recently and have no time to go shopping. Even so, we are still happy when we go on stage to perform.”


18 thoughts on “Younha Ghostly Encounter Involving Wonder Girls Indirectly

  1. hmmm…. i wonder how much the wondergirls get paid?,
    maybe something in the 5 digits…

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  3. Woahhh.
    I’m not one to believe ghost stories but that is kinda freaky.
    Even the ghosts love WG.
    Thats just how awesome they are.

  4. lol scary xD ~~

    remember me on my old home where I lived when I was younger ~it was a REALLY scary place ~ younha should not live there lol

    but why she thought it was WG ? the voices match WG or what XD?

  5. I got a real good feeling that WHEN (NOT IF) the album tops the charts, there will be a WG solo concert to follow. I live here in the US and would deffinitely fly overeas to see them perform. Solo concert or with other performers.


  6. Youhna and WG!!!
    plus a ghost.. wth man?? lol

    I can’t wait for them to have a concert *saving money*

  7. lol whats the with WGs and ghosts ahah

    I blame sun mi and her 4D-ness ahha i think thats what attracts them to the WGs ahha

  8. OHMYGOSH! That’s so freaky!! That’s so cool that Younha called them. Younha is amazing in her own right. But WHOA! It’s either WG has a loyal ghost fan or there’s a whole ‘nother group of Wonderfuls in the next life. XD

  9. lmfao, blaming JYP for no concert?

    seriously though, if they picked out most of the good songs that they can sing live, it wouldnt be a full out concert, tats why JYP is delaying it.

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