Excerpts of Wonder Girls Interview on KBS Joy Talk with Guys 080723

The following are previews from KBS Joy Talk with Guys program for which Wonder Girls appeared as guests which was shown on 23rd July midnight. It’s almost like watching the program itself since there are so many news about it.

Comedian Jung Chan Woo and Sun Ye’s dad are of the same age
Sun Ye revealed that her dad is of the same age as Jung Chan Woo (host).

After Jung Chan Woo’s age was revealed, the other mc’s jokingly started to call him “dad” and Sun Ye, who felt bad, tried to console him by saying that her dad married young. Jung Chan Woo then said jokingly, “Then call me dad too”. The other mc’s still continued to call him “dad” throughout the entire show.

It was also revealed that Jung Chan Woo, Brian, and So Hee were born in the year of the monkey as the mc’s and Wonder Girls started imitating monkeys.

Yoo Bin still talks with a county accent
Wonder Girl’s big sister with a doll face, Yoo Bin, still sometimes speaks with a Jul-la Do (her hometown) accent. Yoo Bin revealed that her Jul-la doe accent just slips out naturally when she’s anxious or surprised.

When Yoo Bin stated that she doesn’t use Jul-la doe accent when talking on the phone with her parents, the other members were quick to counter by saying that she uses her county accent the MOST when she talks with her parents.

When hanging up a phone call with her parents, tough girl Yoo Bin changes her voice and says cutely, “Mama, Bye~~.” Sun Ye and the others started imitating Yoo Bin, who usually takes her calls with a “tough-girl” attitude (?).

Yoo Bin eventually showed off her Jul-la doe accent when she pretended to have a phone conversation with Ye Eun who played Yoo Bin’s mama.

Yoo Bin had a bad first impression of Yeeun and Sohee?!!
Yoo Bin picked Ye Eun as the member with the worst first impression.

When she first saw Ye Eun, she had a bad first impression because of Ye Eun’s piercing eyes. When she found out that Yeeun was going to room with her, in her mind, she thought, “Since she’s younger than me surely she wouldn’t…” However, as she got to know Ye Eun, Yoo Bin found out that Yeeun is really cool and laidback like a guy.

Ye Eun said she hears that a lot. When she watched a recording of her performance, she was slightly embarrassed when their stylist asked, “Why do you always stare down at the camera?” She even heard people say that the reason why So Hee and Sun Mi don’t speak much is because of her. To this, Ye Eun said that it’s not true and she’s not like that at all.

Yoo Bin picked So Hee next which took her by surprise as she was sure that she wasn’t going to get picked. Yoo Bin said that she picked So Hee because cutie So Hee is really shy and reserved.

Sun Mi is greedy and wants other members (singing) parts?!!
When asked if the members ever felt like they could sing another member’s part better, Yoo Bin was quick to say yes. Yoo Bin, who only has a few rap lines, said that Sun Mi has a burning desire to get her rap part. Sun Ye added and said “Not only does Sun Mi want Yoobin’s rap part, she wants ALL the parts.”

Although all the parts are divided to suit each member’s voice, Sun Mi was also very greedy for Ye Eun’s part. Ye Eun stated that, “Whenever we go offstage after a performance, Sun Mi would always sing my part.”

On the show, Sun Mi raps a bit of Yoo Bin’s rap part.

credit: wonderkid@soompi (translation)


18 thoughts on “Excerpts of Wonder Girls Interview on KBS Joy Talk with Guys 080723

  1. i love you forever (3x) your my energy;) Sun Ye i love it when sing it;) co’z your my energy you have nice voice really cute^.^

    Sun Ye-4-EveR;)

    SunMi is greedy for all the singing parts I laughed so hhard when i read that their so adorable together >.<!

    LMAO <33
    Wonder Girls ~

  3. u can hear sunmi rap in irony days and big bang and wondergirls special performance.
    sunmi did rap in lies

  4. Ahaha, kjpop, could you hook me up with that mp3? D; I’ve been looking everywhere for David Kim stuff since I heard him on Shinhwa’s 9th… but I can’t find anything. x.x

    Sun Mi’s so greedy, ahaha. ❤

  5. I’d love to see Sun Mi do the whole So Hot by herself. xD I’m sure she’d just gobble up the opputunity.

  6. now that the book of the Wonder Girls has been read and open to the public. i think its too much revealing. miso rivals; yoobin hating;sunmi greedy. im kinda upset. but i guess its best for the fans to know their personal life in the music industry huh? how hard each one of them have to go through. its sad but i still love them.

  7. Haha! Wow! That’s really cute! Well, I think Sun Mi is underrated with her vocals sometimes because Sun Ye and Ye Eun are really great singers to be compared with, and people who don’t know WG very well sometimes assume that she sings like Sohee because they are the same age. I’d like to see a switch-a-roo, though. Have Sun Mi rap and Yoobin sing. XD Big Bang occasionally sings each other parts.

    I’d like to watch this. It seems like there’s a bunch of Yoobin stuff, and I’m a big Yoobin fan. Her accent would certainly be amusing.

    SPEAKING OF YOOBIN, Alvin! I read on soompi from fantasygurl09 that SuJu’s EunHyuk also has a crush on… Yoobin’s elbow. Hahaha! He says that she’s like his ideal type.

    I LOVE this!
    Poor Sohee. It’s actually very hard to NOT be a shy and reserved person. Like to change.
    It’s just awkward.
    Hahahah SunMi.
    oh my god I love her.
    I know Sohee can rap but can SunMi?
    Thanks for this coolsmurf!
    Can’t wait till the video.

  9. sunmi also rapped in “so what” ft. david kim. I really would love to hear Sunmi rap more. She’s rather good at it ahha. But I’m just a biased sunmi fangirl xD

    Yoobin’s rap is still totally beast ❤

    can’t wait to watch this

  10. Sunmi has rapped before, lol. she shared Hyunah’s rap back on an old Irony perf. and she also rapped her own verse in “Move” right after yoobin.

    lol I cant picture someone getting a bad impression of ye eun, she comes off the most friendly to me o.O; although there is sunmi and her warm smile and cuteness. ❤

  11. woww, that was interesting. LOL @ the thought of Sun Mi rapping. I can’t wait to see the video ;D

    thanks coolsmurf ❤

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