Wonderfuls 2nd Fan Meeting Solo Performance Pictures 080726

The following are pictures of each Wonder Girls members solo performances at today’s Wonderful 2nd fan meeting. Be wowed by their different images. I certainly was. Which is your favorite and who is good to go solo?

So Hee

Sun Ye

Ye Eun

Sun Mi

Yoo Bin

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191 thoughts on “Wonderfuls 2nd Fan Meeting Solo Performance Pictures 080726

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  3. i love u so much.. wondergirls…. can u be my friends in facebook, friendster, and yahoo mesenger for short (ym).. ang more power wondergirls…. i love u and take care…

  4. btw, if anyone’s interested, here’s yeeun’s performance with translated lyrics in the description of the vid


  5. @ WonderfulFighting…

    THANK YOU sorry yeah… idk why the hell i couldn’t find it X__X i guess i suck at life? xD

    but i wish there was a HQ version…

    and watch someone pull an HQ version off of youtube… -_-

  6. Thanks for continuing the wordpress, coolsmurf. T__T Well, at least the people here will always be the same. 😡

  7. saw this on newsen days ago, and how i wish i was in korea to watch it myself!
    aahh yoobin hoodies, i want i want!
    sun ye is.. ahem,.. smokin hot!
    but my love goes to our 4th dimensional girl who impersonate jyp, hahaa
    omg her expression there was cracktastic!

    ps. whoever said the “dont fight, we all should gang up and hate snsd” comment is pretty disgusting to me, gosh, get a life, 10-15 years from now youll be realizing what an airhead you were back in this days.

  8. so much elementary dramas. its being flooded by wild animals.

    to top it off. i think all the Wonder Girls did a fantistic solo performances. my most fav. in order is sohee, sunye, yoobin, yeeun, and sunmi with the baggy JYP outfit. heehee.

  9. To iluvyubin:

    I respect your opinion but If you love Yoobin that much, just love and support her without bashing Sohee. They’re in the same group and they have different styles and concepts. I’m not trying to change your mind of disliking Sohee. You can be a WG fan w/o liking Sohee but there’s no need to insult her. Just ignore her.


    I know that you love WG but your ” we SHOULD hate SNSD…”
    sounded…. So being a WG fan means being a SNSD anti?
    Why should we be enemies when we can be friends?
    I don’t think that SNSD fans want to be WG antis. Only the immatures ones will be affected by the bashing comments from WG fans and become anti WG.
    You can hate SNSD like some SNSD fans hate WG but you will be as immature and childish as them.
    But I think that the real fans of these groups can be friends.
    Can we?

  10. wow. so hee looks hot! she really knows how to move! wish i could dance like her. *jealousy*

    and umm to the drama going on around here.
    there is going to be someone out there who hates so hee/sun ye/ sun mi/ ye eun/ yoo bin.
    but that’s their own opinion, I mean what are we going to do about it?

    I for one love all of the wonder girls. and I don’t like SNSD, but that’s my opinion right?

    as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone (as in gets personal) I think it’s fine to voice what you think.


  11. iluvyubin and ahah or w/e


    we’re all wg fans here, okay? and you didnt have to bring up snsd -.-‘

    anyways, i think yeeun should go solo.. her vocals are really powerful and her dancing really has been improving a lot 🙂

  12. the stupidest part of this fight is that
    you know IluvYubin cares because she/he obviously checks this page like every 5 minutes wondering what ppl said about her/him.

    so either he/she’s actually that desperate for attention or he/she is getting hurt and keeps coming back to get back at people

    either way, ILuvYubin’s life is sad

  13. SoHee Danced to the same song that Stephanie The Grace danced during the 2007 MKMF
    – SooHee made O.O while looking at the pictures. Compared to the other members her showcase was more matured.

  14. Oh my gosh, Yoobin looks so freaking ‘dope’.
    Sohee’s real sexy there, and plus Sunmi ‘oh wow’ JYP xD
    Thanks coolsmuft, where can I watch these performance
    from them?

  15. IluvYubin is younger than Sohee?


    No wonder there was a whole bunch of immature comments made by this bitch.

    ok true WG fans.


    we don’t need to spam coolsmurf’s blog like this.

  16. ok but now she improved and she’s okay!
    they will NEVER kick so hee out even if you really really want it they will never kick her out!
    plus do you think wonderfuls would agree with jyp if he decide to kick her out? NO
    do you think sun ye sun mi ye eun and yoobin would be happy if so hee quit the group? NO
    IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!! so everything that you’re doing it’s stupid cause she will stay a wonder girls no matter how much you hate her! so bear with it please! even if she becomes the most hated girl in k-pop they will never kick her out they will just DISBAND wonder girls!!! and that’s not what we want so if you hate her that much just ignore her but don’t spread the hate or the group will suffer too!

  17. it’s false wonderfuls were talking about petition against so hee when wg debuted but now she’s one of the most popular

    stop that pls! if more people hate so hee it means that more people hate wonder girls! do you really want them to disband?

  18. plus you said you’re half korean and half american so actually you are american! you lie when you say you are korean and a “real wonderful”! plus i never heard about a fanclub who make petition against his own idols! what you said is not true in korean fancafes you don’t have the right to bash the group!
    they will never remplace so hee so get over it now!

  19. but can you stop talking shit about her here ? it’s really annoying! go to this fan cafe if you want to say nasty things !

  20. i wanna see yeeun!!! why don’t they have clips of her playing the piano wtffffff.

    there are some people saying “replace sohee with hyuna” -__- blehhh idk

    i admit sohee kind of holds them back, but at the same time, she helps make their image…

    but this outfit was not an example of her cute image at all -________-

  21. Guys. Cool it. And I don’t mean everyone. I mean that diminutive group that has taken their nepotism to the extreme. Cool it now, alright? This isn’t the place. Just. Cool. It.

    @ the pics: These are stunning, in quality, and quantity! 😀 I LOVE Sohee’s attire, despite its uhh… slightly revealing nature XD; You’ve outdone yourself again, Coolsmurf. HWAITING! ❤

  22. I don’t understand all of this fighting. If you’re a true wonderful you should appreciate each member and not hope for them to die (Iluvyubin, that was kind of over the line there. She’s a 16/17 year old girl. It’s like killing an unborn baby).

    You don’t have to like that member but you should at least appreciate what they bring into the group and not go around bashing that member and claiming that your a wonderful. Do you have to be a WonderFul if your korean and are in the fanclub? I don’t think so. You’re a WonderFul if you support the girls, buy their albums, and cheer for them. Not outloud but mentally.

    As a WonderFul we should unite, not split into separate WonderFul Member Fanclub and go against each other. We’re stronger as one. Same thing for the girls. They’re stronger as a whole group.

    I’m not saying this to only you (Iluvyubin). I’m saying it to every anti-sohee, anti-yoobin, anti-sunye, anti-yeeun, anti-sunmi, and anti-wonder girls out there.

    Ask these questions…
    Where would the girls be without one another?

    Where would SunMi be without SoHee and vice versa?
    Where would SunMi, SunYe, YeEun, and YooBin be without SoHee?
    Where would SunMi, SoHee, YeEun, and SunYe be without YooBin?

    If you’re thinking “better”, then you’re missing the whole point. Each member pulls out a hidden talent/personality of one another. That’s why we call them Wonder Girls because as a group they have wonders beyond our imagination.

    Like I said, this isn’t aimed at Iluvyubin, this is aimed at every anti-wonder girls and every anti- _____ member.

    This whole argument triggered this.

  23. for me ye eun is the best..^^,
    she’s so classy…and very intelligent

    but they’re at their best as a group…
    that’s what i think..

  24. @ IluvYubin
    fuck off and get out of here
    you don’t have anything to do here! you polluted this site with your stupid comments

  25. Sohee was pretty cute but she’s not quite up to the sexy image yet. Maybe a couple more years. She’s getting there though.

    I liked Sun Ye’s solo the most. Very classy and sophisticated; love her outfit.

  26. @fallen8)

    oh! haha I’m dumbbbb. THANKSSSSSS! okay, I signed it. I hope it makes a difference, every signature counts :]

  27. i very like sohee outif …i think she’s the most beutiful in this days she’s very sexy in this dress and sun ye she ‘s loook cool sun mi sh’s look like bizarre o.O… yeeeu very class YO BIN O MY GOSH SO HOT…

    2.yo bin

  28. you guys should stop criticizing soohee or any of the wonder girls. short skirt ? have you guys seen what ballet dancers wear ?! they’re practically the same length. please stop saying that they’re not ‘talented’ and comparing to other artists. i’m quite sure when you were 15, you probably couldn’t perform on stage as well as them. let’s be real, they perform so hot several times a day. there are times when their performances weren’t as perfect. so it’d be great help if you guys just stop giving negative comments. if you don’t have anything nice to say, then why bother reading this thread? it is for all the wonder girls’ s fans . not hater. thank you.

  29. so hee is 17 years in korea plus she’s a a dancer she can do this sort of dance!
    when beyonce do it in front of millions of viewers do you find that “slutty” ?
    when csjh’s stephanie did this dance in a tv show did you find that slutty? NO
    did you see the video music of “umbrella” by rihanna? she’s half naked and yet she’s 19 but nobody said she’s a slut !
    but when it’s so hee it becomes slutty !why? i don’t understand really do you really find that schocking? in almost all the music videos you can see girls kissing each other or naked … and you find so hee’s dance sluttty? even koreans weren’t shocked but you americans are !LOL you must be kidding me!

    oh and she doesn’t show her ass in the video all we get to see is her pink short! the same short that she’s wearing for “so hot” but in pink!

  30. They ALL look nice but So Hee is waayyyy too young for that. Like wth.

    She should stick to being cute until she completely grows up.

  31. lc don’t say that… don’t assume that she has power to choose whatever she wants to do. If JYP wants her to do this sort of dance, I don’t think she really has a choice.


    And Sun Ye is beyond perfection. I’m in complete awe. LOVE SUN YE!!!!!!!

    Sum Mi so hilarious my gosh. I’m just amazed by how she can look so dorky, cute, hilarious but OHSOPRETTY at the same time.

    Ye Eun the musician, FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!

    Yoo Bin is sexy lar. 🙂 I would turn lesbian for her, totally man.

    And Iluryubin. How dare you. We are all fans of Wonder Girls and how dare you just call us “foreign fans”.

    FOREIGN FANS ARE NOT FANS AH?! And no one told you to like So Hee, I personally don’t like So Hee that much either but for the love of God, stop bashing her. It’s really not cool. So WHAT if you’re a member of the wonder girls fan club, does that make you any BETTER or in any way superior to the other wonder girls fans? You think the rest of us don’t make a difference and nothing’s expected of us? Yeah, SO WHAT? So what if you think you make a whole load of difference? You’re still a fan, STILL A FAN like the rest of us so for God’s sake, stop your bloody assumed superiority.

    We’re all the same, we all love the Wonder Girls. YOU get over it.

    By the way, Coolsmurf, I’M REALLY SORRY ABOUT YOUR YOUTUBE ACCOUNT THING! 😦 Your contribution to kpop on Youtube has been amazing. Thank you a whole lot! 🙂

  33. are you going to upload their solo performances soon so interested to see
    i just see so hee tryin to be like hyori?
    ha ha clothes too loose on sunmi
    yubin and sunye looks awesome

  34. love love yoobin and ye eun!! XD
    omo..they can do their solo stunts now.
    but i love them as WONDER GIRLS>
    WOnder girls forever.

  35. they all looked fabulous! ye eun was so classy^^ she wrote a song for us wonderfuls that’s so cute TT & so hee was amazing she did exactly like beyonce ^^ she was hot ( she’s 17 in korea and she had a pink short under her dress so don’t be shocked plus for their first fanmeeting she did a sexy dance for her solo perf too and she was just perfect )

    WG’s ALL THE WAY!!!

    ^^let’s ignore the immature hater and his annoying comments^^

  36. –ignore the troll–

    all the girls looked amazing in the fan meeting, i happy they all got to showcase their individual talents.

    Ye eun was amazing, i just hear a bit of the song she sung and it was soo beautiful. She too looked very pretty. Did she compose the song herself..WOW, thats our multi talented park oppa lol.

    Sohee looked sexy yet cute at the same time, i always thought she was a fluid dancer and she proved that in her solo, she did great and totally took control of the stage just like a real entertainer

    Sun Mi was soo adorable, she must be the biggest JYP fan in WG, she really does love him. When she came out i laughed so much coz of what shes wearing-so cute. Her voice was really solid too throughout the performance.

    Sun ye brought so much charisma to the stage, i love watching her dance coz she seems to enjoy it soo much and you can see it. Watching her makes you see why shes the leader of the Wonder Girls, so much talent and so loveable on stage. her singing to is beautiful.

    Sexy rapper Yoobin= WOW. I loved her rap and was happy her voice was sounding much better. she has got crazy skills, i love her voice so much, so well suited to rapping. Her dancing too was fantastic and very powerful.

    WG Jjang!!Coolsmurf Jjang!! xxx

  37. so hee’s really pretty but my complain is with the outfit. shes only 16….
    i like sun ye’s outfit!! it looks cool with her hair. and its wayy better than her ‘so hot’ outifts.
    omg ye eun also plays the piano???!! that is so COOL. and her own composition too right? 😀
    haha, and sun mi’s jyp imitation xDDD
    and yoo bin, what can i say, she is always cool. that image suits her really well and i like her outfit too 🙂

    for the members i’d like to go solo… sun ye or ye eun. sun ye, not only because im a bit biased, because shes the most rounded performer. the same for ye eun, and how she composed somehthing 😀

  38. ??
    Sun Mi?? XDDD
    look so funny~! XD
    Lmao. I like yoo bin’s =DD
    So Hee DD: OMFG I’m speechless

  39. hihi, just a supporter of wg in singapore! (:

    seriously..there’s no point arguing with one another, what matters most is the loveee for WG yeah!

    all the girls are great in their own way, you can’t compare them just like that!

    and of courseee help with the petition!


  40. OK now that I have gotten all that out of the way, I just wanna say that SUN YE, SO HEE, YE EUN, SUN MI and YOO BIN all looked HOT!!!

    I loved how they were able to each rock the crowd in thier own unique style. If they each were to go out and do solo projects I have a very good feeling that all of them would be successful.

    And when they came out as TeleTubbies?? Oh man I never laughed so hard in my life. That was so adorable!!! The fans there got a real treat!

    WG FIGHTING!!!!!

  41. Is that frickkin’ So Hee??? WOW!!
    She looks different. I’m use to her looking like whatever, doing her own thing being shy & not wanting to do much but wow she looks engerized & really pretty. I love the hair. I’m kinda not that happy with the short dress considering how young she is but then again she is a growing girl, but i really love the hair.

    LMAO@SunMi those pants is such a give away. I am sure this girl is imitidating JYP, she looks funny but good though.

    I’m loving Yoobin, being all hood & stuff.

  42. I don’t know what’s worse…

    Coolsmurf getting his YT account suspended or seeing immature people fighting over meaningless stupidity.

    There are many of us who love all 5 girls and there are many of us who have a particular favorite. There’s nothing wrong with liking one member of the group more than another because someone else’s favorite might not be yours.

    But when your comments have nothing to do with what’s going on in here, then you what the hell are you even doing in here.

    This place is for people to enjoy the successes of WG. I’m here in California and I’m laughing along with a WG fans in Korea, Singapore, Japan and wherever who just saw the girls in TeleTubbies costumes. Now how cool is that?

    Keep up the great comments and let’s continue to see the WG star just get brighter and brighter.

    …and to those who just wanna cause trouble…..FUCK OFF!!!


  43. wow.. so much drama ;-;

    on topic:

    I can’t pick a fav perf >_< ITS SO HARD. But if I had to, then Ye Eun.. becuase it was just so TALENTED. The other 4 came VERY close in second, SunYe and Yoobin were VERY charmastic, Sunmi was VERY entertaining, and SoHee.. omg lol she was so HOT. Sohee definitelyyyy had best look! I LOVED how they gave her a white tee and pink shorts to wear underneath the dress so she looked cute in”overalls dress” instead of slutty dress.

    Off Topic:

    iluvyubin, i’m sorry to say, whoever up there mentioned that you weren’t a true WG fan, I wouldhave to agree with them.


    Because after reading some of your comments here and there, you seem to be.. anti-sohee? How can Anti-Sohee be a true Wonder Girls fan? I promise you, anyone who constantly puts down a member of Wondergirl cannot be a a true Wonderful. Being a wonderful, I personally am ashamed if you consider yourself a true “wonderful”.

    If you don’t want to change your ways, I would advise you to start a Yoobin news/forums and post there instead, because that forum would then not be for Wondergirls, and you can put down Sohee as much as you want for all I care, which isn’t much.

    And last note: those comments about SNSD fans were very unccessary

  44. awww..i’d just knew that coolsmurf’s account was suspended…awwwww…you’re like my favourite WG fan ever!!
    and what’s with the random hate in here???Wonderfuls are supposed to be wonderful..not wonder fools
    i ain’t gonna tolerate with idiots who randomly bash others (what’s more a WG member) just to prove theirs is vastly more superior and whatnot..and if this continues, you’ll get a earful from me and the rest of the wonderfuls, understand?!??
    Above all the hate, the girls are absolutely stunning!!
    Sohee has matured so much. She’s gorgeous!
    Sunmi is being herself(dorky!) as usual..she’s so cutee..i’m on sunmi-high right now..hehe
    Yoobin is just WOW…she got that ‘yo wassup!?’ going on..haha..HOT is definitely her forte
    YeEun, i haven’t heard of her composed song but looking at everyone’s feedback..i should have guess that the girl got something good to offer
    And last but not least, leader min. She’s an absolute stunner. Classy and hot.

  45. that petition thing makes me donate or whatever and I don’t have a card to even use paypal forr :[

    is there any other way? like make another account or somethinggggg? :l

  46. Wow they look pretty stunning!
    Looks like Sun Mi is impersonating JYP LOL
    Great job So Hee! You make beyonce proud!

    Could somebody tell me where i could watch this perf. ty

  47. damn ya better hush, until ALVIN close his wordpress down. its sad already that his youtube account is suspended and ya is like, fighting over who is more talented then the other. come on now. its a group. just because its a solo performance from them it doesnt make any difference. they’re still a group no matter what.
    to clearify who will success in the future: i think all of them will. even though some might not become great singers; they can also become great models & actors. AND no one can compare to Wonder Girls but Wonder Girls.
    now hush my little babys. stop being cry babys. and poopee everywhere especially iluv–who? iluvyubin.. LMFAO!

    so sorry youtube close your account down. i know you put so much effort into it..and your account was shown on t.v. for the nation to see too. and i’m glad your nice enough to get as much videos uploaded for the nation to watch as you can. i do really appreciate your kindness. and I hope you will continue, because no one can stop you. your not a failure. please continue to upload WG’s performances. thank you. “COOLSMURF”. your the best why it last. – beautifulred.

  48. why are ppl fighting here? especially about WG only….

    anyways, aww Sunmi’s trying to be JYP!! cute

    and looks like Sunye either did Michael Jackson or JYP’s Honey.

    and what’s up with the anti-SNSD sentiment here?

    WonderGeneration FTW!

  49. WonderfulFighting
    “I’m pretty sure IluvYubin is a SNSD fan who tries to mess up our fanclub!”

    nope. the bitch’s a true YOOBIN worshipper and a hardcore SNSD anti. read coolsmurf’s previous articles and she’s often the one who brings up SNSD’s name and bashes them for no reason when the DAMN article has no relations to SNSD at all.

    the bitch reeks of self-hate for all the racial discrimination she has gone through in life.

    let’s just ignore her. cos she’s a pitiful kid who needs love deep inside.

  50. they all did super awesome but after this fan meet the two i see with the most potential is ye eun and sun mi. sun mi has it all. looks, dancing skills, voice, stage presense and an awesome personality. her performance was just wow. and ye eun has showed us with her solo that she can sing, compose, play the piano well and loves her fans very deeply that’s why her performance was my favorite.

  51. kekekeke sunmi is so funny x3

    @ IluvYubin

    I don’t think Yoobin would approve of anything you’re saying about sohee.

  52. lol Wonder Girls rocked the stage lol

    YooBin looks hot!!
    Sun Ye gorgeous!
    YeEun our soul sista!!
    sunmi got her wish lol Ye Eun ahhh~~!
    wow So Hee OMO!

  53. the girls were awesome,

    thanks coolsmurf for all the updates, the pics look great too!

    what happened to your utube acc ><”

    and iluvyubin can u please take ure hate elsewhere perhaps to a yubin forum..

  54. everyone in wonder girls is beautiful in their own ways. you cant compare, they are all so different in look. its all personal preference but please dont force your opinions onto others.

    so hee and yoobin both bring their uniqueness and individual talents to the group!

    ye eun wrote and sang a song dedicated us wonderfuls and how we are wonderful to her… lets live up to that image please. make wgs proud =]

  55. I’m pretty sure IluvYubin is a SNSD fan who tries to mess up our fanclub!

    there is no rivalry between wonder girls! they love each other and are like a family they live together, eat together, go shopping together…!there is no use to compare them!

    i’m sure dbsk fans, suju fans…don’t argue about things like “who’s prettier? who’s hotter?..” they just support the group as one.

    just see what’s ELF’s mission : “protect the 13” !! not just one or 2 but the 13!! and that’s why suju is such a big band in asia! the elves truly love and support their idols not just their fav but all of them!

    that’s what WG need if they want to become the best girlgroup in asia! i’m certain if you say to yoobin “i love you but your group or this one in the group sucks” she would answer you “see you”!! what’s the use to attack a member ? it’ll not help the WG it will just give a bad image of the whole group and of their fans!


  56. -ASH

    i agree that sohee isn’t very good looking. but DUDE YOOBIN IS SO HOT OMFGFFOMGFOGMFOGMFGOFMOMFG seriously she is so ridiculously hot i can’t even explain it

  57. First, let me say to a couple of you (not all, just a couple): The girls would be ashamed to have you as fans, seeing the type of people you have displayed yourself to be here. All five of the wonder girls are extremely respectful, kind, and mature, and would want nothing to do with the likes of you. It’s fans like you that give fanclubs a horrible name. Shame on you. Also, if this offends you, it’s likely because YOU KNOW what you said was wrong. Notice, I didn’t name any names.

    Now that that is out of the way, I love all of their images. It’s so nice to see the distinct image that each has. It really reveals their personalities and dreams for the future of their careers. 🙂

  58. ……………………
    Seriouslly iluvyubin.
    This is a WONDER GIRLS blog.
    Not a YUBIN blog.
    Get your inconsiderate rude ass outta here.
    Wishing that Sohee would get in a car accident and not come back?
    Bitch I wish you’ll get in a car accident and not come back.
    I’m usually the one to only defend opinions and not attack the user but that was going over the line.
    Sohee is a valued member in WG and if you can’t respect that then just go to SNSD or something.
    Despite what you say she DOES have talent, in singing, definately dancing, and you know what ACTING too.
    So if you could just stfu that would be great for everyone.
    You know if Yubin unni knew about you she’d probably be ashamed.
    She loves Sohee because she’s been there for her. Go watch behind the scenes of shows and her birthday. Sohee is always caring for the members in her own way to show that even though shes shy and sometimes intimidated she still cares just as much.

  59. “sohee isn’t that great looking
    there are a lot of other azns in the world better looking than her. i dont see why ppl are so obssessed w/her”

    i can say the same for yoobin xD

  60. interesting pics
    these pics arent the wondergirls’ forte. ive seen much better in the past.

    and also…

    sohee isn’t that great looking
    there are a lot of other azns in the world better looking than her. i dont see why ppl are so obssessed w/her.

  61. While Coolsmurf’s account is being suspended, why aren’t you mourning instead of fighting over such an trivial matter?

  62. To the bitches fighting in here…go shoot yourself quickly before I do it myself.

    You’re free to hate and love whoever you like in WG. If you only like Yoobin, good for you. If you hate SoHee, good for you. Nobody has to share anybody’ opinion.

    However, you have no right to degrade another person’s opinion because it differs from yours. Damn it. Haven’t you learn anything from war, crime, and hate? You’re all parasites of society that need to be destroyed immediately.

    Reflect. Respect. Reply.

    If you can’t even do that, get out of this fanclub.

  63. WOW they all look gorgeous. each with their own style looking fresh like always <33 but i have to say i loooove yoo bin’s outfit, hype+hip hop+yoo bin= love

  64. What’s with all the pictures of sohee -_- I think she gets too much attention for her talent level, just cause shes “cute” >_<

  65. @ IluvYubin and ahah

    and besides so hee OR yoobin are not perfect neither are sunye, sunmi or ye eun and y’all and everyone else should realize that….but they get on stage and perform for their wonderfuls and that’s good enough and then here you are (IluvYubin) saying you hope that so hee gets into another car accident and never come back…..what if so hee said that to you???….how would you feel??? and if you are a TRUE WONDERFUL you would support ALL OF THEM instead of bashing so hee like she’s a piece of crap same goes for ahah…..and yea so hee is not the best singer a lot of people aren’t but she has great potential and singing is probably not one of them but that doesn’t mean you have to degrade her and talk about her likes shes nothing but whatever that’s you and how you feel and i can’t do nothing about that but you could of at least kept that to yourself

  66. wah they all look so cool, i love yoobin’s hoodie and ye eun definitely looks the best here she looks so elegant and classy with her awesome hair.

  67. I find the two fan arguing is VERY immature.
    Yoobin and Sohee is both loved by fans.
    you fans are soon going to turn into SNSD fans.
    stop putting Wonderfuls lower and lower.
    Wonderfuls are meant to be MATURE.

  68. i liked SOHEE the most from the picture! i like her outfit!
    aww SUNMI looked like she drowing in those clothes

  69. Coolsmurf please please get those drastic measures and put them into gear.

    All the bashing is ridiculous.

  70. Ok wow. Iluyubin and ahah you really crossed the line. Instead of focusing on how one member is this and one member is that, why not focus on the fact that they are a GROUP. Whatever one member lacks, another member makes up for. SoHee can sing well, I just think she has developed stage fright since they debuted. Check out This Time on the CulTwo show on YT. And YooBin can’t rap!? Wtf. YooBin is a powerful rapper and has awesome stage presence. Just listen to the cheers she receives right before she raps. And dissing their looks? That was super childish. SoHee has always been a cutie but has been reserved and mature-ish. YooBin on the other hand is sexy and charming. At first I wasn’t sure about her but after watching some of their appearances on shows I realized she definitely fits well with the group and has a bubbly, quirky demeanor. So please stop bashing them both of you.

  71. Looks like a very epic fanmeet! <333333
    xDD Can’t wait for the fancams. I think I see some already. 😀

  72. you are wishing that a 16 years old gets into a car accident???!!! do you realize that?
    man you are totally crazy!!! i don’t like so hee that much but you’re going too far! you are crazy!!

  73. HEY! YOU TWO!

    i think you should both just drop this argument or take it ELSEWHERE!

    Coolsmurf just got his account on youtube suspended. GET OVER YOURSELVES, STOP ARGUING, AND SUPPORT THE GUY FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!

  74. @ IluvYubin

    i never said you wasn’t a true wonder girls fan….you probably is i don’t know nothing about you….but i’m just saying the argument isn’t worth it and i love yoobin as much as you do but that doesn’t mean that people should be arguing though….and your wrong about the car accident so hee fans are gonna be really mad now…..and so hee is probably not as good as the others but a lot and i mean A LOT of people love her but a lot of people love yoobin too and the other members but yea all i’m trying to say is y’all need to just get along….and yea i see that a lot of people love beyonce too and its not just the ones that you said don’t have talent but its good to just get along with eachother….

  75. Lmfao wow are you freakin’ kidding me?

    You guys are seriously fighting about this?

    Woow how childish.

    Yoobin and Sohee are both talented in their own ways

    Talking about their differences is totally unfair to them and to their fans.

    You guys really need to cool it down, it’s just a performance.

    Sohee’s dance + dress aren’t even that slutty if you look at what America’s done.

  76. @IluvYubin

    you fucking bitch will never stop?!!
    if you are a real wonderful you should support all the wonder girls ! WTF??!!! do you think bashing so hee will help wonder girls to succeed? it’s a group! what’s your goal for doing that?
    do you really think sohee will quit wonder girls? you are just helping this fucking anti wonder girls!! so hee is and will always be a wonder girls! so what’s the point to do that? it’s ok if you think it but pls for the wonder girls sake keep it for yoursel!

    us,wonderful, support all our wonderful girls!!!

  77. @ IluvYubin and ahah

    dang this argument isn’t necessary so hee and yoobin are good in there own way and so hee is getting better at her singing and yoobin’s voice is getting better so y’all need to quit arguing and just get along and besides there both beautiful and what y’all both said about them was wrong…if y’all don’t like someone then y’all should just keep it to yourselves and people have there own opinion of others but that doesn’t mean that people should argue cause its a waist of time…..i love yoobin more than so hee but that doesn’t mean that i’m gonna argue with someone over who’s better and besides WHERE WONDERFULS y’all shouldn’t be even arguing in the first place it makes y’all look like 5 year olds witch i know y’all are not that age but y’all need to quit seriously its getting tiring and boring y’all should just love the both of them even if one isn’t better then the other….that’s all i’m saying and i probably waist my time typing all of this lol but yea just stop arguing its not worth it…..

  78. all of them are good to go solo. but omg sunmi!!!! why did you let the jyp pants and style get you. NOOOOO!!!!

  79. Iluvyubin
    Would you just fuck off and keep your inconsiderate immature opinions to yourself?
    It’s fine if you practically worship Yoobin but you don’t have to bash Sohee.
    Cause you what?
    She CAN sing. and she CAN rap somewhat.
    AND she’s HELLLAA cute AND hot AND sexy!
    And she’s only 16 (western age)
    If you want to compare them then let’s
    I love all the WG members but you’re being ridiculous.
    Yoobin is 19 and she only raps. Like in 2 songs she actually sang but everything else she raps which is like what 4-5 lines?
    She’s definately not as cute as Sohee.
    And I know thats an opinion but hmm it seems that the rest of Korea thinks so too seeing as how SOHEE is the cute member in WG.
    Oh and Sohee can act. Already been in a movie.
    PLUS. Yoobin was a replacement for Hyunah.
    Sohee was an actual WG member.
    So fuck off of Sohee and just keep to yourself.

    i watched the video’s and wow~
    sunmi was HILARIOUS and SHE was the BEST
    she did so good, she was a energized and
    YOObin was just rocking it !!!
    they both did really GOOD

  81. you guys are fcuken sad. you speak as if youre 12 year old. “oh my father makes more money” this and that. well, thats him. good for him, he worked for his shit and youre not playing any part in his success. bust out of your shell and try to make a living on your own. i bet you’ll suffer

  82. WOW! gorgeous!!! hehe.
    I really like Leader Min’s outfit!
    it’s soo pretty on her.
    Sunmi’s outfit reminds me of JYP, lol.
    wonder if she danced to JYP… hm…
    Yoobin looking good as always, lol.
    I really like that outfit on her! ^^

  83. read iluvyunbins previous posts in other articles.
    this bitch only flames and put down other members/groups. idiot needs to get a reality check and realize theyre successful and youre not, so you cant even begin to talk shit

    yeeun’s hair looks fab forsure. heehe, sunmi always entertains the crowd. i love it, how she messes around with jyp and of course, apologizes after

  84. @ CAT and Whimsical…

    I’m from the Bay as well but unfortunately, the cap Yoo Bin is wearing is from the Sansung Lions of the Korean Beasball Organization (Korea’s Major League Baseball).

    BUT!!! SHe does have some ties to the Bay. A church group she atteneded when she was living in California is located in Milpitas. Can’t remember the name but you can find video of her when she was made a return visit on YouTube.

    ALl the other girls looked beautiful as usual. I soooo want to see some video footage!!!


  85. BTW, what’s wrong with IluvYubin?!?!

    you can love you gal but pls don’t bash on other WGs…

    ps. for me YooBin face and lips are so chubby and can’t compare to hyunah’s dance and not the best in any single way—> there, it’s not good to say bad things about you gal isn’t it?

    so, shut it!!

  86. wow , so hee looks amazingly great this one!!

    i’m waiting for a HD clip…

    Sun Ye’s rockzzz!!

  87. OH MY GOD ! so hee is looking , wow .
    sun ye , sexy in that outfit .
    ye eun ! ahh , i wanna see her performance
    sun mi doing JYP ? LMAO
    yoobin rapping ! OMG , i needa see a video now !

  88. lol~ after slowly scrolling down, i see yeeun’s picture and it’s like. o_o wtrandom roflwafflez. XD cause sohee’s is like sexy. and then sunye’s is like charismatic. and then yeeun is like. quiet and playing the piano.

    and then i see sunmi and i just lmao. she’s doing jyp imitation~ heehee. i love sunmi XD!

  89. ohmygosh, coolsmurf. i looked up the performances, and they were on your account. ToT i think i’m going to go crazy. i wish i got on youtube earlier… ToT WAHHH! I MISS YOUR CHANNEL, COOLSMURF!

  90. yoobin looks soo cool and she’s rapping to tasha’s memories, which means shes got mad skills to even attempt it. And or course awesome dancing.

    sohee looks gorgeous! I really love her look and her energy in dancing. beyonce would be proud =) and so would all the ladies who like to put their “freakum dress on!”

    ye eun is pure talent. i’m glad she sang a song she wrote. this just means that wg will transition into a group that will eventually write their own songs and be successful artists.

    sun ye is always charismatic and continually shows us the reason why she is a singer. her duet with jo kwon was awesome =)

    sun mi is not only showing her talent but her humour and showing her ability to adapt to any song and environment! she’s an awesome talent! =)

    Love the girls and loved the fan meeting =) I really hope they have their own concert too. I think… no I know they’ll do amazing =)


    SOHEE LOOKS GORGEOUS! TALK ABOUT SMEXY! She reminds me of an Asian Beyonce like in her pictures. She looks mad hot man. I like the picture where she’s holding out her arms like, “Come get me, boys”. XD

    WAS SUN MI IMPERSONATING JYP?! XD I wouldn’t be surprised that she did, since she loves JYP! HAHAHHA!

    Yoobin looks mad cool, though, with her bright gangsta outfit.

    I wanna watch all of their performances! I love the different personalities of WG! Lovin’ it!

  92. WTF.. why are you fighing.. ?? we are in thesame fanclub..

    faggots.. we should hate SNSD not our own Wondergirls..

    the two of you please chill..

  93. Does Yoobin’s hat say SJ?? Yeah!!! Representin’ San Jose! And I’m so sorry to hear about your YT account. Honestly, it was your X-man videos that got me into all of this Korean shows and music over a year and a half ago. I know a lot of people have already said it, but YT won’t be the same without you.

  94. They all looked great. Regardless of what age Sohee is, she’s already looking very mature. While I do agree that she doesn’t always sing her best in lives, she is still a wonderful singer and there are quite a few videos up with her singing. But, I just wished she would step it up a bit more in their concerts that would complete Wondergirls.

    Ye Eun I love that girl!
    Sun Mi was just the best, I’m sure people enjoyed her performance a lot.
    Sun Ye always classy.
    Yoo Bin, She’s always Yoo Bin you can’t have any hate for her.

  95. oh my gosh! what happened to your youtube?! I tried watching your vids and it said your account was suspended! no!!!!

  96. ah ok i understand now !! you are just really, truly stupid!!!

    I’m not going to waste my time with a retarted like you ! you hate her because you are jealous and this fact will never change no matter what she does you will hate her!

    you’re just an fucking anti! i shouldn’t have wasted my time with an idiot like you, really!
    it’s ok you can continue daydreaming but seriously it would be better for you if you get a life!
    i mean it, seriously get a life!

  97. Ehr… So Hee’s performance/dance looks kinda too old for her. Her dress is pretty, but again, I don’t think she’s old enough to be doing those types of dances. Sun Mi’s performance looks interesting? xD She looks like she had a lot of fun with it. Hope to see videos of the performances soon!

  98. i agree, they all look ready to go solo!

    sohee is really moving up my list but no one will beat my ye eun!! i need to see her performance alreaddhyyyyyyyyyy

  99. personally,i love sun ye’s look,sexy,pretty,charismatic at the same time
    she reminds me of j-bum from hot blood/2PM
    she’s just the whole package you know,i wish she will rap some parts in their new single,i love her rap in Bad Boy

  100. uwa! they all look so amazing! So Hee’s so cute. Sun Ye’s so hot! Ye Eun’s so pretty! Sun Mi’s so funny! Yoo Bin’s so awesome! ^_^

  101. i think sohee is good to go solo. like all of the other successful group-member-gone-solos (ie lee hyori) , she plays the sexy-yet-cute factor.

    but i hope that ALL of the wondergirls will show success if they ever go solo

  102. I’m from Singapore! 😀

    The girls look really stunning…
    They did a really great job!
    Ye Eun is so classy…

  103. ye eun’s straight hair is sooo nice. i wish she danced too, i want her to do a solo dance for once. omg there’s SOOO many pics of sohee…. can’t wait to see ye eun and sun mi’s perfs haha

  104. Oh.coolsmurf is Alvin, thats new, is he SG?and shitz why would they want to shut him down, he is like the only few who give good vids of WG on youtube.

    can’t see some new uploads there!!

    the hell to whoever crap shuts your YT down!!

    a lot of Kpop lovers YT account are suspended these days huh?

  106. yeah, right.

    the 2nd fanmeeting was so amazing! Many Wonderful
    showed up as what I have expected! They should have
    made it into a concert. 😀

  107. @__@ so much arguing already, not cool.

    So hee looked smoking, same with sun ye. And yoob made me die happily.

    SUN MI OMFG XD and ye eun ❤ I fell in love all over again ahha

  108. coolsmurf.. this person ILUVYUBIN has been going on random rampages for a few days now… please take those drastic measures..lol.. only spreads hate, while this is a blog FOR ALL the wonder girls…

    ALL THE GIRLS LOOKED FLAWLESS! stop the random hate…

  109. oh Hi coolsmurf i left a comment on your latest update.the sohee yoobin sun ye solo perf. thing.can i just know are you a group or just a solo person working?if you are just solo ,seriously you are wonderful must be real hard work.may i know you are from which country?

  110. if this nonsense continues, I am going to do something DRASTIC. I don’t want to be badass here but i notice this has been going on for days.

  111. coolsmurf, can you delete those useless comments?
    they make the WONDERFUL night into a BAD night. pls.

  112. DAMN!!!!


    btw : i’m not a man i’m a fangirl so shut up! and i’m not crazy about so hee (like you are about yoobin)it’s just that i find it unfair how people always say bad things about her whereas she never did anything bad!!!

  114. you’re a stupid fucking bitch i mean seriously you are stupid!!!
    sohee can rap she rapped in their perf for KJE chocolate and she was great ! you think she wasn’t because you are a fucking retarded !

    She can sing you can see that when she’s on radio and in their latest perf she was really good ! you just don’t want admit it bitch!!!

    stop daydreaming so hee is cute everybody know that ! you can’t lie for that!!! just look at the photos here !!
    are you stupid?

    she can’t dance?!! lol just watch her solo perf !

    “trust me everyone even sohee fans would agree that yoobin is more talented and far better looking”MAYBE IN YOUR DREAMS!!
    she auditionned like an actress but she have been choosed because she CAN SING!!!
    “I’m def. starting to, because of you. lol if all sohee fans are this retarded you’re just going to gain more anti fans from sohee”
    ahahhahha thats the funniest thing ever ! you started to hate sohee just now? ahaha i read all the articles in this site and in every article who talks about so hee kindly you left a nasty comment ! i’m sure you hated her even before WG debuted lol

  115. One word for each of them:
    So hee …STUNNING!!!
    YE eun…ELEGANT

  116. 5 Wonder Girls, 5 different styles, and 5 unique personalities = SIMPLE WONDERFUL!
    My little sister SoHee, you’re SO SO SO HOT HOT! I’m so glad that she’s able to showcase many different images of her just like she said so earlier. No wonder everyone loves this little dumpling heheh.
    SunMiaahhhh, you should’t make fun of your PD-nim lol ^^ But what can I say… I LOVE IT!
    Wow! YeEun, you’re like Alicia Keys in those pictures hehe.
    YuBin, look at those fine legs, I’m so JEALOUS >.<
    And SunYe, you’re looking FINE, it’s like that one special stage @ Music Core lol. After seeing this, I want to see YooMin duet again lol.

  117. Lol.everyone should chill.but yes i have to agree with IluvYubin, its true Yoobin has far more talent and more charming than Sohee.Its just a point of view so Sohee fans chill.But as whole Wonder Girls ownzz everyone, SNSD esp.

  118. jyp never said she can’t sing ! you’re lying again! booo poor jealous lol
    now she sings just like sun ye & sun mi live just watch their perf and compare !

    “WG will be a talented real group without that damn leech.”
    without sohee and her cute omona wg’s wouldn’t be that famous so shut up! they are now the best girlgroup in korea it just shows that jyp did good when he choosed her!

    “sohee isn’t even going to go solo as a singer”
    wow you know before her what she is going to do in the future you’re really great!!
    “even sohee knows she can’t sing” so hee said i’m only happy when i’m on stage that’s why i smile more! so shut up bitch!

  119. you’re ridiculous§ you’re just lying! so hee can’t rap?!! WHAT A LIE!! when hyuna was still in the group they were the 2 rappers for irony! yoobin is even a better singer than so hee?!!! HAHAHAHA she didn’t even rap for 2 months and you say she can sing ! ahaha you’re really funny!

    “sohee only gets attention because she’s fat”???? that’s all you can answer me !!! she’s fat!!! wow and you say MY comebacks are pathetic ????!!

    “atleast yoobin is actually good looking” that’s exactly what i thought yoobin have (crazy) fans like you because she’s hot but in reality she’s just a no talent!!!

    “sohee’s face is fucked up”? your comments are so low! are you upset because she’s cute and you are not?

  120. wow talking about immature ^^^^

    anyway whoa ye eun look so pretty,

    i saw sohee performance and she didn’t went all slutty so it was a oh k for me
    i have yet to watch ye eun performance i hope someone post it up.

  121. i’m okay if she became like hyori! hyori is a big star in korea!

    i think that you are “the moronic indenial fan” who started all that! so hee is the best dancer in wg’s and she can sing just watch her perf on radio! you’re jealous because yoobin isn’t as popular! but do you know why she isn’t? because her personnality is annoying at least so hee is funny! yoobin is just sexy that’s all ! people like her because she’s hot but she doesn’t have any other talent c’mon everybody can rap! but yoobitch can’t even rap properly! she’s a slut and that’s what fans like you want a slut who smiles like a retarded!

  122. btw there are 128 pic coolsmurf couldn’t post them all bitch! yay you’re right yoobin have no talent she never did a good perf of so hot and she can’t dance ! the only thing she can do is smiling like an idiot and showing her legs! lol

  123. fuck off IluvYubin nobody asked you who would be best solo!!!
    but so hee already had a role in a film and she’s the most popular WG’s so don’t worry about her ! you should worry about your man i mean yoo bin without WG she is nothing she’s just a slut trying to act cute! she’s the only mistake in wg’s she always seeks the attention! all yoobitch would have to rely on are her legs if she went solo lol if she is able to hide her horrible nose of course!

  124. ahh sohee’s dress is too short!!
    shes not even legal yet T___T;

    anyways, yoobin looks hothothot!
    sunye’s hair is so pretty<3

  125. yoobin is always wearing the same short! nothing original!
    i like sun mi’s style she’s so funny!

  126. Lol Sunmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    I bet everyone laughed when she came out in that outfit ;P

    Hahaha I can’t wait to see the actual videos!
    They’re all like doing their own styles~

  127. They ALL look ready to go solo

    My special fav is SUNYE!!

    But charisma is oozing from alll of thier pics.. AMAZING!!!

    They each got that “it” factor…

    WOnder Girls <333

  128. I’m a girl but i must admit that sohee looks so pretty here,,,
    but i like yoobin style the most!

    can’t wait for the vid
    thanks coolsmurf!

  129. I agree, So hee is looking really nice these days

    Lol Yoo bin, goign with a stereotypical rapper look.

    They all look nice anyways =]

  130. they are all really petty but i’m rooting sohee’s image^^
    she can be cute and sexy in the same time!!!

    i just can’t wait to see the videos!

  131. I think it’s really nice that when SoHee wore that dress, she wore something under it so it’s not as revealing as it could’ve been.

    I like SoHee and YooBin’s look the most, though YooBin could’ve done without the chain she has (is that a spinner I see? LOL). Would’ve been wayyy cuter if she wore one of those gold rope chains TOP tends to use.

  132. mwahahhaahah my dorky sunmi XD

    and gosh yoobin looks like top!!!!!

    i’m rooting for yoobin ^^

  133. i like sohee’s image

    so hee looks so wow
    sexy and cute ❤

    is sunmi doing JYP imitation? lol she’s adorable

    yoo bin’s short is shorter than so hee’s dress lol

  134. Oh and yeah Sohee definately does not look shy here..
    But who’s saying that’s a bad thing? 😉
    And SunMi reminds me of JYP! xD

    I forgot to say thanks coolsmurf!

  135. how did i know sunmi would do a JYP impression!?!??! “the house you live in” hahaha. yoobin of course the hip hop. its her thing! and she rocks i bet! cant wait to see these in clips!

  136. LMAO@SunMi’s pics. She’s so silly even in pics/perfs. hahahahahha.
    Oh my god. Sohee is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.
    Her dress is a tad short though..
    But geez. HOT HOT HOT.
    I could see SunYe/YeEun/Yoobin going solo judging by their pics cause i haven’t seen the perfs.
    I have to stress by Sohees pics though that shes once again. HOT. but in a cute/hot/sexy way.
    SunYe looks pimpin.
    YeEun looks deep into it which is good
    SunMi looks so funny xD exactly like her! which I love.
    Yoobin looks GANGSTAAA.

  137. so hee looks hot
    sun ye looks cool
    ye eun looks class
    sun mi looks funny
    yoobin looks… i don’t know…”hip hop”?

    i prefer so hee & ye eun’s images^^

  138. omg, mandu’s dress is too short. Oh em gee, I think they’ll be doing a Tae Yang and one of them is gonna release a solo album.

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