Wonderfuls 2nd Fan Meeting Pictures 080726

These are the normal performance and interview pictures which is purely academic compared to their special performances that they have prepared beforehand. Don’t you wish that you could have been there to witness it all?

credit: as tagged


19 thoughts on “Wonderfuls 2nd Fan Meeting Pictures 080726

  1. i love park ye eun^^,
    for me she’s even more beautiful than song hye kyo,kim tae hee and liu yi fei…hahaha..^^,

    Go WonderGirls!!! Go Ye Eun!!!!!

  2. oooooohhhhhh….i’m envious of that fan guy w/ ye eun >.<
    i’m from the philippines and i can;t attend any of their fan meetings T_T

    i’ll just wait till i’m 19 or so…i’ll go to korea by myself
    so that i could attend to their fan meetings^^,

  3. I’m sorry, but I just have to say this….

    the guy fan there looks like a nerd…

    nevertheless, one helluva lucky guy tho

  4. Oh my goodness I LOVE the MiSo pics!!!
    And all the pics of Sohee she’s SO CUTE.
    Like gahhh I love her!

  5. i swear , sun mi’s hair like that is so cute .
    KSY was there too ?! ahh !
    omg , sun ye and jo kwon . aww ❤

  6. Oohh my! I can hear someone barking >.>
    Anyway, I wish I could be there and see them myself T T guess I’ll have to wait next year for 3rd Fan Meeting >.<

  7. wooooow jo kwon and sun ye !!!! wonderclock moment^^

    & wow so hee looks damn cute!!!when she smiles she is just WOW!!

    MiSo is so CUTE!!!

    ye eun looks so nice with her fan!

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