Yoo Bin and her Pretty Friend on Introducing Star’s Friends

Wonder Girls member, Yoo Bin and her friends has become the No.1 search term on various Korean websites after arousing the interest of netizens.

Defunct Good Entertainment 5-Member Group

Defunct MTV Diary of 5 Girls

In a recent recording of MBC Introducing A Star’s Friend program on 23rd July, Yoo Bin had bought along her friend (just one) from MTV’s Diary of Five Girls program which caught the attention of male participants on the program.

The five girls consisting of Gina Choi, Yang Ji Won, Jun Hyo Sung, Kim Yoo Bin and Kim Yoo Jin were on this MTV reality program which was filmed in Saipan. But due to reasons unknown with some speculating about Good Entertainment’s financial issues, the group was eventually disbanded. Yoo Bin joined Wonder Girls as HyunA’s replacement later on and the rest is history.

You will be able to see Yoo Bin’s pretty friend in action when this is shown in early August. On the other hand, the Wonder Girls will be having their fan meeting this evening with 2AM as guest performers.


6 thoughts on “Yoo Bin and her Pretty Friend on Introducing Star’s Friends

  1. her friends are pretty….yoobin looks good in this pic she looks like a regular person and a tomboy i wanna be her friend too lol 😀

  2. wow, that’s interestinggg. I want to know more about them, haha.

    they look cute with their matching shirts though ;D

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