Wonder Girls on MBC Every1 Idol Show 080724

Everyone loves Yoo Bin these days.

Eun Hyuk of Super Junior says that Wonder Girls Yoo Bin is an “elbow beauty”. In the latest episode of MBC Every1 Idol Show which will be shown on 24th July, Eun Hyuk said that he finds Yoo Bin’s elbows very pretty.

Eun Hyuk who was one of the MCs performed H.O.T’s “We Are the Future” to seek Yoo Bin’s affection and become a couple on the show. Eun Hyuk’s reason, “My ideal type is someone like Son Ye Jin and her (Yoo Bin) elbows is exactly the same as Son Ye Jin”, his words leading to laughter all around.

Go Young Wook who once confessed his liking for Yoo Bin on Star Golden Bell asked her, “Do you have a boyfriend?” Yoo Bin replied back in an interesting manner, “Can I know your intentions behind asking this question?”

Before Go Young Wook could even reply, Sun Ye shot the question back at him, “What are you going to say if Yoo Bin says she doesn’t have a boyfriend?”, her question leaving Go Young Wook speechless.

Meanwhile, Lee Teuk performed H.O.T “Candy” while others got a good reception with their sunbaes dance performances. The Wonder Girls returned the favor by performing “So Hot”. Comedian Jang Dong Min and Shin Dong also did a parody of Tae Yang’s “Only Look At Me” to heat up the program.

The big brother of the hosting team, Go Young Wook performed dances from his previous group, Roora but Sun Ye said, “I was your fan when I was in kindergarten”, which almost caused him to faint on the spot.

The Wonder Girls also revealed their ideal type on the program when Super Junior Happy members posed the question to them. Ye Eun started off by saying she likes someone who can cook. Yoo Bin said, “I like guys who can give me surprises often.” Maknae So Hee replied, “I like guys with a radiant smile.” Sun Ye said, “I like guys who are masculine.” Sun Mi replied, “I like sexy guys.”

Ye Eun who became a couple with Jang Dong Min on the show said, “For my sisters, I will sacrifice myself”, her wittiness leaving everyone in stitches.


41 thoughts on “Wonder Girls on MBC Every1 Idol Show 080724

  1. sunye..teukii:: they’re cute together since they’re leaders..
    sunmi..shindong:: they almost have the same hair style and cute..
    yoobin..eunhyuk:: they both rap and the best couple!!
    sohee..yesung:: they’re both cute..and..both don’t have double eye lids..

    Ye-eun: I DON’T NOE!!

  2. hhah i can’t wait. i want to watch it so much because of ye eun and eun hyuk 😀 love those two. ye eun is sooo pretty!

  3. Omg the ep preview. I so want to see the episode of wg+suju.
    Lol yeah, Yoobin’s been getting lots of love from male celebrities these days, xD

  4. Sorry. I forgot to add something lol.
    Yoobin is getting a lot of love from celebrities lately x)
    First Go Young Wook. Now Eunhyuk.
    Oh well,who doesn’t love her? She’s funny,dorky yet sexy.

  5. OMG! Eunhyuk is my fav. in Super Junior!
    Yoobin is my fav. in Wonder Girls! haha! and now..Eunhyuk like Yoobin elbows..!;o;o! OMGGG! ahahha!
    they’re soo cute!
    Ye Eun is soo cute! she is going to sacrifice for her sisters!
    Wonder Junior! is loveeee!<333

  6. OMG. This is weird. Not long ago I wished they would come to this show because I love this show!
    I cracked up a lot on Episode 1 XD
    And I got my wish come true!!! YAY!!
    lol~what am I talking about..This is an Everyone Idol Show x)
    Just watching the preview I can see that they have chemistry xD
    Watching them together is like a dream come true T.T

  7. sorry so many comments
    just realized
    they could be called super girls
    omgg im actually too excitedd ahh

  8. i think sungmin and sunye are couples
    which leaves shindong, leeteuk,sohee,sunmi
    sunye and sungmin are cuteee

  9. wait
    i actually couldnt be more excited for this
    i LOVE suju and wg
    as soon as this gets uploaded im gonna cry

  10. And sunmi likes sexy guys?????? ROFL….sunmi -___-;;; lol sexy guys = player!! go for goofy weird guys that match you haha^^

  11. yoobin’s elbow? lol everything on her is beautiful lmao. I think that’s his sly way of saying “GIRL IS HOTTT!!” without their crazy ass fans trying to attack my yoobin. >=O lol ^^

  12. when is it going to be out??? i’m so excited… I’ve never heard a compliment about pretty elbows be4… weird… euhyuk is just so cute! sunye and sungmin was so adorable!!! WONDER SUJU HWAITING!!

  13. hahaha.. the girls are so lovable!!! and what kind of excuse is that Eun Hyuk? yoobin’s elbows being pretty? didn’t she has a scar near her elbow? everyone knows she has killer legs, but elbows? i think he’s just saying that… dont want to admit directly that he thinks she’s SOO HOT!!!

    IT S FUNNY HOW BEFORE she stated that shes getting female confessions LOL towards her.

  15. XD Sun Mi likes sexy guys! XD Way to say hers last! Haha!

    Of course, Sun Ye’s being the WG Momma and protecting her babies! That’s why she asked Young Wook-sshi on SGB that. =P

    I hope someone subs the episode! I’d love to watch Ye Eun’s wittiness and some Wonder Junior action!! FINALLY!!


  16. eunhyuk why !?!? hes funny elbows ? i never seen her elbows but shes pretty they makke a cute couple (:

  17. Aw so cute Sun Ye and Sung Min =3
    I love Yoobin too~ hehe..
    I think I snorted when Sun Mi said she likes sexy guys.
    They’re awesome as usual.
    WG Fighting~

  18. haha Yoo Bin ❤
    ohh, I’m looking forward to this. sub pleasee? :]

    thanks coolsmurffff ❤

  19. Lol @ Sunmi. “I like sexy guys” And yeeun saying that she’s going to sacrifice herself for her sisters haha

  20. Hahaahha I love the WG!
    Can’t wait to watch this!!!
    Lol Sohee always says the same thing when asked the question..
    ahahaha YeBin<3

    thanks coolsmurf

  21. ROFL, ye eun, I love you haha

    and yoobins getting so much lovin lately lol i wonder where top is xD

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