Wonder Girls Dailian TV Interview 080724

The girl group that is currently the rage of the Korean industry is not anyone else but the 5-member girl group Wonder Girls.

Wonder Girls who was groomed by the highly rated producer Park Jin Young did not rely on using his name but winning their fans over with their hard work and dedication. Some were wary about ‘Tell Me’ being a temporary fad but their ‘So Hot’ comeback has silenced their critics. The Wonder Girls showed their potential by bagging the Cyworld Song of the Month (June) award on 23rd July.

When you see the Wonder Girls in person, you aren’t sure whether they are young or overly mature for their age. Although they are stars but deep down, they are just ordinary girls. They still feel fascinated when the spotlight is on them. They are still unchanged and the sky’s the limit for them.

There must be some burden on your comeback following the ‘Tell Me’ success. But ‘So Hot’ was a big success. The impressive strength of the Wonder Girls have intrigued many.

Sun Ye: We never expected this reaction initially. We are so thankful for so much love and support. We don’t feel that we are really that impressive. Regardless of our appearance or music, our members have managed to look really outstanding together and this is our strong point.

But it must be difficult to get along since each member has contrasting personalities

Sun Mi: We grew up in different enviroments and so our lifestyles are different. Our characters are different but because we have lived together for quite a long time and we are almost together for 24 hours when we have activities, so we have grown to know each other better. We are now like family members.

Yoo Bin: It’s a fact that each of us are different. Sun Ye is really different from her image (singer) and has a really feminine side to her. She is the ‘mother’ of our group while Ye Eun is the mature ‘father’ who cares for the other members.

Sun Ye: Like what you see, Sun Mi is really good at aegyo. But she is also very subtle and has a meticulous side to her. She also has incredible vivid imagination. So Hee is very interested in the latest trends and is more mature than those of the same age as her. Although she’s shy and reserved, but she will become really good friends with you once she knows you well enough.

Yoo Bin unnie is really like an unnie. She is really considerate and has a cute personality. If you must point our her fault, maybe she’s a bit indecisive?

There are many members from groups who are doing solo activities. Do the Wonder Girls have a desire to go solo as well?

Sun Ye: Neither of us have any thoughts about going solo. We just want to focus all our energies on ‘So Hot’ and do our best. But during our rest time, all of us seems to have our own activities.

You won lots of love by becoming “Nation’s Little Sisters”. And you are slowly discarding the idol group image. There’s anticipation but yet difficulties remain.

Sun Ye: We never really tried to discard the idol group image. We know music lovers have different views and are judging us according to their own criteria. But we believe that as long as we sing with sincerity, they will feel happy when they listen to us regardless of situation.

Many idol singers have regrets for debuting at a young age. With you being in the same situation, what are your thoughts?

Ye Eun: It’s not really tough debuting when you are young. Although it’s difficult to perform and study at the same time, but because this is something that I wanted to do since I was little, and I managed to do this so early, I am just grateful for my present life.

Many of my friends who are leading a normal school life envy us because we managed to find our path so early. There’s pros and cons. The good thing is that I am doing what I have been dreaming of since I was a kid and thus I don’t find it tough and have no regrets.

Sun Ye: Although there are times I find it difficult because of loneliness, but I am lucky that I am not the only one because I have my group (members). So I won’t keep having “this is difficult” thoughts.

So Hee seems to be the only one that’s most troubled by netizens. There’s many photos of you online that you aren’t willing to see.

So Hee: I was very sad and burdened earlier on. Because it’s awkward being stared at by so many people and I find it irritating sometimes. But I don’t feel that way now at all. I am so thankful for everyone for showing their concern and I have adapated to these things. On the contrary, I want to work even harder to continue receiving their concern. More of these also means that I have a greater responsibility. Even one small dance movement, I also want to make it perfect and so compared to the past, I would rehearse even more often now.

Sun Mi was sent to hospital not long ago which worried fans. Fans started berating the company for the packed schedule which resulted in this.

Sun Mi: I was a little flustered and also sorry. It’s just a small ailment and not a big issue. I am sorry for making so many people worry for me. I feel so happy and thankful for those that worried about me.

The surprising thing is that most members of female groups has never had any idol chasing activities before. How about the Wonder Girls?

Yoo Bin: I have experienced this to be honest. I like Sechs Kies when I was in Junior High. Even though I couldn’t go chase them everyday because of my location but I was always up to date with their schedules. I also uploaded their pictures to fancafes. I remember sticking their pictures in my room and would say “I am going to school” to it when I was leaving.

Sun Mi: Although I am not a hardcore fan, but I like Shinhwa very much.

Sun Ye: I really idolise my female group sunbaenims. Jewelry and when S.E.S and Fin.K.L was active back then. I still find it fascinating if I see them at tv stations now.

Just like your seniors, the Wonder Girls have also gotten many No.1. I am curious about what is your happiest moment since you debuted.

Ye Eun: I’m very happy each time we are on stage. I remember once, a fan collected and uploaded videos of me since my debut plus some supporting comments online. That really touched me and I cried buckets over that.

Yoo Bin: It’s difficult to pick out one. But I was really thankful when we got No.1 immediately on our comeback. We got a shock ourselves because we didn’t expect that result. We were very happy.

Sun Ye: I was very happy too to get No.1 on the music charts after our comeback in just a week.

Wonder Girls, what’s your ideal future?

Sun Ye: Right, we haven’t discussed anything regarding this.

No matter what’s the target, we must achieve it.

But at the very least, we must fulfil the latest thing we set out to do. No matter when, or how or what we meet with, we don’t know. Even if we set ourselves a high target, we don’t want to restrict our dreams. The sky is the limit and we might be underestimating ourselves. We believe in ourselves and will do our best no matter how high or how far the target is. It’s hard to predict what plans we have over the next few years but I believe we will keep going on.


25 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Dailian TV Interview 080724

  1. Wonder Girls are so humble, and that makes me love them forever > < ..

    Wonder Girls Fighting! Keep it up! ♥

  2. I am such a big fan of wonder girls. I find them to be so real and loving. WONDER GIRLS HWAITING!!!!

  3. Haha.. ye eun mature father.. xD

    Ah.. this interview has made me closer to them.. they are so great.. bump an ideal group, this is it to me. Love them!!! ^^

    And So Hee has my skirt!! :3 But I hate that skirt so much… it looks way more fitting for her though.. duh.. since she has a slimmer waist and legs.. :/

    Anyway, their style is nice..

    WG Fighting!! ♥

  4. I really really like this interview 😀 It shows how down to earth Wondergirls are and how underneath it all, they’re just normal girls who have acheived their dreams of being singers 😀 They have their insecurities but yet they are also very secure in what they do so I’m really proud to be a Wondergirls fan 😀

    OMG I was SO happy when I read that Sun Mi likes Shinhwa alot 😀 WOOT 😀 SHINHWA CHANGJO 😀 Sorry this is kinda irrelevant…:D

  5. Go Wonder Girls!
    Respectful girls each with a good head on their shoulders
    that is what the industry needs!!
    totally deserve every praise, award & also the glory!!!!!!

    Wonder Girls & Wonderfuls 2008 is OURS.

  6. That’s wonder girls for you!
    THey are just so honest and willing to achieve so much more
    GO GO wonder girls!

  7. wow.. that’s WONDERGIRLS..
    i love how they are so down to earth..
    go wondergirls..

    SNSD – NO COMMENT.. ahahahahaha..

  8. This is why I love them. 🙂
    And you know what I’m still obsessed over Tell Me!
    I’m really glad Sohee isn’t saddened much by netizens anymore.
    She always seemed down and I wondered if that was why.
    But now she’s silly and happy and laughing!
    WG do deserve everything they recieve.
    And they ARE that big. But it’s very modest of them to not think of it that way. 😛

    thanks coolsmurf

  9. i admit i am one of those critics that believed “tell me” was just a craze that will fade out but yes they proved me wrong with “so hot” it took me awhile to get into “so hot” but now I love the track. It’s funny & cute, though I know it’s suppose to be somewhat sexy but I find it cute..

    These girls deserve this because they have worked really hard, plus they have a really good producer working with them.
    JYP knows how’s to win over the ppl of korea.

    I’m looking forward to their second album.

  10. “Although they are stars but deep down, they are just ordinary girls. They still feel fascinated when the spotlight is on them. They are still unchanged and the sky’s the limit for them.”

    I think that pretty much says it all. That’s why I think WG is so loved by everyone all over the world. They haven’t let their fame and popularity overcome them.

    Yes they perform in front of tens of thousands of people but at the end of the day, they just want to be just like every other teenager and young adult.

    And of course all of us WG fans are in important part to their success. Yes we see them as famous singers but we don’t treat them as such. We see them as our “little sisters”, always supporting them no matter the positive or the negative.

    Even though they have done so much in the last two years, these are only the frist few steps in careers that are only limited to the imagination.


  11. WGs hwaiting =]

    these girls deserve all the praise theyve received. They work hard. YOU MAKE US PROUD!!!

  12. These answers by the girls are just so amazing and filled with honesty. They truly aren’t part of that “typical girl group” category.

  13. Wonder Girls are amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing them more in the future ❤

    and those pictures are really cute, I like Ye Eun’s hair like that :]

  14. WG deserves everything they have now. It’s because of their humble and fan personalities along with their hard work that makes people love them. Although WG is not perfect like in vocals and such, you can really tell they love what they do, and they are working to get better.

  15. ^___^

    Any group under a big name label like JYP or YG or SM is in a way using the label as a stepping tone, that’s why it’s so hard for smaller labels to promote their artist the same way. But WG certainly had alot of competition to fend off. ^^ they def. come out on top now though. =)

    Still a newbie group yet have a song that is a national hit,, they’re amazing. ^^ JPY is amazing too,, ^^ a great producer.

  16. Yeah Wonder Girls continue fighting!you guys worked real hard and deserve every single glory.


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