Han Seung Yeon, “Ye Eun Is Just A Normal College Girl”

“Ye Eun who is in the same college year with me is just a normal college girl wearing her faculty t-shirt and carrying lecture handouts.”

That was what Kara member, Han Seung Yeon said as she talked about her interesting encounters with Wonder Girls Ye Eun in an interview recently.

Han Seung Yeon was accepted into Kyunghee University under it’s acting program this year, with Ye Eun joining the postmodern music program.

Han Seung Yeon said in the interview

The postmodern classroom is right beside mine. So I often see Ye Eun in school. Ye Eun is a really normal girl when she goes to school, usually wearing her faculty t-shirt plus lecture handouts in her hands. Both our classes uses the same washroom so we often see each there. I didn’t really know Ye Eun before this. Because we are singers, my professors often asked me about Ye Eun. Later on, we managed to see each other quite often in the washroom and in the canteen and naturally we knew each other better.

She continued, “Because of my singing schedule, I do not have sufficient time to prepare for my tests unlike normal students. So I get really worried before my tests. My professors didn’t know about my identity as a singer. It was only recently when I was preparing for our (Kara) new album and comeback and told them (professors) about it. They were really shocked.”

The new 5-member Kara begun their comeback with their title song “Rock U” starting with M! Countdown yesterday and will follow up with consecutive performances on Music Bank, Music Core and ending with Inkigayo on Sunday.


16 thoughts on “Han Seung Yeon, “Ye Eun Is Just A Normal College Girl”

  1. i feel bad for that KARA girl, lol
    they are so unpopular that her professors didnt even know that shes a celebrity, LOL

    yeeun ftw!!!!

  2. i dont like kara
    wg totally owns them
    and i really hate kara’s songs
    -___- especially rock you
    wtf is that …

  3. Han Seung Yeon is 1 year older than Ye eun right? KARA’s new cocept was ok, stop saying they LOOK like snsd. They can have a cute concept too… I mean snsd is going to have a comeback with a new concept… it doesn’t really matter… though they can’t beat WONDER GIRLS, they are cool 2… WG HWAITING!!!

  4. It makes me so happy that YeEun is getting alot of attention now a days.

    thanks coolsmurf

  5. yup, just a normal college girl busting her ass to entertaining and studying. That’s why she’s an honor student!

    she really is amazing, Ye Eun ❤

  6. i love how ye eun doesn’t flaunt that she’s a celebrity. she’s so awesome! well although the profs. didn’t know seung yeon was an artist i hope other students did. kara’s so empty without sunghee’s presence and amazing vocals 😦

  7. i’m so disappointed by kara they totally changed! i hate their new concept they look like little girls….5 kids singing!
    just give them a lollipop and they will look exactly like snsd !

    i miss the old kara…T_T the new kara= bubble gum pop ><

  8. they were 4 but one of them left the group so they remplaced her by 2 new members and now they are 5

    but even with 5 members they still suck!!! lol

  9. Awww ^^ that’s nice even Kara’s members are in college. =D so many great role models. ^^ theres alot of news on ye eun lately..is it because she is planning on creating a song with yoobin or something? I hope to hear it on the upcoming album. ^^

    BTW did kara always have 5 members? lol I thought there was only three before..not sure -.-;;

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